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Online Diploma Courses in Nanotechnology & Biobusiness

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BioLim Varsity:
We provide 6-months diploma, advanced diploma and research diploma programmes in nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology and other life science disciplines. All of our programmes focus to provide theoretical and practical skills that are of research and industrial demand, which could help the learners to step into a better career. The vision of the venture is to produce eminent academic teaching collaborations to make the sustainable knowledge available to the wide needy young generation.

Online diploma courses:

Diploma in applied nanotechnology:
Duration: 6 months

The diploma course in the field of applied nanotechnology provides deeper insights into the field of nanoscience and technology. The course also provides strong knowledge base in terms of subject and frontier research concerned with biological nanosciences. The course and its syllabus module are framed in relevance to industrial demands and applicability.

Advanced diploma in applied nanotechnology:
Duration: 6 months (excluding 1 week of training)

The advanced diploma course in the field of applied nanotechnology provides necessary knowledge as well as skill development training. The course is a value-added form of 'Diploma in applied nanotechnology' with more practical exposure.

Research diploma in applied nanotechnology:
Duration: 6 months (excluding 21 days of internship)

A research diploma programme course in the field of applied nanotechnology provides research opportunity that could be helpful for a research career in nano sector.

Diploma in nanotoxicology:
Duration: 6 months

An essential diploma programme for learning nanotoxicology which helps to understand the nanomaterial applications and their related toxicological risks. The course is suitable for those who want to explore nanotechnology from the point of toxicological measures.

Research diploma in nanotoxicology:
Duration: 6 months (excluding 21 days of internship)

A diploma programme that provides research opportunity in nanotoxicology. The course provides one month research internship in nanotechnology that could be helpful for a research career in nano sector.

Finishing school programme:
Duration: 6 months (laboratory learning phase additional on interest)

A programme to complete bio studies in a finer way which aims at completing the moulding process of graduates with necessary inputs by our professionals that couldhelp in acquiring vision towards developing a prominent research and academic career as well.

Dual certification course in nanobiotechnology:
Duration: 3 months (excluding 1 week of hands-on training)

The course is aimed towards improving the learners scope and their carrier specifically in the field of nano and biotechnology. The modules are developed to perform practices involving nanotechnology experiments specialising in nanoparticles and materials synthesis, and their applications would help to explore nanobiotechnology sector to identify the potential and promising areas to develop the career in bio industries. This special dual certification course covers both theoretical and practical knowledge to the learrners.

''Learners who are interested with the BioLim Varsity courses online courses, online cum practical courses and dual certification programmes can send their interest via this form. The query sent will be processed by our counsellor in 48 working hours and the learner will be communicated. The learners can discuss with the counsellor about further benefits of the course and the process of joining."

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Address: Ayanavaram, Chennai, India
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