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Classic Chess – A regular chess game played against the computer: In this online 2D chess activity for all ages – young children, teenagers and grown-ups, you take on a computer opponent in a straight-forward “no-tricks” game of virtual chess. Plot the downfall of your opponent’s king as you carefully and strategically position your pieces around the board. Suitable for beginner to intermediate (medium) level players, Classic Chess could provide a good basic platform for a newcomer to the undisputed King of strategy-based board games, or a solid training ground for a developing chess enthusiast!

Chess is a game for everyone, and every game of chess is different! There are literally thousands of strategies & combinations you can employ, and with a variety of different pieces with many movement attributes, you can tailor your own particular playing style to suit your own tactics. Top chess teachers say that you need to be progressive and aggressive – thinking one or two attacking moves ahead at all times! What chess type of player are you?

How to Play: You control of the black pieces at the bottom of the game screen (Unlike in normal chess, black actually moves first in this version). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the piece you want to move (A gold cross icon appears in the spaces that are available to that piece). Then, click on the destination square in order to complete the move. You and your computer-controlled opponent execute alternate moves. Your overall goal is to ‘Checkmate’ your opponent’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture. In order to initially weaken your PC opponent’s defenses, you can ‘capture’ or ‘take’ its pieces legally (and eliminate them from the board for the remainder of that game).

There are six different types of chess pieces. For inexperienced players, here is a run-down of what each piece can do:

Pawn: Pawns act as your ‘foot-soldiers’. In regular Chess play, pawns can move forward one space into unoccupied spaces (however, they can move two spaces initially). Pawns can only capture opposition pieces by moving diagonally. If a pawn gets to the end line, it can be promoted to a Queen.

Knight: Knights can move in an L-shape – two squares horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally.

Bishop: Bishops can move any number of squares diagonally.

Rook: Also called a ‘Castle’ – can move any number of squares horizontally or vertically.

Queen: Combines the power of Bishop and Rook – can move any number of squares in any direction.

King: Can move one square in any direction.

You can place your opponent in ‘Check’ by putting their King under pressure (The threat of capture). If your opponent’s King cannot escape this threat by freely moving away, or by capturing your piece, or by blocking your threat, the opposing King is in ‘Checkmate’, and you win! Enjoy the challenge!

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  1. I “loose” the game!!! SPELLCHECK!!!

    1. A programmer missed some English classes most likely. We will have to live with it.


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