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This page lists the newest ball games to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play online games for free. Play football games, soccer,  basketball, baseball, golf, online pool games and more, with your family and friends. Have fun!

Play a fun interactive, analytical thinking puzzle game: Transform red-colored balls to orange with sharp aiming skill, accurate collisions and skillfully-managed ricochets! Clash It is a multi-level, physics-based puzzle and billiard-style, arcade skill game for little kids through high school teens and adults where you must launch an orange ball around a confined game screen, and try to make sure it comes into contact with (and transfers its color to) the awkwardly-positioned red balls. Your goal is to transform all red balls to orange within a set number of launching ‘shots’.

Reasons to play this challenging, collision-based mouse control game: Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills, visual awareness, prediction skills, angle judgement and accuracy as you attempt to carefully and skillfully guide the orange ball toward successful collisions with the target red balls. Unleash the power of your problem-solving mind as you deal with increasingly-difficult levels, tricky target ball placement, and wacky obstacles.

Strategy to win: Trial and error is really important here! You must learn from your mistakes and try to alter your shot power and angle accordingly. Many of the prediction, precision and deftness skills required for table games such as pool and snooker come into play. You must play ‘carom’ and ‘billiard’ type shots where you ricochet the orange ball off of one or more target balls.

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Play a hard, skill-based mini golf game online! Flop Shot Mini Golf is a challenging putt-putt golf game and physic-based puzzler for kids, teens and adults where you must try to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible on 9 tough, obstacle-filled holes.

Reasons to play this tricky and addicting crazy golf game: Discover your inner putting master using the contours of each level to your advantage. Test and exercise your strategy, judgement and predication skills, mouse control, patience and determination as you attempt to plot your way through each barrier-filled hole.

Strategy to win: Use sharp analytical thinking and visual skills to try to predict where each shot will end up. Good golf putters always visualize their shots before they take a swing, and the same principle applies here. Try to use good ‘course management’ in order to avoid leaving your ball in tricky areas. Sometimes, holing out is impossible from your position, so attempt to execute a good ‘lay-up’ shot to leave yourself in prime position.

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Basket Ball 3: A Great Challenge is a tricky, physics-based puzzle and skill game for kids and teens that combines aiming, accuracy, power control, trajectory and rebounding judgement with fun basketball hoop shooting action. Featuring 25 increasingly-difficult levels, you must use good strategy and prediction skills to launch the ball toward and into the basket.

Reasons to play this fun, basketball-themed physics puzzler: Enjoy a simple aiming and accuracy-based challenge with no frivolous distractions – this is just you VS the basket! Test and exercise your prediction skills, analytical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, mouse control, and determination while trying to conquer all 25 levels.

Strategy to win: Learning from errors and missed shots is a great way to progressively improve your shooting accuracy. You can study and note the numerical values of your angle and shot power, and adjust your next effort accordingly. There is such a small window for error here, and even a fraction more / less power or a touch of angle change can make all the difference. Good concentration levels are also vital. Each level has various blocking obstacles, so you need to remain focused, and smartly adjust your shot after each miss.

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GOOOAAAL! is a quirky and addicting soccer football running, dribbling and shooting simulation game where you must rescue the match for your team by scoring late goals against the clock! Your striker is in possession of the ball, and must dribble all the way to within shooting range (while avoiding tackles) before beating the goalie with a sweet strike! There are different match situations where you might have to come from behind, or get that all-important winning goal to break a tie. Ok hot finisher, let's make that announcer earn his crust and jump out of his seat to shout ‘GOOOAAAL!’.

Reasons to play this fun, soccer-based action game: Unlike many online soccer games where you must choose tactics and execute various passing moves, this is a straight-forward, ‘go for goal’ challenge. The controls and the concept are refreshingly simple. Test and exercise your reaction speed and reflexes as you dodge and weave around defenders who leap into tough, last-ditch tackles to try and stop you bearing down on goal!

Strategy to win: Important skills required in your goal quest include sharp reactions, good keyboard control and nimble finger dexterity. Just like an attacking soccer player in real life, you must be savvy in your movements. Don't just run straight for goal – the alert defenders will have you for supper! Instead, play like a top soccer dribbling star; feint with the ball and change direction as often as necessary.

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Play a fun physics puzzler with a basketball theme: Basket Ball: A New Challenge is a highly-addicting, physics-based puzzle and interactive aiming & accuracy game where you must skillfully launch a basketball into a basket in 25 progressively-difficult, confined levels featuring tricky blocking obstacles. Utilizing good problem solving and prediction skills, you must try to figure out the best angle and optimal power to get the ball into the basket in as few shots as possible.

