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Australian National Institute, Victoria:
Australian National Institute is a quality provider of nationally accredited courses to international students in a high quality learning environment. Located in Sunraysia- the heart of fruit producing Australia- Australian National Institute (ANI) in Mildura, Victoria offers English classes aimed at all levels and also a wide range of diploma and certificate courses in fields including business, accounting, horticulture and management. Our motto is........excellence in education and training.

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Sunraysia is a large multi cultural area with an abundance of work available. A very friendly and welcoming community where students can live, study and work. Our affiliate - Sunraysia Students Accommodation guarantess employment to all residents with free buses to and from work. ANI is in an area thats big enough to provide a great living experience but being smaller than the major cities having none of the big city issues.


We offer certificate and diploma courses in the following areas:

- Business
- Management
- Accounting
- Human Resources Management
- Production Horticulture
- Hairdressing
- Beauty Services

We also offer a range of ESL courses to suit all levels of English.


Photo of College in Australia for International StudentsAustralian National Institute does offer accommodation services. We have residential accommodation walking distance from the campus. The accommodation houses up to 150 students and has the latest facilities to make the stay comfortable. All rooms are air-conditioned and each person has their own safe for storage of personal documents and valuables. Most rooms are shared with a number of individual rooms available.

Internet access is available through out the residence with numerous computers, available for student use. Study areas are allocated throughout where students may work on their assignments as required.

The residence has several communal areas where students can meet and socialise. Recreational facilities are available including cricket set, footballs and board games. Kitchen facilities are available students are required to prepare their own meals.

It is recommended that your accommodation arrangements be organised prior to your arrival. The Student Support officer can provide information, advice, and guidance on additional types of accommodation services available to students.

Location & Facilities:

ANI is located in Mildura, a regional city in northwestern Victoria on the banks of the Murray River. The Main office and some class rooms are located at 75 Orange Ave within the Central Business District.

A second Campus is located at 17 Indi Ave Red Cliffs approximately 15 KM from Mildura. There are 4 classrooms and the building is located within easy access to shopping precincts, public transport, and other amenities useful for International students. This is walking distance from the student accommodation.

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Address: 17 Indi Avenue Red Cliffs, Mildura, Victoria , Australia