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This page lists the newest arcade games for children and Big Kids to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area. We hope you share and enjoy these fun easy-to-play and more challenging arcade games with your family and friends.

Classic escape-the-level adventure game featuring the undisputed king of platformers – Mario! Super Mario: Special Edition is a challenging, jumping skill-based Flash game where you must guide the legendary Italian plumber through 12 levels filled with familiar obstacles, hard-to-reach ledges, baddies, mushrooms, stars, and other iconic Mario features!

Skills required: In this retro-style, 2D arcade game, good hand-eye coordination, fast reactions, sharp reflexes, and nifty keyboard control skills are vitally important. As all Mario fans know, tactful movement and well-timed jumping skills are key to progressing through each obstacle and deterrent-filled level.

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Collect fruit and avoid enemies in this fun and strategic, Pacman-style arcade game! Bad Ice Cream 2 is a stimulating, reactions-based skill game for one or two players where you must safely guide a determined ice cream cone around a confined, Pacman-like maze, gobbling up juicy fruit pieces while avoiding enemies. Play as a singular ice cream raider, or team up with a partner to make a deadly duo! Can you triumph in 40 increasingly-challenging levels against the clock?

Reasons to play this wacky, maze-based action game: Bad Ice Cream 2 provides a stern exercise of your reflexes, nifty keyboard skills, hand-eye coordination, observation skills, and more. Fans of classic arcade game Pac-man should enjoy the fast-paced, chasing action here. See if you can work as a team in 2 Player mode by partnering up with a best friend or family member!

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Guide one or two birds through an extremely-tricky, tree-filled obstacle course in this highly-challenging skill game inspired by the phenomenally-popular Flappy Bird app! Flappy Birdies is a cool, 1 or 2 player, reactions-based skill and survival game where you must prolong the flight of one or two birds for as long as possible by guiding them through a side-scrolling obstacle course filled with tree trunks that each have a small gap for your bird(s) to fly through. You can fly solo in 1 Player Mode, or take on a friend or family member in the competitive 2 Player Mode!

Skills required: This one-button, flapping bird-themed action game is an extremely stern exercise and test of your hand-eye coordination, reaction skills, focus, concentration, determination and stamina. Getting used to the momentum-based fluttering / jumping movement of the birds can be quite tricky. Trial and error also plays a big part in improving your distance – Learn from your mistakes, and try to beat your high score with each flying attempt!

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Take over an entire grid in as few moves as possible in this strategy-based, color-changing puzzler! Virus 3 is a challenging visual and skill-based, problem-solving brainteaser game for kids where you must methodically take over a whole grid by ‘infecting’ adjacent blocks with a ‘virus’ (color) until the entire area is dominated by a single color. Using careful, step-by-step actions, take control of the grid by choosing the most advantageous color each time you switch viruses. Virus 3 also offers three different board shapes to choose from, as well as nine different layouts for each shape.

Skills required: This tricky visual puzzle game provides a stern exercise of your mental toughness and stamina; high levels of focus, concentration, and determination are required here. Color coordination skills are essential as is your ability to make strategic in-game decisions.

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Block removal "match 3 or more" game with a strategic twist! Wrong Block is a challenging and unusual match 3, 4 or more puzzle and treasure hunt-style game where you must remove singular colored blocks which prevent neighboring blocks from forming identical, adjacent matching groups of three or more. This is a quirky departure from normal matching puzzles where you usually swap or move blocks to make matches.

Playing against the clock, your ultimate task in each level is to move all of the pieces of a special artifact (shown to you at the beginning of the level) to the very bottom row of the grid. To do this, you must remove ‘Wrong Blocks’ as quickly and strategically as possible.

Skills required: In this fun, grid-based, point-and-click puzzle, good focus, concentration, observation skills, great determination and a sense of urgency are essential. You must carefully and methodically scan the grid in an attempt to create matching groups that would be advantageous to eliminate. Fast reactions and accurate mouse clicking skills are also important, especially against the pressure of the ticking clock!

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Play a high octane, retro-style, motorcycle racing game featuring a top down view of the action on four awesome international tracks. In Wheelers, you must put your reputation on the line against savvy computer-controlled opponents in 3-lap races where pit-stopping for fuel is a vitally important task. Perform classy overtaking moves as you power toward that Checkered Flag!

Skills required: In this straight-forward, easy-to-play, online motorbike game, you must mix patience with aggressive driving in order to hit the front. Careering around at top speed at all times is a dangerous tactic – Instead, try to take corners at a slower pace, and then accelerate through the straights. Fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination and keyboard control skills are all essential in your quest to unlock and conquer all 4 circuits.

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Create and eliminate adjacent matches of 3 identical blocks, and exercise your reaction speed in this fun, Tetris-themed skill game. Stack Up is a fast-paced and challenging block stacking game where your task is to carefully create horizontal, vertical, or diagonal matches of 3 or more identical blocks. Very similar to Tetris, this descending block activity features 3-block units which you must skillfully manipulate as they fall. You must hit a specified target number of valid matches (lines) in order to complete each level.

