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Get ready for a proper platform adventure! Redball 3 is a fun and addicting arcade-style skill game where you have to guide a cute little character called Red Ball through a series of classic platform-style levels. Red Ball’s beloved friend, Pink Ball, has been snatched away by the nasty Black Ball, and it’s up to you to help to him get her back! Navigate Red Ball through increasingly difficult levels where he has to vault over ravines, avoid enemies and jump over spikes and other obstacles. Collect stars and other power-ups to increase Red Ball’s chances of success.

This cute little guy is pretty tricky to control, so you’ll need nifty fingers and a steady hand. This isn’t just your average jumping / platform game either; you’ll need to exercise some strategic thinking. You have to carefully place boxes to activate levers, and also time your jumps and movements to perfection. Can you help Red Ball save his girlfriend, Pink Ball, and save the day? Catch the bad guy, Black Ball, before he escapes! The hunt is on!

How to Play: Guide Red Ball through each of the 20 increasingly difficult levels using your computer keyboard. Use the Arrow Keys to move him around the game area. Hit Spacebar to jump. That’s all there is to the controls – the rest is up to you. Try to carefully maneuver Red Ball using his momentum through the air. The best way to get a successful jump is to get a good run up and launch through the air. Collect Gold and Silver Stars to increase your score in the top right hand corner of the game screen.

As he progresses through each level, there are Red Flags that are raised when Red Ball touches them. These act as Check-points; If he loses a life, he returns to the previous Red Flag. Once you raise the Big Red Flag at the end of each level, you progress to the next. In some levels, you have to nudge boxes onto levers and lower drawbridges. Red Ball loses a life if he falls down a ravine, hits off spikes, axes and other enemies. You have an unlimited amount of lives, so keep on coming back for more!

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20 comments on “Redball 3”

  1. level 18 is hard!!!

    1. sorry I mean level 19!!!

  2. cool

  3. I love it

  4. awesome challenging game !!!

  5. this games is really cool…!! : )

  6. awesome game

  7. actually there is no level 22 i was meaning level 20

  8. easy i do the level 4 without
    getting popped the whole
    time i play this game

  9. level 22 is kind if hard

  10. all the levels are easy

    i can do all of them

  11. Me! I say the Spikes.

  12. click on edit profile and there are a hole lot of pictures

  13. push the boxx into the hole before you i spose

  14. Ask Baxter. he can do it.
    and vanessa how do you get the picture of the bike????

  15. yea I can not do that either??

  16. How do you do level 19?????

  17. EASY!!!!! Press up arrow then use the side arrows!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. how do you make the helicopter go on level 18

  19. At the end of level 4 it is impossible to do without getting popped. Has any1 done it??


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