Reasons to play this angle and trajectory-based puzzle game: This is simple, physics-based problem-solving at its best, and is a lot more than just ‘shooting hoops’! A high level of focus and concentration are required to figure out the best way to launch the ball into the basket. Test and exercise your analytical thinking and judgement skills as you carefully make your way through the 25 tricky stages.

Strategy to win: Trial and error is very important as you attempt to alter your shot power and trajectory with each miss. Learning from your mistakes could be the key difference between an instant ‘swish’ or a potentially long time spent on a level. Good mouse control skills and a deft, steady hand also come into play.

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4way Pong is a highly-addicting and challenging, reactions-based, 1-player pong game of 25 increasingly difficult levels where you must keep a bouncy ping pong ball within the confines of a square play area using 4 mouse-controlled paddles stationed on each side. Based on a similar concept to the classic arcade game ‘Pong’, this quirky version features a 4-sided play zone, quick-fire timed levels, fast ricochets, and unpredictable movement in a high-pressure environment!

Reasons to play this fun, multi-level pong ball game: Although this is undoubtedly a challenging and exciting reactions-based and survival exercise, the simple controls and concept make a refreshing change from some over-complicated versions of Pong. It's a highly-addicting activity that constantly challenges your concentration skills and computer mouse control.

Strategy to win: Good hand-eye coordination and mouse skills, sharp reflexes and prediction skills, and a laser-like focus on the task at hand are essential. Keeping a cool head while the ball bounces around at high speed is also very important.

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Play a wild and wacky, addicting, online racquet sports and skill-based game (with single player and two player modes) that feels like a quirky combination of tennis, volleyball, air hockey, and pinball! Sports Heads: Tennis Open is a very funny, ball sports simulation game where you must try to defeat your opponent in a hectic and eccentric version of ‘head tennis’. Featuring 1 and 2 player modes, you control a mini bobble head-like tennis player, and must move around the court keeping the ball airborne and skillfully forcing the ball over the net into your opponent's territory. This is tennis as you’ve never seen it before!

Reasons to play this fun, ball sports game: This should prove a good and exiting game for fans of quick-fire, madcap, ricochet ball games. Bring out and express your fun side while simultaneously exercising your competitive edge! Weave and race around the court, create a real racket on court as you play against the computer or with a friend in surprisingly fast-paced games of online head tennis.

Strategy to win: The keys to victory here include a high concentration level, good reaction speed, fast keyboard tapping, and sharp prediction skills to anticipate the path of the dropping tennis ball. Using special power-ups to your advantage is important to give you that competitive edge against your opponent!

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Did you know that cats and dogs enjoy playing soccer too? Pet Soccer is a cute, light-hearted, online soccer football simulation game where you play against the computer or a best friend or family member in a quick-fire "3 on 3" virtual soccer match combining wacky football action, goals, gaffes, growls and more! This is definitely no ordinary kick about in the park!

Reasons to play this fun, sports-based skill game: Alongside the sheer novelty of seeing adorable puppies and kittens enthusiastically sprint around after the ball, and compete in a mini soccer match, this fun game challenges and exercises your hand-eye coordination, concentration, reaction speed and endurance skills. A fun 2 Player Mode allows you to play with a friend, classmate or family member in a ‘ruff’ competitive run around down on the park turf!

Strategy to win: Good concentration, keyboard control, nimble finger dexterity, enthusiasm and great determination are required. Naturally, the excitable pets aren't the most reliable, calm passers of the ball, so you need to be always expecting the unexpected as the ball pings and ricochets around the pitch. Ensure your stamina reserves are ready as you prepare for a good jog around full of tongue wagging action!

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Crazy Ball is an awesome fun and intense, reactions-based skill game for one and two players that combines hectic action, basketball, pinball, accuracy and defense in a wacky and colorful street sports mash-up! Here, you play against a computer opponent or a best friend / family member in a fast-paced, ball guiding challenge where you control a blob-like jumping character who must force a ricocheting pink ball into your opponent's basketball-style chute. Crazy Ball sure is addicting fun!

Reasons to play this madcap, reactions-based game: If you're a fan of eccentric versions of classic game and sporting concepts, this should be right up your street. Featuring Pacman-style ghost characters as makeshift basketball stars, you are transported into a weird and wonderful world of fast-paced, rebounding and defense action where it's almost impossible to predict where the ball will bounce next! Also, if you fancy a really competitive game against a friend or family member – try the cool 2 Player mode!

