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Manhattan Institute, NY:
The Manhattan Institute is a New York State Licensed Career School located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. We offer certificate and diploma training programs in the Allied Health Care field. We specialize in the short-term training of: Medical Billers & Coders, Phlebotomy Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians, Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA), EKG Technicians, Nurse Technicians, and Dialysis Technicians. We offer day, evening, and weekend classes. All students revieve a diploma and life time placement advisement upon graduation. Our tuition is low and you can pay as you go.

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We offer the following Medical Technology Programs in NY:

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Program:

Duration: 10 Weeks
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The Manhattan Institute offers a two part Certified Nurse Assistant training program. The first part of our certified nurse assistant training takes place in the classroom.

During classroom training, students will learn all aspects of patient care, through lectures, audio video, and hands-on demonstrations.

Upon completion of the classroom training students will then begin clinical training. During clinical training students will work directly with patients in a health care facility.

You will be supervised by a Registered Nurse, who is a staff member of our school, and is also licensed by the New York State Education Department as a Primary Nurse Assistant Instructor. Each Registered Nurse Instructor will never have more than 10 students.

This assures personalized instruction. During your externship you will work side by side with other aides, nurse and medical professionals. You will know what working as a certified nurse assistant is all about.

When you finish with your clinical training you will be ready to take your certifying exam. The Manhattan Institute is a New York State official testing site. This entitles our graduates to take the exam at our school as soon as they complete their training.

Certified Medical Assistant Program:
Duration: 8 Months
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The Manhattan Institute offers Certified Medical Assistant training in NYC which is designed to teach our medical assistants, clerical, clinical, and laboratory skills so that our graduates are ready for the many medical assistant jobs available. Many graduates now have medical assistant careers, and are working in the medical field. 

The Manhattan Institute offers a Medical Assistant career training program. It is given in two parts. The first part consists of 20 weeks of Medical Assistant classroom training.

During classroom training, students will learn all aspects off patient care, through lecture and hands on demonstration.

Upon completion of the classroom training, students will then have a 10 week supervised Medical Assistant externship at a health care facility, were students will have a chance to practice there skills learned during their Medical Assistant classroom training.

Medical Billing & Coding Program:
Duration: 3 Weeks

We will teach you to be a successful Medical Billing and coding specialist. Besides given you book knowledge, you will learn the common sense part of the medical billing job. You will learn the importance of being alert, observant, organized, dedicated, responsible and taking accurate directions.

The Manhattan Institute instills in our students that precise work details are sometimes a matter of getting paid or not getting paid. You will feel confident to work on your own, without constant instruction from other staff.

After completion of our training, Graduates will be qualified to work in hospitals, clinics, large dental offices, nursing homes, and all other health care facilities where medical billers and coders are readily employed. Many graduates choose to start their own business!

Phlebotomy Technician Diploma Program:
Duration: 3 Weeks

Photos of Manhattan Institute, NYA Diploma in Phlebotomy from the Manhattan Institute will prepare you to work in hospitals, laboratories, medical or doctors' offices, home health agencies, research clinics, and blood banks. The demand for phlebotomists is expected to rise as much as 20% in the next 10 years, making this field a very secure one in the medical industry. 

In New York State there is no license, certification, special test or examination required when you complete your Phlebotomy Technician course.

When you finish your Phlebotomy training, the Manhattan Institute will issue you a diploma from the school. This is what you will need when you look for work as a Phlebotomy Technician.

EKG Technician Diploma Program:
Duration: 3 Weeks

The EKG (Electrocaridography) Technician is an extremely important member of the health care team. The Manhattan Institute offers a comprehensive EKG Diploma course to qualified candidates. The Doctor's diagnosis of heart disease is based upon the interpretation of EKG Tracings. 

The well-trained EKG Technician is an integral part of the management of patients with heart disease.

EKG's are also performed before and after operations, during physicals, examinations of patients over 40, for patients with a history of heart disease, when patients are experiencing chest pains, and when the Doctor deems it necessary.

Pharmacy Technician Program:
Duration: 6 Weeks

We will teach you to be a successful pharmacy technician. Besides giving you book knowledge, wewill teach the common sense part of the pharmacy tech job.

You will learn the importance of being alert, observant, organized, dedicated, responsible and the importance of taking directions.

This is what makes for a great pharmacy technician. The Manhattan Institute instills in our pharmacy technician students that precise work details are sometimes a matter of life and death.

Although a pharmacist must check and approve all of the work of a pharmacy technician, you will feel confident to work on your own, without constant instruction from the pharmacist.

Dialysis Technician Program:
Duration: 6 Weeks
Picture of Medical Technology Programs in NYCUnder supervision, Dialysis Technicians operate machines and perform dialysis on patients with acute or chronic kidney failure. Dialysis removes waste products and fluids from a patient's blood and vascular system.

Dialysis technicians function under the direction of nurses and physicians. This specialized training is appropriate for Medical Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, RN’s EMT’S, Patient Care Technicians, CNA’s, Phlebotomists, and anyone interested in a medical health career.

Patient Care Technician Program:
Duration: 6 Weeks

The Patient Care Technician is a valuable member of the Allied Health Care Team. Because of the increasing shortage of trained health care professionals, Hospitals are using the Patient Care Technician to handle patient care that was previous handled by other medical professionals.

Images of Manhattan Institute, NYThe Patient Care Technician course is designed for the Nursing Assistant/Aides who wants to move in their present employment - or improve their current skills - and employment ability. The Patient Care Technician course is a comprehensive 6-week course.

Personal Fitness Trainer:
Duration: 8 Months

Our Personal Fitness Trainer program is a 900 hour comprehensive program which consists of 660 classroom hours, and a 240-hour supervised hands-on externship.

The curriculum is based on scientific research, fitness-expert experience, and is aligned with key critical occupational skills and abilities, including those defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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