Skills / strategy required: This is a dexterity and reflex-based construction puzzle where you must react quickly to position the falling blocks to your advantage. Use good hand-eye coordination and sharp visual skills to carefully (yet swiftly) figure out where to place each block unit. Try to keep a cool head when the blocks near the top of the grid – patience is important!

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Play a basic numbers sequencing game where you must turn red spheroids blue by shooting them in numerical order against the clock. Spheroids is a straight-forward, space invader-style, aiming and accuracy arcade game for younger kids (kindergarten to junior elementary student level) where you combine accurate missile fire with visual skills as you try to hit unpredictable moving spheres must be targeted in a numerical sequence. You play the role of a spaceship pilot, and must try to deactivate the numbered spheroids before the clock reaches zero.

Skills / strategy required: Pinpoint keyboard control and coordination are paramount to your success in this retro-style, vertical-firing space arcade game. Sharp visual skills, focus, concentration, and lots of enthusiasm and determination are also required as you work to take out each spheroid in the correct order. Although the clock is ticking, the best strategy is to keep your cool, and avoid wild, aimless shooting. Hitting spheroids out of sequence is far more damaging to your chances than a near miss – so try to time your shots carefully!

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Ricochet War is a challenging aiming and accuracy-based shooting game for older kids that combines angle-based shooting and hazardous rebounds. In each of the 21 increasingly-tough levels, your goal is to eliminate all of the stickman enemies by firing red bullets from your gun. You must use the contours of each level to your advantage by ‘ricocheting’ your bullets toward your enemies (who are often perched on hard-to-reach ledges with other platforms and obstacles in the way of direct shots).

Skills required: In this stimulating, shooting-based skill game, focusing on the angles and remaining alert are the keys to victory. You must use the walls and objects ‘billiard-style’ - ricocheting your bullets as you would with the cue ball in a difficult escape situation. Good hand-eye coordination skills, steady mouse control and a willingness to dodge and weave around dangerous rebounds are also required traits here. Trial and error is essential as you work to learn from your mistakes, and adjust your aim accordingly.

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Rainbow is a straight-forward, platform-based, maze game where you must unlock the Exit Door in each ledge-filled level by collecting the 4 pots of gold (each of which contains a colored mist above it, representing the missing colors - red, yellow, green and blue). At the beginning of each level, the entire background area is completely black and white in color – and you must restore the 4 key colors to the world in order to progress. The catch is that the collectible pots required to restore each color are often in hard-to-reach locations - and you must move boulders and other objects to gain access to the missing pots.

Skills required: In this tricky, jumping-based skill game, good focus and observation skills are vitally important as you scour each level in search of the mist-covered pots needed restore the colors to the levels. Problem-solving skills are also important as many initially inaccessible ledges must be reached by moving rocks into the correct areas. Swift keyboard control is also important on your quest through each maze-like level.

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Play a challenging, endless running / flying-style game of momentum where you must stay airborne and survive for as long as possible on an intense flight through an enchanted forest. Pixle is a fun and atmospheric flying game and reaction-based skill game where you must keep the enigmatic, little ‘Pixle’ character flying through the air for as long as possible by collecting energy beads, and avoiding obstacles. Pixle begins the flight as a shapeless blob, and one of your tasks is to collect ‘combo’ balls in order to transform the little guy into a majestic character of shade.

Skills required: In this tricky, side-scrolling, survival arcade game, fast reactions must be combined with good focus and concentration skills as you try to survive and prolong the action for as long as you can. Important decision-making skills come into play from the very beginning; you must decide whether to use your computer mouse or keyboard to control Pixle's movement.

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Slow down time, collect powerups, and dodge hazards in a retro-style survival quest! Operation Chaos is an 8-bit, space piloting arcade game where you must use fast mouse control to dodge blocks, enemies and other obstacles in a mad dash to stay alive. In this challenging, vertical scrolling, skill-based game, you can utilize ‘bullet time’ to slow down the action and evade enemies while guiding your spaceship safely to the end of each increasingly-difficult level. Have you got the piloting skills to complete all 10 levels?

Reasons to play: Fans of classic, 1980s-style space invaders games should enjoy the nostalgic action here. However, it's not all about the nostalgia – This game also plays as a stimulating and tricky test and exercise of your reaction skills, concentration, mouse control, determination, and will to win.

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Help Panik to save the earth by bursting all the cyber bubbles: Panik in Bubble Trouble is a fast-paced, bubble shooting game of skill where you must eliminate dangerous bouncing bubbles by splitting them into smaller bubbles, and then eliminating them entirely! You play the role of Panik (a brave robo-bunny), and must accurately fire your special bubble bursting harpoon gun at the bubbles in order to split and eliminate them.

Skills required: In this fun, high-intensity arcade game, you must dodge and weave around the confined play area, keeping Panik out of danger while also positioning him in areas where he can burst bubbles. Fast reactions, sharp dexterity and nimble keyboard skills all play a part as you try to survive the onslaught of bubbles. Good concentration skills are also important – You must remain focused and ready to capitalize on each opportunity to strike!

