High speed games free/ fast online games with no download: Cubefield, a fast arcade game for kids (girls/ boys)/ young children/ adults to test and exercise reaction speed skills. Quick reactions developing activity for all kids. Play difficult games for PC, Mac, iPad on the internet at home/ in school.
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Cubefield: Test your navigation and reaction speed in this fun and challenging spaceship-steering game for kids, teens and grownups. Fly your spaceship through the treacherous virtual Cubefield, and dodge all of the oncoming scattered cubes. You don’t get second chances in this fast-paced game. When you hit a cube, your space ship is destroyed on contact. Skillfully navigate your spacecraft into the free gaps, and avoid hitting the game ending yellow and orange cubes. Good hand-eye coordination and finger speed skills are essential to get a good score in this addicting game. More and more cubes come at you the longer you last, so see how far you can get.

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to click on the “New Game” button to start. Your spaceship starts traveling through the orange and yellow cubes of the Cubefield. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move your spaceship left and right. Use the “P” key to pause the game, and press the “Q” key to adjust the quality if needed. Your score (displayed in the top left corner of the game screen) increases the longer you keep your spaceship intact. Your top score is recorded and displayed on the main menu. Set a high score and then see if you can beat it. Good Luck!

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13 comments on “Cubefield”

  1. 499230



  3. I’m beast at this game

  4. I got 98777345092

  5. im beast at this game

  6. Hacked is boring but you can get a really good score. If your at school just make it LOOK like your avoiding all the blocks. :3

  7. That’s amazing…(notice the sarcasm). Ha! I’m just playing because that’s a really good score.

  8. Nice

  9. Niceeeee

  10. sweet

  11. Has anybody got past the white?

  12. 558795

  13. my score was 502940


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