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Ninja is a challenging online sword fighting game for teens where you play the role of a powerful ninja warrior who is out for revenge against the bad guys who have captured his village. This large-scale, side-scrolling action game has all the classic elements of ninja gameplay – acrobatic combat, sneaky stealth moves, sword fighting, and throwing stars. Defeat a whole host of masked enemies and set the captured villagers free. Perform cool combo-hits and devastating blows to the hordes of pesky invaders. Collect power-ups, purchase new weapons and find hidden objects in this close-combat RPG game. Build your warrior up to become the greatest by increasing his stats as you progress.

This retro-style action game will really test your dexterity and quick reflexes as there are bad guys that approach from all angles. Accuracy is also essential, as you must expertly aim and fire your Shuriken (ninja stars) at your enemies. Ok oh great Sensei Ninja, are you ready to save our village and people? Good, show us what you’re made of!

How to Play: Navigate through the menu screen using your computer keyboard. Choose your character by scrolling through them using the Left and Right Arrow keys. Once you have chosen your character, it’s time to start the adventure. Control your ninja using the Arrow Keys. He moves steadily, but if you double-tap the Left of Right Arrow, he breaks into a run. The game scrolls from left to right, so masked enemies appear from the right hand side of the game screen.

The A and S keys are your main attack keys. Use these to swing your sword at the attackers. It usually takes a number of hits before the bad guys are eliminated. Perform cool air-combos by hitting Spacebar to jump, then A or S to attack. To throw a Shuriken (ninja star), hit the B key. To throw a Ninja-Bomb – W. You can see how many of these weapons you have in the top left corner of the game screen. Your health bar is also in the top left corner – make sure it doesn’t run out or else it’s game over. At the end of each level, you can upgrade the stats of your character depending on how well you do.

Tip: To perform a sliding attack, hit either the Left or Right Arrow key and A or S together. This is an effective attacking move, and gives you an advantage.

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