Strategy to win: Very good reaction skills, finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination are essential to your chances of success here. Figuring out the pattern of the bouncing ball in the confined play area is tricky, but good focus and concentration should help you to get used to the controls and wild ricocheting ball movement pretty quickly. Great discipline, determination and patience are required – Each match-up is 4 minutes long, so there's plenty of time to overturn a deficit on the scoreboard.

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Play a fun and festive breakout-style, ball and paddle-based challenge: In RetroBall: Christmas, you must eliminate rows of Holiday Season-themed blocks in 13 increasingly-difficult levels. Inspired by classic ‘brick buster’ games from the 1970s and 80s such as Atari Breakout and Arkanoid, this stimulating arcade game for kids, teens and nostalgic adults alike requires you to constantly move your paddle in order to deflect a bouncing ball toward the blocks at the top of the play area. As well as enjoying the action, you can also partake in some Christmas cheer as you enjoy the holiday-themed imagery and music!

Reasons to play this enjoyable block breaking skill game: Fans of iconic arcade Flash games and retro classics should appreciate the simple game play here. Ball and paddle-style games were all the rage in the early days of computers – so this Retro Ball treat offers a merry trip down memory lane. Happy block busting!

Strategy to win: Good hand-eye coordination and observation skills, and fast reactions combined with great determination and endurance are the key to success here. Smart strategy also comes into play as you try to figure out the best angles to attack the various different block formations. Your bouncing ball often increases velocity as it ricochets around the play area – so remaining in control can prove tricky.

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Field goal kickers are important and often unappreciated players on an American football team's roster. Goal kicking (placekicking) takes unique technical skill and mental toughness. In the dying seconds of a tight game, it's often the placekicker who makes the clutch play to place the ball between the posts to win. Now, it's time for you to step up to the pressure, and practice your virtual kicking skills as you take on one of the trickiest field goal simulation games on the web!

Field Goal is a challenging timing and accuracy-based skill game played using straight-forward, point-and-click mouse control. Here, you must kick the ball directly into one of the scoring blocks (areas) to earn points so that you can progress to the next level. So Kickmaster, let's see if you've really got golden boots!

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Tiger Golf is an very challenging, wacky, physics and timing-based putt-putt golf game where you must hit a ball into the hole on 18 of the most perplexing, obstacle-filled, platform-based mini-holes you've likely encountered. The cute cartoon tiger character has his paws full trying to make his way around this tremendously-tricky course featuring obstacles and hindrances which include springboards, bouncy wooden logs, teleporting machines, undulating hills, and lots of other scorecard-ruining hazards!

Despite the difficulty, this is very much a fun and addicting crazy golf puzzle game, and it requires a fair appreciation for angles, power and trajectory. Keeping good control of your bouncing golf ball is not easy! Accurate and tactful mouse-control is the key to success; timing your shots can often be just as important as the power / direction. Trial and error and plenty of practice is vital in mastering any golf skill and course (and believe us when we say that mistakes will be made!). Will you learn and improve on your highest score?

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Test your skills in a tricky platform and jumping-based arcade game featuring cool notebook-style animation! Doodle: Jumping Ball is an arrow key-controlled game where you must use a constantly bouncing ball to collect all of the available stars in each level.

Featuring a fun, old-timey soundtrack in the background, and challenging pinball-style gameplay, this quirky, addicting arcade action game requires very good hand-eye coordination and reaction speed to keep control of your continuously jumping ball. Spiky obstacles, hard-to-reach ledges, and the physical effect of gravity all must be overcome; one little mistake, and it's curtains for your little ball! Can you bounce your way to ultimate success?

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Play an intense and challenging match 3 / shooting colored balls game! Extreme Billiards 2 is a fun tower defense-style, mouse-clicking skill game where you play the role of ball-firing expert, and must eliminate groups of billiard (pool) balls by creating matches of three or more in the slowly-advancing line of balls (Your ultimate task is to prevent this snaking line of balls from reaching their target pocket on the billiard table).

Similar to Zuma and Marbles Lines, this is a classic-style, fun arcade Flash game with a table-sports twist. Requiring speedy reactions under pressure, good hand eye coordination skills, and accurate aiming and mouse-clicking, this is really is a light-hearted, ball shooting challenge for all the family.

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Urban Futbol is a fun and unusual, mouse-clicking, street soccer game with two cool game modes: ‘Balcony Shot’ where you try to launch footballs into the balconies of high rise apartment buildings, and ‘Street Style’ (a keepy-uppy challenge) where you can show off awesome freestyle soccer juggling skills and flicks! You play the role of the crafty street footballer, and must use your mouse to shoot accurately into apartment blocks, or have your character perform spectacular close-control skills! You don’t need to be a soccer fanatic to enjoy the quirky action of this ball game!

