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This page lists the newest car games, 3d racing games, buggy driving & kart games to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play games for free online. Vroom Vroom!  Beep Beep! We hope that you and your family and friends enjoy these simple fun to more challenging car games.

Savvy race car drivers required! F1 Shanghai is a tough, fast-paced, racecar driving game where you race against the computer or a friend / family member around a mock Formula 1 track. Featuring a top-down / birds eye overhead view of the action, you experience 8 laps of high-octane racing with fast speeds, sharp cornering, daring overtaking maneuvers, and more.

Reasons to play this fast-paced online racing game: If you enjoy one-on-one racing action, the 1-player mode here is among the most difficult racing challenges you are likely to find on the web. If you can beat the computer opponent over 8 laps of this F1-style circuit, you can definitely count yourself among the elite! Alternatively, play with a best friend, classmate or family member in a fun, competitive race to see who's the local F1 champ!

Strategy to win: Fast reactions and reflexes, sharp hand eye coordination and nimble keyboard control skills are essential as you zoom around the track trying to control the lighting-fast Formula 1-style cars. Also - Don't let your opponent bully you off of the track; give as good as you get while overtaking! Don't worry if you fall behind early on. There are a full 8 laps, and plenty of time to try to claw back the lead!

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Fun 3D racing and obstacle avoidance game for 1 & 2 players: Burn rubber in a fast-paced, kart racing extravaganza where you play against the clock or against a friend in a blistering split screen race! Racer Karts is a quirky, skill and reactions-based, virtual motor racing and upgrade game where you control an explosively fast go kart-like vehicle in high octane, survival races. Featuring a classic 1 player challenge or a tricky 2 player split screen battle, you must dodge and weave around to avoid various road obstacles and other vehicles while simultaneously collecting power-ups and bonuses. This is karting at its most intense!

Reasons to play this cool kart driving game: If you enjoy more light-hearted or crazy, eccentric racing challenges featuring cartoon-style graphics, huge boosters and fun power-ups, Racer Karts could definitely prove a favorite for you. Exercise your competitive edge, and show yourself, a best friend, classmate or family member who's the Boss of karting action!

Strategy to win: Like most racing / driving games, you must exhibit very fast reactions, concentration and anticipation skills, and good keyboard or mouse control to be a success here. Obstacles and power-ups come thick and fast so you need to be able to dodge around them at a millisecond's notice in order to avoid collisions and point deductions. Decision-making skills are also important in between races as you attempt to upgrade and repair your kart for future races.

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Freewheeling Friends is a very quaint and charming racing and reactions game with 1 and 2 player modes. Racing on an old-timey bicycle or soapbox cart, you must dodge and weave around obstacles on a side-scrolling countryside path, and try to reach the finish line in as fast a time as possible. Pit your wits against the track and timer in 1 Player mode, or play against a friend in a competitive 2 player race!

Reasons to play this fun, push-bike racing game: Exercise your reaction skills and competitive side. If you like showing off how sharp your gameplay reaction skills are in a fun and exciting racing environment, but would prefer to dodge the metal crunching, crashing and fuel guzzling mayhem of most online racing games, then this relaxing game could be right up your street!

Strategy to win: Nimble keyboard and finger dexterity skills, sharp hand-eye coordination skills, and fast reflexes are all vitally important here. Reaction speed is the key to victory in either mode. Be mindful of the many upcoming obstacles on the side-scrolling pathway.

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Monsters' Wheels 2 is a high octane, multi-level, monster truck racing and driving game where you get behind the wheel of a truly powerful monster truck in a series of 32 epic side-scrolling levels featuring races, jumping tasks, destruction derby-style events, and more.

Reasons to play this action-packed monster truck game: These monster trucks are massive, engine-revving fuel-guzzling beasts! So step forward and test your fast reactions and stunt driving skills as you plot your way through the obstacle-filled tracks, tricky jumping levels, and destruction derbies.

Best strategy to win: Good keyboard control is the key to success. Patience, speed, skill, stamina, and the utter will to win are all important attributes required here if you want to take the Checkered Flag in 1st place, be the last truck standing, or jump the highest. The races are long and feature many tricky pitfalls – so don't give up even if you're a fair distance behind. Good decision making is essential; you can upgrade your monster truck in between races, so picking which part of the truck to improve is important. Don't worry about crashing into your competitors as they are on a different path, but you need to carefully vault over wooden beams and barrels at speed.

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Swift Drive is a straight-forward, rip-roaring, circuit racing game where you get behind the wheel of a souped-up sports car and compete against computer opponents in high octane 3-lap races. This is a no-frills driving challenge where expert cornering and overtaking are the key to success. There are no fancy nitro boosters or special moves, just good old-fashioned virtual driving skills on 6 increasingly-difficult tracks.

