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Ever wanted to play a game that was a cross between Pac-man and Snake? Well now you can! Critical Mass is a fun, retro arcade-style game that applies the gameplay of those old classic games to form a cool new game where your mission is to build up enough ‘Critical Mass’ to eliminate your enemies. Once you collect enough power-ups, you reach ‘Critical Mass’ and turn from a timid little ball into an angry nuclear fireball, destroying anything that comes near you.

Just like Pac-man, you start off trying to avoid your enemies but once you collect enough of the yellow nuclear bonuses – you transform into a ticking time-bomb and your enemies better watch out! This game should help to improve your reactions as you quickly dodge around enemies, while also exercising your hand-eye coordination. The quick-fire and addicting nature of this game should appeal to avid gamers and beginners alike. Ready? Let’s see some destruction!

How to Play: Using your computer keyboard, control your little yellow character using the arrow keys. You are constantly on the move, so the arrow keys move your character whichever way you want – up, down, left or right. Alternatively, you can use W (up); A (left); S (down); D (right) to change direction. Avoid your enemies (Red Balls) using the arrow keys – if you touch an enemy before reaching ‘Critical Mass’, you lose a life. Stay within the grid on the game screen – you also lose a life if you touch the sides.

Your goal is to score points by eliminating as many of your enemies as you can. To do that, collect the nuclear symbol power-ups until you reach ‘Critical Mass’. Once you collect enough of the power-ups (it shows how many you have to collect at the top of the game screen), you transform into an angry orange fireball. Then, you can crash into your enemies – destroying them in an explosion when you hit them. Once you cause an explosion in ‘Critical Mass’ mode – you become the little yellow character again, and you have to start collecting power-ups once more.

Tip: When you destroy an enemy while at ‘Critical Mass’, you immediately turn back into your yellow ball form. Don’t forget, you are not invincible now, so be ready to start avoiding enemies again.

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