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Perfect Hoopz 2 is a good physics-based basketball shooting game where you have to score baskets like a true street b-ball pro by utilizing skillful hand eye coordination and mouse-clicking. Armed with just your computer mouse and your love of shootin' hoops all day long, you must judge the angle, power, and potential trajectory of your shots from increasingly awkward positions in relation to the basket.

This is a deft basketball shooting game and difficult puzzle swished into one fun activity, and you have to be prepared for lots of trial and error. Top players know that hard practice is the key to progress, and you really have to exercise your problem-solving skills and patience here to succeed. Get creative when faced with what often seem outrageous and impossible angles, and don't be afraid to try the spectacular! Enjoy your hoop shooting!

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Snooker is a challenging online two-player cue sport simulation game where you take on a friend or family member in an enthralling frame of snooker (or play yourself as 2 players)! While all cue sports require pinpoint accuracy, smooth cue action, and an ability to analyze angles, snooker is perhaps the most sophisticated of them all – combining good strategy, unerring skill, a cool head under pressure, with constant decorum and sportsmanship. This fun and free-flowing online version of snooker puts great emphasis on steady mouse movement as well as aggressive ball-pocketing expertise. Snooker is sometimes referred to as the ‘thinking man’s pool’. This means that you have to carefully build a ‘break’ up from scratch – while just randomly potting balls without thinking ahead is not going to work! Now, have you got the deft cue skills, the feathered touch, and steely determination to become the king or queen of the snooker table in your home computer? It’s time to find out!

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Hands up for a quick-fire, mouse-clicking basketball game that’s ideal for challenging your friends and family to some competitive, skill-based fun! In Quick Shot, you have 30 seconds to score 10 points or more by shooting baskets in each level. The catch is that the basket becomes an increasingly-fast moving target as you progress! Lay down the gauntlet for your buddies as you post an awesome top score – and watch them try to match it! This fun and surprisingly-tricky Bball game requires good hand-eye coordination, deep concentration, pinpoint accuracy, and the ability to remain cool under pressure. Tactfully timing your shots is the key to success – especially in later levels as the moving basket increases in speed. Have you got the ‘dead-eyed’ accuracy to become a Quickshot Master? It’s time to swish your way to glory!

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Prepare to feel the gravitational pull of one of the most challenging and interesting physics-based puzzles ever to grace the genre! Gravitex 2 is a stunning science-based skill game where you have to fire a special yellow ball into a black hole in space, avoiding the large planetary objects and square-edged obstacles placed in your way. You have to carefully calculate and judge the power and angle of your shot while also taking the gravitational pull of the large sphere-like obstacles into account. You cannot affect the path or trajectory of your yellow ball after firing it across space – so the key is to ensure your specific calculations and calibrations are "spot on" before you press the launch button!

This awesome, in-depth brain teaser with a cool ambiance and background sound features 100 amazing levels – that’s right, ONE HUNDRED! It’s a truly addicting problem solving activity that does require a little basic understanding of gravity as you have to carefully judge the correct path for your ball. Even an angle change of just one degree can dramatically alter your fortunes! Great patience, good judgment, pinpoint accuracy, and an unwavering determination and nerve are all extremely important attributes to have in your space locker here. There is plenty of trial and error required with so many levels to attempt! Ok Gravity Master, let’s put those brain skills to work!

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Basket Balls: Level Pack is a challenging online physics & skill-based ball game where you have to sink the ball into a basket as well as ricocheting it off of any pesky referees in as few mouse-clicking shots as possible. This is not like any conventional basketball game you’ve played. Basket Balls: Level Pack introduces a series of wacky maze-like platform levels where you also have to flip switches, open doors, and smash through obstacles using strategically placed basketball players as well as the terrain around them. Similar in concept to mini-golf, each level has a ‘Par’ score, and you have to eliminate all of the refs as well as scoring in each basket with the Par amount of shots or less.

This fun and unusual sport-based skill game requires pinpoint accuracy, a steady hand, patience, great determination, and an element of strategic planning as you have to decide the best course or direction to attack each basket. There is even an element of creative engineering required as you sometimes have to create pathways and bridges for future shots. Remember that the ball responds to the effects of gravity, and you have to plan the trajectory and angle of each attempted shot. Even our top MBA stars would be challenged by this entertaining and addicting basketball brainteaser! Strap on your high-top sneakers and strategy cap – it’s time to plan some outside shots!

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