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This page lists the newest arcade games for children and Big Kids to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area. We hope you share and enjoy these fun easy-to-play and more challenging arcade games with your family and friends.

Help Batman to save the world from an accelerated global warming weapon by using his celebrated brand of hand-to-hand combat, acrobatic flying skills, and sheer courage in the face of Gotham's bad guys! Batman: In The Heat of the Night is a fun, platform-based superhero adventure & fighting game where you must guide the Caped Crusader through a series of baddie-filled platform levels, with the eventual goal of stopping space pirate Kanjar Ro from literally cooking the Earth with his ‘Thermotron’ weapon! Ooch!

This action-packed, keyboard-controlled game is based on the iconic animated cartoon ‘Brave and the Bold’ version of Batman, and requires fast reactions as well as good observation skills to succeed. As one of the world’s best martial artists, Batman is well-capable of handling the goons sent out to fight him, but you still need to use good strategic battle tactics in order to make sure you don't get overrun. So, it's time to step out into the dark night, and save the world! Thanks

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Toy Story 3: Marbleous Missions is a highly-entertaining, platform-based adventure game where you join Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang on a series of timed, jumping-based rescue missions. Set in a wild and colorful bedroom filled with various toys, ledges, bad guys and obstacles, you must carefully leap along clouds and ledges, and fulfill a range of special mission-style tasks set out by legendary Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear (while avoiding cloud-shaped bad guys)! Objectives in each level include finding an Exit Key, collecting colored marbles, rescuing other toys (aliens), discovering secret areas, and more!

This fun, thrill-a-minute action game requires deft keyboard control skills as you must move your (male or female) toy character around with great precision. One little mistake, and you could fall to the abyss below! Fast reactions, good observation skills, and an inquisitive mind are all important attributes required here – There are lots of hidden areas and hard-to-reach locations to explore in each level! Are you ready to create your very own Toy Story?

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Back in the early 1970's an electronic ‘pong’ game was one of the first ever arcade video games released to the world. Fast forward more than 40 years, and we've got a madcap, futuristic version of that classic arcade game for you to grips with!

Ultimate Ping is a very fast and addicting, reactions-based skill game where you must keep a rebounding ball in play using two ping-pong style paddles at the edge of the game screen. This is a continuous, mouse-movement-based survival challenge where no errors are accepted. The ball increases in speed as you progress, meaning that you concentration level must be at 100% to survive for longer than a minute or so.

Really good reflexes and hand-eye coordination, deft mouse control, and natural anticipation skills are all vitally important here. This game could be used as a fun, quick reaction skills improving game for kids, as well as a challenging online reaction time activity for adults & seniors. Enjoy the pinging action!

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Tetris Master is a classic-style falling block puzzler where your goal is to keep your tower as low as possible by creating and eliminating full ‘lines’ of blocks that reach across the width of game grid. This is a cool retro version of the iconic arcade title, and requires quick reaction speed, good concentration levels, and crafty decision making under pressure. Are you ready to make your mark on the undisputed universal block building puzzle?

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A classic, arcade-style, space invaders game for mobile phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Take a trip to back in space to the 1980s in Alien Invasion, and enjoy an awesome retro gaming experience where you simply must shoot down as many alien spacecraft as you can – while avoiding any return fire.

There are no fancy power-ups, special moves or multiple characters here – just simple yet challenging, hand-eye coordination and reaction-based gaming! Utilize fast keyboard control or screen tapping, and survive for as long as possible in a high-intensity space battlefield! It doesn't get much more authentic than this!

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Play a refreshingly straight-forward, iconic version of the world's most beloved falling block puzzle for decades! Tetris is a fun, stimulating and addicting block-based retro game for kids and nostalgic grownups where you must cleverly arrange the rapidly-descending shapes so that they form full lines across the game grid. Your ultimate goal here is to survive for as long as possible, to eliminate as many lines as you can, and to keep your block tower as close to the bottom of the grid as you can. There is no scoring system here or clock. You may wish to set your own timer.

Originally released in the mid-1980s, and widely-regarded as one of the greatest arcade video games of all time, Tetris still claims iconic status! Tetris masters must exhibit quick reactions and hand-eye coordination as well as strong construction and creative engineering skills. The first block is about to fall! Enjoy the challenge!

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Exercise and improve your mental reflexes, hand speed and reaction time with this quick-fire game of evasion and survival: Moustress is an awesomely-addicting, reactions skills-based, mouse control game where you must collect as many blue and white flashing orbs as possible while evading increasing numbers of screen-crossing missiles.

Set on a classic 2D arcade background, the catch here is that missile numbers increase with each point you score, eventually making the game grid a treacherous obstacle-filled, moving maze! Can you deal with the "mouse-stress" of it all?

This very challenging, high speed, online skill game requires excellent reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills, sharp mouse control, a cool head under increasing pressure, endless tenacity, and more! Mentally, you must be on top of your game to be a success here – one bad move, and it’s curtains! For how long can you dodge, weave and evade the missiles?