Reasons to play this fun online racing game: Exercise your fast reactions, racing prowess and will to win as you attempt to become the master of all six tracks. Use good decision making as you select which areas to upgrade your car in between each race. Awaken your competitive spirit as you vie to become the first driver to raise that Checkered Flag in each race!

Best strategy to win: Choose your moments wisely – good virtual drivers know when to attack / overtake, and when to sit back. It's no use trying to make a wild, overtaking maneuver and then crashing into an opponent - losing all hard-earned momentum! Keep a close eye on the in-race mini-map to prepare for upcoming corners and straights. So race smartly, and enjoy the ride!

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Create pandemonium on the streets! Play a crazy, reactions-based driving and shooting game and survival challenge all rolled into one! Burnin' Rubber is a high-octane, explosion-filled car game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible, and destroy as many other vehicles as you can along the way! Anything goes – you have free reign to destroy any cars, vans or trucks that have the audacity to be in your path of destruction across the 4-laned highway!

Playable on android mobile phone and tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this crazy driving game requires really smart reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills and high concentration levels. Quickly dodging and weaving around vehicles and barriers that you haven't destroyed is the key to survival.

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Sprint Club Nitro is a rip-roaring, tire-screeching, 3D Formula 1-style racing game for mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Beginning each high-speed race from the back of a 20-car grid, you must skillfully overtake as many of your opponents as possible before reaching the Finish Line. Dodge and weave your powerful race car through the field, and use special Nitro boosts to your advantage! Virtual racing novices beware - This race plays out at an awesome pace. There's absolutely no room for error here if you want to take that Checkered Flag in 1st place!

So to master this high-octane, thrilling ride, you need steady hands, good hand-eye coordination, plenty of patience, and an experienced racer's instinct. You need to plan your overtaking moves carefully and avoid collisions. Now, have you got the slick driving skills to become a Sprint Club Champion? Can you reign supreme in all 9 races?

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Is traffic control a job for you? Traffic Challenge is a difficult, point and click, road management and timing-based game for kids, teens and grownups where your task is to keep traffic flowing and to avoid crashes by strategically changing the traffic light display at busy road intersections. Utilizing good awareness and impeccable timing, you must allow traffic to pass through intersections at regular intervals. You cannot allow traffic to ‘back up’, and you must let an allocated number of vehicles through before the clock runs out! Make no mistake, traffic control is a high-pressure challenge!

Featuring real-life road simulation issues such as emergency vehicles, rush hour traffic, aggressive drivers and more, this traffic manager game is a stern test of your concentration skills, cool-headedness and reactions. You must make quick decisions and strategic judgments under pressure, and use sharp analytical problem solving skills for a quick-fire solution to the rapid traffic build up situation. So, you've been given you the green light to become a top traffic controller. But, should you instead have simply been given a straight red?

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Car Yard is a fun, reflex-based, car chase adventure game where you must quickly click on the correct icon or arrow in order to survive for as long as possible in the perilous car yard – and further your cute car's epic journey to escape. You play the role of a little red car that desperately wants to avoid ending up in the junk yard, and must use fast mouse-clicking and reaction skills to evade the many obstacles and enemies that try to hasten your transformation into scrap metal!

This impressive and unusual side-scrolling, "choose your own destiny"-style survival game requires fast brain, hand and eye coordination, and wrist reaction speed. You only have a very limited amount of time to choose which action to take in each scenario, and to then instantaneously point and click on the options in the correct sequence in order to survive. Ok Escape Artist, we're all rooting for you!

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3D car racing extravaganza with multiple levels to enjoy: X Speed Race is an intense, rip-roaring, tire-screeching spectacle where you choose from 13 awesome sports cars, three different game modes, and 12 hot race tracks. Burn rubber in some of the fastest cars online as you take on savvy computer opponents in classic races or special elimination challenges.

Best of all, you have great control over the game environment you play in! All cars and tracks are unlocked from the beginning, and you can choose how many laps, how many opponents, and the difficulty level, and all before you hit the starting grid!

This high-octane driving simulation game is certainly no tootle around the track. Handling these powerful cars is very difficult, and requires good decision making and fast reactions. The cool 3D driving gameplay also makes for an authentic, immersive gaming experience. So, are you ready to show your worth behind the wheel? See you at the finish line Maestro!

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Strap yourself in for a hectic, engine-revving, vehicle-flipping, 4x4 truck racing extravaganza where you utilize spiky weapons and sheer brute force as well as speed to defeat your opponents! Truck Wars is a high-octane monster truck racing game where you take on computer-controlled opponents in 24 intense side-scrolling racing challenges.

