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Online Diploma Courses in Nanotechnology & Biobusiness

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BioLim Varsity:
BioLim Varsity is a smart educational venture of our BioLim Trust. BioLim Varsity aims to provide essential science and technology education through a fast growing smart cloud learning system. BioLim Varsity provides higher focus for accelerated knowledge flow in the core subject of learning in association with extracurricular activities, which leads the learner to achieve more measurable outcomes.

Photo of Online Diploma Courses in Nanotechnology & BiobusinessFundamental and applied courses

Diploma in applied nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is refining our approach towards miniatures and taking us towards revolution in recent years. Understanding and preparing to explore and produce more innovations through nanotechnology is one important value addition scope prevailing for the learners of different science sectors. This 6 months diploma in applied nanotechnology provides an opportunity for the learners to acquire a good understanding of nanotechnology and explore with its wide applications, and also provides an opportunity to meet the academic, research and industrial experts in our online campus. The duration of the programme is 6 months. The course can also be enriched with add-on courses for practical applicability and it also provides an opportunity for the scholarship for the learners with better performance.

Certification course on nanobiotechnology
Nanotechnology is being found with usefulness in different sectors and the one emerging and promising sector is biotechnology. The involvement or applications of nano in biology sector are more defined in the course. Various approaches, scopes, challenges and ethical issues involved are being discussed in this 3 months course on nanobiotechnology. The course improves the learners’ scope and their career, specifically towards biotechnology start-ups who are now engaged in developing more innovative products. The duration of the course is 3 months.

Diploma in stem cells technology
The development of science in stem cells is growing in an accelerated way. Stem cells are widely being used in the sectors of medicine, drug discovery, diagnostics and more. This section of cell biology and related technology is producing more innovations consistently and leading major transformations in life. Following the boom in future applications of stem cells, more research, practising, counselling, cell collection, processing, preservation jobs, etc. are also increasing in the developed and developing countries in this decade.
This 6 months online course on stem cells technology is providing fundamental insights about nature, functions, types, applications, techniques and research involved in stem cells.

Certificate course on nano drug delivery
The role of nanotechnology in drug delivery system plays a prominent role in medical fields majorly in improving drug availability, targeting, controlled delivery, reducing toxicity, etc. The course is aimed to provide necessary insights into the fundamentals of novel drug delivery systems and the preparation of nanomaterials for improving delivery, and extends towards characterising the nanosystems, delivering potency, challenges and career opportunities of the sector. This 3 months course on nano drug delivery could effectively help the learners to upgrade their knowledge in the field of nano drugs and eventually step into any delivery research and formulation centres.

Smart course on nanovesicles and applications
Nanovesicles are the nano-sized vesicular structures produced to carry essential components breaking barriers. The exploration of nanovesicles is exponentially growing in the pharmaceutical sector and extending to different disciplines, including agriculture. The learners of this 1 month smart course will be educated on nanovesicles preparation and the different ways of their applications.

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- Oracle DBA
- Testing Tools
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- C ++
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- Cloud Computing
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