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Invasion Lite is a fast-paced, colored bubble popping arcade game for kids & teens to enjoy where you must fire bombs at invading bubbles (balls) with your Red Ball weapon situated at the bottom of a confined game grid. Utilizing fast reactions, strategy and aiming & accuracy skills, you must quickly and efficiently eliminate wave after wave of colorful enemy bubbles before they either reach the bottom of the battlefield or eliminate your Red Ball with their own missile fire.

Skills / strategy required: In this non-stop and addicting, action-packed bubble shooter game, sharp reflexes and concentration skills are really important. Dodge and weave around the oncoming enemy fire using nimble mouse control / hand eye coordination skills. A good strategy is to try to anticipate the next position of the moving enemy balls, and then fire your bombs toward that area.

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Miniclip Tetris is a fun and highly-customizable online version of the iconic building block game and popular brainteaser puzzle. Here, in default mode, instead of beginning the game with an empty grid, some of the tower has already been constructed – albeit poorly – and it's up to you to get it back on track! As ever with Tetris games, you must carefully maneuver the descending blocks in order to create solid, horizontal rows that are eliminated from the game screen. Miniclip Tetris also gives you the opportunity to customize your game experience (speed, difficulty and block shape) via the Options icon.

Skills / strategy required: Tetris has remained a really popular arcade game for more than 30 years because it tests and exercises a wide range of physical and mental skills including reaction speed, finger dexterity, your observation skills, concentration, analytical thinking and creative engineering skills, problem-solving determination, and more. Try to avoid the strategy of ‘waiting’ for advantageous blocks – Make use of each falling block available to you as best as you can!

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Fracture is a highly-addicting and intense classic 1980s-style, space invaders shoot 'em up extravaganza and accuracy-based skill game. Here, you control a speedy spaceship in a confined battlefield, and must attempt to eliminate the various colored-shape enemy spacecraft that chase you around the play zone. This is non-stop space battle action, with constant dodging and weaving as you simultaneously try to survive and go on the attack!

Skills / strategy required for this retro space fighter arcade game: Fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills, sharp focus and concentration, and nimble reflexes are vitally important as you attempt to keep your spaceship out of harm's way while eliminating enemies. You simply must stand tall, play it tough, and take on all enemies!

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Frantic is a really intense, fast-paced, 2D space invader, vertical scroller shooter game! You play the role of a single spaceship up against hundreds of enemy fighters in each level. You must take on these buzzing enemies, and defeat a gigantic alien Boss character in order to complete each high-energy battle. If ever a Flash game lived up to its name – Frantic is one of the best examples!

Skills required for this frantic arcade game: Fast reactions and sharp hand-eye coordination and observation skills are essential as you dodge and weave around enemies and their missiles. Timing is also very important - You must tactfully move your spaceship into advantageous positions, especially when your come up against the Big Boss entities at the end of each level.

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X-Cav 8R Alpha is a blistering, high-octane, vertical scrolling shooter / space invaders-style arcade game where you must pilot a small spaceship through a treacherous battlefield filled with fast approaching meteoroids, missile firing alien spacecraft, and more. This quick-paced game of skill and timing is very much a test of your survival instinct and ability; can you dodge and weave skillfully enough to keep your spaceship intact, and eliminate enough enemies to score highly?

Strategy / skills required for this retro alien invaders game: Like all good throwbacks to the classic 1980s space invaders genre, this fun online game requires good observation and anticipation skills, really fast reactions, deft movement and timing, dogged determination, and more. You need the desire and the stamina for a long flight – providing you have the piloting skills to survive deep into later levels.

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A straight-forward, survival skiing & skill-based arcade game to test your reactions and timing, keyboard control, object-dodging skills and sheer determination as you career down a snowy mountain slope at speed! In Slope Dude, you must score as many points as possible by successfully avoiding trees and gateways as you swoop down a steep mountainous obstacle course.

Skills required in this endless running-style game: Sharp observation and anticipation skills, and smart reflexes are really important here as you work hard to guide your skier safely through the path of oncoming trees and red walls. Careful, skillful and methodical dodging and weaving around obstacles is the key to your success. Trial and error is also a required part of the fun; you won't get near an awesome score on your first attempt, so you need to build up your confidence and skill as you progress!

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Cosmic Rocks is an aiming and accuracy-based, match 3 or more bubble shooter game for kids where you must fire colored meteoroid rocks into a cluttered game grid of descending meteoroids, and create matching groups to eliminate. You have 3 minutes to create and eliminate as many matching groups as you can from the play area.

Reasons to play this classic bubble shooter-style game: Test and exercise your observation and concentration skills, hand-eye coordination and mouse control as you attempt to accurately fire the colored meteoroid rocks into the main grid area.

Strategy to win: Playing against the clock, you cannot afford to take too much time on each shot. Aim and fire as soon as the meteoroid is loaded into your shooting cannon. Try to think one or two shots ahead in order to plan out your subsequent matching opportunities.

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