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Solitaire Titans is a social solitaire card game featuring the character crew from the internationally renowned Tennis Titans game by Skunk Studios. It’s the classic, addicting Solitaire game that you know and love, but with added personality and a seriously cool highscores system. Consider carefully all the options available when moving your cards. You can challenge the world, or just specific friends. Can you beat their highscores? Good luck!

How to Play: To win the game, stack all the cards from Ace to King in the four suit spots on the game screen (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades). Use your computer mouse to click on the cards and drag them to place them in the correct spot. Drag each Ace card into the matching suit slot in the top right side of the game screen. Once you have the Ace placed in the correct spot, you can start to stack all the cards of that suit in the order from 2 to King.

Use your computer mouse to click and drag to move cards around the bottom stacks. The cards in the bottom stacks must be placed in alternating colors and in descending order of consecutive numbers. The King is the only card that can be placed in an empty column space at the bottom of the game screen. Receive new cards in the upper left corner of the game screen from the deck of cards by clicking on them.

Click on the ‘Give Up’ button at any stage to finish the game and record a highscore. Sometimes, it is impossible to win a game. If this happens, you can end the game and replay. The timer and score are indicated in the bottom left corner.

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