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Anon. Anon., Posted: 2010-09-08 15:54:00
Hello people, I'm sure you already know that there are alot of browser pokemon games but don't react like you know them all, done them all.

For all the pokemon fans out there there is a new way!

I present you the new online MMORPG game, POKEMONCRAFT! A game that will blow your mind literaly. PokemonCraft is a free Pokemon online game which can be cathegorized as a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. It is different from other pokemon games that you have played till now, and you will understand it when you will start playing it. I don't want to use clichees so I'll get to the point asap.

POKEMONCRAFT is a game made and sustained by a professional engineer in informatics, known by the onse who play as CEFURKAN. The amazing thing that he managed to achieve is make an online game based on an advanced emulator that almost gives you a true insight of the real Nintendo Pokemon Games, and all this with a lagfree experience. The most interesting thing is that the game doesn't let you just go through it, it gets harder and harder along the way, so that you experience a real time training as a pokemon master. So let me start with the beggining. First you make an account and you chose the starter you want to start the game with(the starters are the classic ones just as they apear in the Pokemon anime).

Then you enter the game, you will see from the beggining that there are several chats for based languages, so that the people from a certain country could comunicate with each other easily.

Besides those 2 features there are still more to come while you play. Now let me present you the most important feature for a pokemon master, the pokedex, filled with all the details you need to start/make a strategy/find pokemons.

Your strategies are based on the pokemontype, its weakneses and its abilities, so every pokemon has special abilities that he developes along the lvling way.

But the interesting thing is that you can't have all those abilities, so that the game would be harder to play, you have to choose only some of them, and you have to be very carefull with the combination you make and think ahead.
When you train your pokemon you have to pay attention to the ev (effort values) cuz those are the main training utility, they will dictate your pokemon's stats along the way, besides that you have to look at your pokemon's nature type and dv (individual values) which also affect your total stat power in the end.

If you are a more gambling person than this game covers your personality also, cuz there are shops and bazaars where you can sell/trade your pokemon and items, make money just like the brokers do, you just need to know what to buy when to buy, and when to sell.

There are daily npc to battle, there are gym leaders to defeat, and badges to gain, there is a top trainers table for the competitive ones so if you want to get in the top 100 and you have to show everybody that you are the best you have that chance.

I don't want to bore you with alot of information but these are just some of the fantastic features this game offers to YOU, so give it a try and you won't regret it. Pokemon Online PokemonCraft also has many awesome features such as: -> Generation 4 Nintendo DS Pokemon Games' Maps and Mechanics -> Most advanced and secure one amongst Online Pokemon Games -> Gaining level is harder than normal and computer controlled units have more stat power. So long term playing experience is guaranteed -> Levels 1-20 requires a normal amount of experience points to level up. This gets harder in the higher levels, with 21-40 requiring 2 times the normal, 41-60 requiring 3 times the normal, 61-80 requiring 4 times, and 81-100 requiring 5 times the exp from levels 1-20. -> Advanced server side movement which prevents cheating and provides extra features -> Accessible buildings (at the moment, only the Pokemon Center and the Shop Center) by walking. There is no other Pokemon Online Game which has this feature -> A Pokemon Center for healing hit points, battle effects, and PP points. (Nobody can farm with scripts) -> Awesome Avatars from a very talented artist -> A perfectly working private messaging system When you register free and play, you will see that it is the best of Online Pokemon Games

PS: When you get in the game and you have questions, our CMs (Chat Masters) will be glad to help you out with any problem you have. This is the website, and I hope you try it out.

Thank you for your time and patience,

Anon. Anon., Posted: 2011-03-06 17:39:43

How big is the install's download?
Can't be any larger than 128MB, or it's not worth it on a library computer.
How many pokemon, too? Is it the full Sinoh 494, or just a limited Kanto?
catherina239 catherina239, Posted: 2012-07-18 18:33:42

hello friends
sc sc, Posted: 2012-12-13 09:12:38

cool game.
pokemon master pokemon master, Posted: 2013-12-13 10:22:50

i totally love the game do you it is super fun try and beat me i am to good for you

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