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Online Holistic & Spiritual Training Courses

Divine Blessings Academy:
Divine Blessings Academy located in Fort Worth, Texas is a worldwide community of souls who share the ongoing search of higher consciousness & spiritual growth. We are a proudly accredited academy through INHA - International Natural Healers Association. We offer accredited diploma / certificate programs through home study and distance learning courses in the spiritual & holistic fields of study. We provide techniques, teachings, and healings for achieving inner happiness, peace, and self-awareness through personal & spiritual healings with Usui Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Angel introduction, and Angel card readings.

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Online / Home Study Courses:

Usui Reiki Master Teacher Course Certification:

Become certified as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and learn the art of spiritual healing with this hands-on and off modality that is centuries old. Learn side-by-side with your Reiki Master Teacher. This course provides hands-on learning techniques and exercises. Certification included!

Attracting Abundance Course:
This home study diploma/certificate course is perfect for those wishing to learn the meaning of true wealth, how to attract divine abundance in their life, how to balance the chakras, and continue the flow of abundance for the rest of their life. Thorough exercises and case studies.

The Chakra System Basics Course:
This home study diploma/certificate course is a must have for those wishing to learn the seven basic chakras in their bodies, their locations, functions, color associations, crystal associations, and so forth. Learn to clear & balance them daily in your own life and for others! Thorough exercises and case studies.

Meditation for Beginners Course:
This home study course is a must for those individuals wishing to bring the powerful techniques of meditation into their lives. This form of meditation is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lakshmi's guru.

Yogananda's teaching are at the heart of bringing peace, joy, and God into your daily life through his path of meditation. Upon completion of this course, graduates can advance their meditation techniques to include yoga in a further study program! Thorough excerises, studies, and follow along CD.

Creating a Holistic Business Course:
This home study course is an invaluable resource for anyone who truly desires to create, grow, and successfully maintain a business with a holistic or spiritual healing practice! Learn the success strategies of being self-employed.

It can also benefit those newly entering a sole proprietorship or partnership in these specialities of practice. A wealth of information at your fingertips, this is a very thorough course including case studies and exercises.

Bachelor / Master / Doctorate of Spiritual Healing Degree Programs:
Enroll in any of our degree programs to receive your Bachelor / Master / Doctorate of Spiritual Healing! Divine Blessings Academy offers you an accredited education for a VERY affordable price. Work alongside the companies founder, Lakshmi, La Vonda Young and learn all aspects of Spiritual Healing!

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Address: Johnson County, Fort Worth, Texas , USA