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Sproing Reloaded is an unusual mouse control and hand-eye coordination skill-based game for kids, teens, and grownups where you must use your mouse cursor as the main pivot for a ‘swing ball’ type of object. Your ‘sproingy’ blue orb is attached to an elasticated-type neon rope, and you use this mechanism to swing your orb around at speed – eliminating small enemy orbs and avoiding dangerous yellow characters.

This quirky arcade activity requires good hand-eye coordination, sharp reaction speed and pinpoint mouse control as you swing, dodge and weave your orb object around in a very confined space. A basic understanding of the effects of physics and gravity is helpful as your orb reacts based on the tension of the ‘rope’ and the kinetic energy created by your fast mouse movement. Ok then, let’s ‘sproing’ straight into action!

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Bomber Blastic is a challenging, timing-based, mouse-clicking arcade game requiring good strategy and luck where you must cause a chain reaction of explosions that eliminates a specific number of bomberman-style characters in each level. Armed with just one click / bomb of your own, you must carefully time your strike so that it causes maximum damage in each scenario.

This difficult, old-school action game for kids and teens requires good observation and concentration skills, tactful timing and mouse-control, and above all – great patience! While the temptation might be to start off the explosions as soon as possible, good strategy dictates that you wait patiently for the optimal moment to light your fuse! Don’t hang around too long though – the clock is ticking! Can you time your explosions to perfection?

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Candy Crusher is a tricky, classic-style, jumping platform arcade game for kids & teens where you must guide an acrobatic little purple monster through a series of dangerous ledge-based levels, gobbling a minimum of 3 pieces of candy in order to progress. Similar in style to Sonic and Mario games, you must avoid contact with enemies, steep ravines, hot lava pools, and other tricky deterrents on your high-octane jumping journey.

Fast reactions, good observation skills, and the ability to make tactful jumping maneuvers are all key attributes required here if you really want to be a Candy Crushing success! There is no time limit, so sometimes, giving very careful consideration to where next to jump is the best course of action (rather than a wild, ‘gung-ho’ approach). You simply need a cool head, great determination, skill, time and patience. Easy? Ok then, enjoy the challenge!

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Old-school arcade game aficionados rejoice! The legendary game of ‘Pong’ has received a modern reboot! Pwong 2 is a classic-style, skill-based game (with 1 and 2-player mode) where you play an intense ping pong match-up against a computer opponent or a friend / family member. And, unlike its old arcade ancestor, this game features cool new modes including high-octane ‘extreme play’ where you could have literally dozens of balls flying around the game screen all at once!

This surprisingly-challenging online game requires really fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and intense concentration as you attempt to quickly move your paddle around the game zone to deflect the balls upward. Patience is also important – your computer opponent is a worthy foe but is definitely beatable! Let's play Pwong!

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2 on 2 Fuuty is a highly-challenging, fast-paced, table-soccer simulation game where you take part in a world championship tournament of ‘2 on 2’ football matches where each team just has one goalkeeper and one outfield player (i.e. striker) on the pitch at all times. Played on a miniature soccer pitch, much like fuzzball, you must come from behind and defeat your opponent before the clock runs out (Your opponent begins the match with a lead of 2-0, 3-0, or 4-0, depending on what ‘Class’ of team it is).

This difficult, old-school-style, arcade soccer football game is played from a top-down view, and requires sharp keyboard tapping skills, good decision making, and a cool head under pressure. There are no fancy tricks or bonuses available – just good, old-fashioned soccer entertainment at its finest! The greatest soccer players often perform at their best in the face of adversity and huge pressure when required to claw their way back from the jaws of defeat. Do you class yourself in the elite table-soccer player bracket? It’s time to find out!

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Play a high-intensity, Mario-style, survival-based jumping platform game! Amazing Tomb is a classic, 8-bit retro arcade game where you have to constantly avoid danger by leaping from ledge to ledge as the platforms descend toward quicksand below! You play the role of legendary explorer Indiana Bones, and must carefully jump from ledge to ledge in order to survive the many obstacles that the haunted tomb throws up at you. Not only must you keep out of the quicksand below but you must also contend with bats, prowling mummies, icy legdes, spikes, and more!

This fun and highly-challenging, skill-based game is delightfully reminiscent of classic 1980s-style platform games such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Quick reactions are absolutely essential here as you have no opportunity to rest – it’s jump-jump-jump or else! Good keyboard control and decent decision making skills are also important as you try to quickly figure out the best route to remain on the optimum descending platforms. Fast fingers primed? Let’s get jumping!

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Click on and eliminate moving colored gems as quickly as you can in this very tricky, fast-paced, mouse-clicking challenge! Gem Collector is a difficult skill-based visual puzzle game for kids, teens & grownups where you must click on specific colored gems as they whizz across the game screen at speed. While the concept is quite simple, the reality is that you have to race against the clock, and must try to avoid clicking on gems that aren’t of the required color (This can prove quite difficult as there are literally dozens of jewels zooming around at all times!).

This addicting and intense point-and-click arcade activity requires good cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and really quick reactions. You must remain cool under pressure as you carefully pick out the specific colored gems, and catch them before they quickly move off of the game screen. Your focus and mouse-clicking skills are tested to the max here as you attempt to earn the required score before the clock runs out. We would love to see a gem collecting master-class! Could you be that expert?

