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Alien Prison Break - Help our Nanny escape from prison through overcoming various obstacles. Remember the initial well-loved “Alien Discipline” game where Nanny taught alien children some old-fashioned Earthling discipline? Well, after they found out, the shocked parents of the alien children filed a complaint to the Galactic Alien Government for so-called “alien abuse” by our Nanny, and poor Nanny was arrested and put on trial and sent to a maximum security prison afterwards!

At the moment, Nanny sits in a cold cell but she knows in her heart that she cannot abandon her mission – to discipline those badly-behaved alien children. She is going to complete her ultimate goal at any cost, and she needs “Your” help right now to break out from this prison. Can you help her escape so that she can stop the aliens (and their awfully behaved kids) from conquering the world? Let’s hope so – good luck Space Cadet!

How to Play: Left click on your computer mouse to help Nanny smash through the walls with the hammer that you have snuck into her cell, and click your Spacebar button to help Nanny jump over the sharp spikes. Nanny must swing the hammer and whack any dynamite she encounters on her break out, to blow them up and gain 500 extra points. Note that the higher the level, the more obstacles you have to overcome, and the game speed increases with every level. Pick up the medical kits to recover your health (which decreases when you walk on bombs or hit the wall with your head). Go Nanny!

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