Best fighting games for PC/ Top online fighting games free to play with no download: Electricman 2, a cool stickman fighting game for PC, Mac, iPad. Play action games for kids (boys/ girls), defense games for teens/ youth to play on the internet.
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Electricman 2 is an addicting fighting game for teens where your ultimate goal is to become the Undisputed Stickman Fighting Champion. This fast and furious game will have you hooked from the very first bout. Users battle through the Tournament of Voltagen against a host of enemies before finally coming up against the current Champion – who has still never been beaten. Do you have what it takes to overthrow the Champ?

Guide your Electric Stickman through each round using any number of martial arts, street fighting and superhuman powers to wipe out your opponents. This is not your average fighting game – your very own customized Stickman is capable of amazing fighting abilities including slow-motion, bullet-time special moves. Ready to ‘shock’ your opponents and take the top prize, Stick Fighter? Good luck.

How to Play: First, you have to create your custom Stickman to enter the Tournament. You must pick a name, give your Stickman a color and pick a level of difficulty. Now it’s time to get going! Choose which opponent you want to fight first – and get ready. Here’s how to control your Stickman with your computer keyboard:

Left Arrow (Run Left); Right Arrow (Run Right); Down Arrow (Dodge); A (Punch moves); S (Kick moves);
D (Grab/Throw moves); Q (Slow-motion punch moves); W (Slow-motion kick moves); E (Slow-motion grab/throw moves)

Keep an eye on your life and battery meters in the top left corner of the game screen. The life meter will go down as you get hit. The battery meter is different. The slow motion moves are super cool and effective – but they will cost you battery points. If your battery runs out, you won’t be able to use them, but don’t worry, your battery recharges itself. After each fight, you receive a Save Code. Keep this code to use if you want to return to the Tournament later – and still have all your progress. Ready to go? Let’s get it started! Show us what you’ve got!

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30 comments on “Electricman 2”

  1. It’s so cool i love the slow mo moves! which is q, w,and e!

    1. i know

  2. I finished the hole thing it was so awesome I loved it

  3. i beat death 100 times im too pro!

  4. this game is fun

  5. blind was difficult to defeat all other was very easy I tried the pro and defeated death hurray!!!

  6. try pro mode

  7. death is’ent even that hard

  8. i beet death 24 times

  9. This game rocks.

  10. i beat death 16 times

  11. i think it is funny and it is BGE

  12. cool game

  13. kind of good

  14. I play electric man 2 and I will sting you with my electric tenticles

  15. What do u mean you beat death

  16. uh fanagel….next time try to beat it on normal or srsly

  17. I, axa82002 has beaten electro man 2!!!!!!!!

  18. Beat the game way yo easy AND I MEAN IT

  19. love this game very much

  20. i think its okay, not the greatest

  21. this game is fun

  22. Totally

  23. I eat Death I am so cool

  24. epicness

  25. nice this a kid named tony how did you beat it

  26. I LOVE IT

  27. i love this game thanks

  28. Love It alot i would play it any day



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