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Frequently Asked Questions by Users / Advertisers

Table of Contents
1. Students’ FAQs
2. Schools’ FAQs
3. Jobseekers’ FAQs
4. Employers’ FAQs
5. Advertisers’ FAQs
6. Sponsorship FAQs
7. Who to contact about advertising?

1. Students’ Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 Do I have to pay to use your online service?
1.2 I want to search for a school. How can I find a good one?
1.3 Can I find visa information on this website?

Your Questions are answered here:

1. Students’ Frequently Asked Questions:

1.1 Do I have to pay to use your online service?
No, our online service is free of charge to all students and parents searching for schools.

1.2 I need to search for a specific type of school. How can I find one?
Go to our School & College Homepage. You can search our detailed database of schools by education type or by country.

1.3 Can I find Student Visa information for a certain country on this website?
We have extensive Visa Pages on many countries to help students to get initial information on visa application requirements.

2. Schools’ Frequently Asked Questions
2.1 What kind of schools are listed on your website?
2.2 What does it Cost be listed?
2.3 How do we get listed?
2.4 How can we Upgrade to a Featured Ad & get more views and leads?
2.5 How can we Update our information?

2. Schools’ Frequently Asked Questions:

2.1 What kinds of schools are listed on your website?
Our education and career-based site and advertising hub lists educators (schools, institutes, colleges and universities) in the U.S. and around the world that offer thousands of different types of programs in the fields of language learning, degree studies, the arts, business, MBA, science, engineering, IT, TEFL, career training and personal development, beauty, health, therapy, sports, children’s education, early learning, high school education, homeschooling, private boarding, summer camps, and online / distance education. Please see our School & College Hub entry page for a table list of the different education “categories” which lead (break down) into specific marketplaces / locations.

2.2 What does it Cost be listed?
There is a straight-up Free Listing Option (which you create yourself, and is available when we have time to add new free listings throughout the year), and paid Featured Ads (Premium Placements) for those schools & colleges that would like Optimum Exposure to their target market/s to generate quality inquiries. Orders for Premium Placements naturally take up most of our creative time throughout the year. Please Contact us here to let us know of your programs and target student markets.

2.3 How do we get listed?
Submit our straight-forward School Listing Application Form, entering your school or company details. Please state whether you would like a Free Listing or Premium Placement Ad option, and any comments or questions that you may have.

Note that for spam prevention and quality control reasons, creating a listing simply by submitting that form is not an automated process. We first review the summary you submit, and contact you regarding it if required.

We welcome all quality schools and education-related companies to let us know of your specific programs and target student markets, and we try to process all successful free listing applications as soon as we possibly can (among our paid campaign orders and projects). Learn4Good is a 365 day publishing operation. We ask that you understand that we cannot publish every listing request, but that we do our very best for every educator that matches our target audience and the purpose of our site.

2.4 How can we Upgrade to a Premium Placement (Featured Ad) and get more views & leads? We like the leads we received through our free, basic ad..
Contact us here with details of your school & preferred student market/s. We will respond soon afterward explaining what is possible (or not) at that moment & what your best campaign options are. (So to ensure we send you the exact information and options that you need to focus on, and not options that do not apply to you, it is a great help in speeding up the process if you can state your available budget for a specific length of time when you submit the contact page. Thank you.)

2.5 How can we Update our information?
Updates to your ad can be done by your own team or Learn4Good’s team of experienced ad writers. Contact us here with details of what you need to update, and we will respond shortly afterward explaining how to do that in the quickest way.

Schools & colleges listing on Learn4Good: Location
Aviva Spray Tanning Academy, Detroit Detroit, Michigan, USA
NSL Mondial, Vancouver Vancouver, BC, Canada
Harvest English Institute, Newark Newark, New Jersey, USA
American Language Programs, Florida Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Summer Orchestral Course, Bristol - Language & Music for Life Bristol, England, UK & England
Kaplan International Colleges UK London, England, UK & England
Focus Education Centre of Canada Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The Interactive Design Institute Edinburgh, Scotland, UK & England
Language Skills English Center, Boston Boston, Massachusetts, USA
International Language Institute, Gaithersburg MD Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
NSL Mondial, Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Woodgrove Tutorials Gloucester, England, UK & England
International Language Institute, Washington DC Washington, Dist of Columbia, USA
Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy, Miami Miami, Florida, USA
Language and Music for Life Llandovery, Wales, UK & England
ABC Languages, Westchester County NY & Southern Connecticut Westchester County, New York, USA
A F International College, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California, USA
ID Tech Camps, Illinois Lake Forest, Illinois, USA
Multilingual Connections, Chicago Chicago, Illinois, USA
Southern States University, San Diego & Orange County San Diego, California, USA