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Astro Digger is a fun online gem mining-based strategy puzzle game where you must help a courageous astronaut collect precious gem stones and minerals from an underground grid on a faraway planet. You play the role of the inter-galactic miner, and must scuttle through the subterranean depths, blasting through the soil and gathering all of the valuable loot as you go.

This addicting HTML5 arcade game can be played on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices, and is a stern test of your observation, strategic planning and problem solving skills. Plotting your route through the underground toward each gem or mineral is no mean feat, and you have to contend with rock obstacles, poisonous green vegetables, and crab-like space creatures! Happy digging!

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A frantic, reaction-based survival game where you have to defend your ground against balls of green slime that approach from all angles! Slime Slayer is a refreshingly-simple, 4-button, retro-style arcade game where you simply destroy as many approaching slime balls as possible by wielding a samurai sword! You play the role of a static-yet-sharp ninja, and have to survive for as long as possible by repeatedly fending off the slippery slime balls that approach from four directions (above, below, left, and right).

This light-hearted, online flash game is reminiscent of classic 4-button ‘pixel’ games that were immensely popular in the 1980s and 90s. Sharp reactions and good observation skills are the key to a long and fruitful survival attempt. There are no frills, power-ups, or special moves here: Straight-forward keyboard skill is the order of the day!

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Guide a ‘bright spark’ back into its fire in this wacky platform arcade challenge! Overheat is a brilliantly-addicting Flash game where you must direct an acrobatic little spark to a flaming furnace in a series of difficult, obstacle-filled, multi-layered levels. Your superhero, Sparky, is surprisingly athletic, and can cling to walls and other objects, and generally performs all of the jumping moves of a classic platform character (e.g. Sonic or Mario with a fiery twist!). However, Sparky faces the daunting challenge of leaping over dangerous chasms, avoiding spikes, evading enemies, side-stepping vats of tar, and generally fighting tooth-and-nail for survival in his quest to escape back to the flames!

This surprisingly-difficult online platform game places a great emphasis on deft keyboard skills and nifty reactions. Your spark buddy has no real defense mechanisms of note, and must rely on accurate jumping and fast movement to navigate each treacherous level. Trial and error, and plenty of patience and determination all play a big part in this adventure; your furnace target is often placed in an awkward position, making the task increasingly tricky as you progress. Are you ready to spark into life?

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Based on the classic Snake arcade video game that originated in the 1970s and became a cell phone phenomenon in the late 1990s, Snaky is a fun, addicting, and fast-paced, reaction skills-based arcade game where you control a peckish 2D reptile that slinks around a rectangular game grid in search of yummy worms to eat! This simple idea yet very tricky dexterity challenge centers around your hand / eye coordination, dexterity and reflexes.

The catch is that Snaky (you) cannot touch the outer walls of the grid, and must also not come into contact with your own tail – This becomes increasingly difficult as your snake grows in length with each healthy, wormy meal! So some good strategy is required as you figure out the best way to position Snaky for feeding once its tail becomes particularly long. Have you got the nimble skills to score big, and sssssslither your way into the record books?

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Are you ready for a really hectic skill-based game to play all day? Duck or Jump is a Flappy Bird Flash-style game, and just as difficult and addicting in our view. It might just have you simultaneously laughing, crying, and jumping around the room in great frustration or in utter glee!

The simple 2-key controls belie the awesome challenge this extremely tricky 8-bit arcade game presents to even the most astute gamers who really fancy their reaction speed and timing skills. Duck or Jump makes you do just that, over and over! Here, you must dodge fixed green pipe obstacles on an endless, speedy dash across the side-scrolling game zone! You play the role of an acrobatic daredevil runner, and need super-quick reactions and keyboard tapping in order to survive for as long as possible on a madcap, endless sprint. Even the minutest error in your timing results in a run-ending crash!

Challenge your friends, family and work associates to see how long they can survive in this awesome test of patience, persistence and endurance! Note that this is one hard game to shake off once you start, so ensure to have plenty of free time at your fingertips before you press A!

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Tetris is undoubtedly the mother and father of block puzzles! Block Tetris is a fun classic, LEGO-style, falling blocks puzzle game for kids, teens and nostalgic grownups, where you have to arrange descending shapes into solid horizontal lines with as few spaces as possible. The ultimate aim of the game is to not let the block tower reach the top of the game screen! You play the role of the master block manipulator, and have to quickly re-arrange each block before slotting it into place in your desired location within your complex tower construction.

This legendary skill-based, construction puzzle game is a very good exercise of the spatial awareness and virtual engineering skills of gamers, young and old. As well as exhibiting good observation skills by eliminating important gaps in your tower, you also really need to be on top of your "quick reactions". The descending shapes increase in speed as you progress, so there’s little room for pondering. Ultra fast strategic planning is also important as you can use the ‘upcoming blocks’ display to dictate your subsequent actions. This really is classic arcade game play in its purest form! Now, let’s see if you’ve got the quick fingers and sharp reactions to master this iconic challenge!

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