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Indian Board of Alternative Medicines:
The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (IBAM) is an internationally-recognized, accredited holistic medicine training institute that provides quality online / distance education courses to students in the USA, Canada and all over the world. We offer undergraduate and graduate diploma and degree programs in a range of alternative medicine disciplines including Medicinal Herbalism; Naturopathy; Holistic Nutrition, Reflexology; Psychotherapy & Counseling; Reiki Therapy and Homeopathy among many others. All of our courses are taught in English.

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International Accreditation:

Photo of Natural Health / Holistic Medicine College for USA / WorldwideThe Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is one of the largest open international educational academies and a premier institution in the field of alternative / complementary medicine and health promotion.

- USA:
The American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification & Accreditation Board, U.S.A. has granted The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines full board professional accreditation and certification.

Graduates of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines will be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners through the AADP.

- Australia / New Zealand:

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines has formed an affiliation with the Australian Committee of Natural Therapies, Australia and New Zealand (ACONT) which is a national and international association representing natural, traditional, bioenergetics and magnetic therapists.

Government Attestation for International Students:
On completion of the Diploma, Bachelor's Degree or Postgraduate courses, IBAM graduates from countries outside of India can qualify for attestation of their qualifications with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and the Foreign Ministry / Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

This attestation is necessary for entering employment in foreign countries or for the purpose of applying to Professional Associations, etc.

Normally, it is not necessary to get Board / University Certificates Degrees authenticated. This application needs to be made only in respect of such foreign countries as require authentication of certificates/degrees issued by Indian Boards / Universities / Government bodies for purposes of Higher Education/Employment abroad.

Online / Distance Education Holistic Medicine Programs:

Image of Natural Health / Holistic Medicine College for USA / Worldwide
Diploma Courses:
- Two-year Diploma in Alternative Medicines course

- One-year Diploma programs are available in the following therapies:
Naturopathy; Holistic Health & Nutrition; Medicinal Herbalism; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Yoga and Massage; Bach Flower Remedies; Reiki Therapy; Acupressure; Acupuncture; Magnetotherapy; Reflexology; Aromatherapy; Iridology; Electro - Homeopathy; Hypnotherapy; Radiesthesia and Radionics; Medical Astrology; Gem - Tele - Chromotherapy; Chiropractic.

- One-year Specialization Diploma courses in:
Child Health; Cardiology Heart Diseases; Respiratory Medicine; Gastro-Enterology Medicine; Neurology Medicine; Dermatology Medicine; Gynaecology Medicine; Dental Medicine; E.N.T / Ear, Nose & Throat; Oncology & Haematology; Family Planning & Sex Education. 

Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Medicine Course (1 year):
Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Medicine (P.G.D.A.M.) distance learning course is designed as a foundation for a career in alternative medicine.

Paramedical Diploma Courses:
- Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
- Diploma in Physiotherapy
- Diploma in Electro-Cardiogram Technology
- Diploma in Medical Radiographic (X-Ray) Technology
- Diploma in Dental Alternative Science
- Diploma in Veterinary (Alternative)
- Diploma in First Aid
- Diploma in Family Welfare & Population Education
- Diploma in Hygiene & Sanitation DHS
- Diploma in Home Nursing 

Bachelor Degree Courses:
- Bachelor's Degree in Alternative Medicine (B.A.M.S. (A.M.) / B.A.S.M.) - 2 years.
- Bachelor's Degree in the following list of therapies - 2 years: Naturopathy & Yoga; Holistic Health & Nutrition; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Medicinal Herbalism; Reiki Healing; Acupressure & Magnetotherapy; Medical Astrology; Gem-Tele-Chromo Therapy; Electro-Homoeopathy; Hypnotherapy; Aromatherapy; Radiesthesia & Radionics; Iridology Science; Chiropractic; Acupuncture; Reflexology.

Graduate Degree Program:
- Master's in Psychotherapy and Counseling (M.P.C.) Program

Doctorate Programs:
- Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines M.D.(A.M.)
- Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines - Ph.D (A.M.)
- Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines - D.Sc (A.M.)
- Doctor of Literature in Alternative Medicine- D.Litt (A.M.)
- Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine (N.D. / N.M.D.)
- Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.)
- Doctor of Holistic Medicine (H.M.D.)
- Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture - M.D. (Acu.)
- Doctor of Medicine in Electro Homeopathy - M.D. (E.H.)

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Indian Board of Alternative Medicines"It was very nice to complete my education with you. I applied for board certification as a naturopathic doctor. Please note that your diploma was accepted in order for me to sit for that exam, and is held in high regard by the board examiners. Thank you."
- John L. Herr, Pennsylvania, U.S.A 

"Thank you for helping me all the way. I enjoyed the course and the certification. It is really good and presentable. I am displaying in my clinic and recommending your school to others. You are doing a GREAT job. May God give you long life, health and wealth and more resources to do good projects. Insha Allah in the future I will join the Ph.D program."
- Naeem Sharieff, California, U.S.A.

"I have truly enjoyed this learning experience, and I thank IBAM for facilitating this opportunity, as well as for your help during this process. I hope to receive a First Division grade for the work I have submitted. Thank you very much, and wishing you all the best in your future endeavors."
- Monde Leck, South Carolina, U.S.A.

"I am writing to inform you of the good news that I was awarded a US based License as Doctor of Medicine, DM (P) License # L4032147 this past week. It is a milestone for my life. I do not know how many IBAM graduates have qualified and been issued US medical Licenses however, I am proud to be one of them. My education and documentation from IBAM was helpful in this regard. I do hope to see you and Kolkata one day soon."
- Dr. Anthony B. James, Florida, U.S.A

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