Ancient Greece online game for kids, tweens, teenagers (girls & boys) to play for free: MMORPG/ multiplayer virtual world / ancient Greek society game with fun, interactive adventure activities for children - elementary school, middle, high school students & all the family on PC.
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Goodgame Hercules takes you to ancient Greece where you will have to accomplish missions for the Greek Gods, polish your fighting techniques, sweep to earn extra silver and various other interesting but not-so-easily-fulfilled tasks. Before you start playing, choose a character and a society class (philosopher, athlete, warrior). Sisyphus is having problems to roll his rock up the cave; a horde of birds is ruining the harvest of a poor farmer; one of the Titans is trying to learn how to swim and makes the ocean rise; a few wild chickens managed to steal and get away with Hermes’ winged shoes…

Your aim is to help all of those people and accomplish the missions for the Gods. Drink some Ambrosia to have enough energy for the missions or rent an escort to help speed up your mission (do more missions in the time given) in The Vehicle Merchant. Go into Acropolis to sweep if you need to raise money. 

Do not forget to train hard to win your battles. If you level up your attacks, you will cause more damage to your opponents. If you click on your Demigod, you get an overview of your inventory, your attributes and your fighting techniques. At Merchants, you can buy everything a hero needs: weapons, lucky charms or even a bodyguard. In case you may not have enough silver to buy an article, you can reserve it at the merchant. You can, as well, visit Dionysus and fill up your energy. Start your training now and show off your fighting skills in live combat against other players. Good luck ancient one!

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