Unlike standard racing games which often highly rely on slick cornering and overtaking moves, here you actually have a spiked weapon on your front bumper that can be mischievously used to cause significant damage your opponents in the middle of the race! There’s no room for friendly rivalry in Truck Wars – where it’s claws out from the word go!

This light-hearted yet tricky monster truck driving game combines fun action, smart keyboard tapping requirements with good strategy. You can decide to race purely on skill and speed alone, or to use some of the naughty tricks available to put your opponents off their tracks! With a police pursuit element to some levels, this sure is racing on the edge!

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Welcome to go-karting utopia! Introducing Wild Kart, quite simply one of the best free 3D racing games on the web! Sitting behind the wheel of a powerful go-kart, you get to test your kart driving skills against 5 computer controlled opponents in a high-octane 3 lap race. Set on an extremely tricky race track, you must contend with brutal corners, unforgiving u-turns, narrow track width, and more. Quality driving is essential if you want to keep up with the pack – one wrong move, and your chances could be toast!

This very realistic, highly challenging and ultra cool online racing action game is a supreme test of your keyboard control skills as you battle hard to keep your speedy kart on the track. The authentic 3D graphics give you the experience of actually feeling like you are immersed in the thick of the action!

Good decision making skills are really important (for example, where to make that big overtaking maneuver is a key decision you could face numerous times). Savvy race strategy is also essential; you don’t have to go gung-ho for the lead on the first lap – be patient! OK, it’s fun karting race time!

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Stuntmania Online is an awesome, in-depth 3D mini-RC car / truck stunt driving game with five very cool game modes that test every aspect of your virtual driving skills. With five different ramp and obstacle-filled terrains to choose from, you can literally spend hours honing your driving skills, and perfecting your spectacular stunt-making ability! Choose from game modes where you must collect power-ups, execute complex flips and stunts, spend as much time in the air as possible, and more! There’s even a free-roam mode where you can unleash your micro remote control vehicle’s power, and do whatever you like!

This fun, intense and challenging online stunt driving game requires good keyboard and observation skills, a love of stunt making, and the ability to let your imagination run wild! Smart decision making also comes into play as you must choose whether to go for the big jump or to keep it simple! Are you revved up for an outstanding exhibition of monster truck madness?

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Get ready to zoom your way from driving novice to global leaderboard-topping superstar! Bet Race is a truly awesome 3D car racing extravaganza where you can progress from simply earning your driver’s license all the way up to becoming a world champion! Featuring really cool cars to be unlocked, very challenging driving circuits, and fiercely-competitive races, this is the kind of in-depth virtual racing experience that 3D graphics were made for!

Immerse yourself for hours in this highly entertaining, intense driving upgrade game. Enjoy the sense of pride and achievement as you complete driving exams before taking on world-class computer opponents on the track. As in most really good racing games, supreme concentration, sharp decision making, and top keyboard tapping skills are all vitally important. Your fans wait to see you take the Checkered Flag!

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Police Pursuit is a high-stakes car chase / driving simulation game where you must stop suspect vehicles by using your police patrol car as a battering ram! You play the role of a vigilant, on-duty police officer, and must cruise around the streets of a large city, tracking down criminals in high-octane car chases. You have the distinct advantage of a powerful police cruiser, which means you can ram directly into your suspect’s car at high speed without fear of damaging your own vehicle!

This exciting and challenging game features awesome 3D graphics which really take you to the heart of the realistic car chasing action. Your police car is tricky to drive, and quite sensitive to your controls which means you need to be at your keyboard tapping best if you want to catch and detain these getaway bad guys. Seatbelts on – it’s time to literally crash this criminal racket once and for all!

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Enjoy high speed 3D street racing at its finest in Speed Street Tokyo! Tokyo itself is a very trendy city synonymous with fast sports cars. Birthplace of the famous ‘Tokyo Drift’, the city is a must-see destination for any true street racing fanatic. So… what are you waiting for?

This really is an awesome city racing game with top quality controls where you must compete against tough computer opponents on the stunning, neon-lined streets of Tokyo! Zoom around in 4 souped-up sports cars, and light up the Tokyo night with amazing overtaking maneuvers and cool cornering techniques. This is a truly edge-of-your-seat driving challenge. Fast reactions are important as you try to avoid devastating collisions with your opponents. The street is yours – let’s see what you can do!

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X-Racers, start your engines! It’s time for a high-speed racing challenge featuring some of the fastest cars in the world! X-Racers is a highly-charged 3D racing game where you take on computer-controlled opponents in fiercely competitive 4-car races. Use points earned from good performances to unlock all of the cool new sports cars available, and strive to become the undisputed X-Racing Champ!

This barnstorming sports car driving game requires slick handling and keyboard tapping skills, and good race strategy (You must decide whether to go ‘all out’ with your nitro boosters, or play it cool with a solid & steady driving technique). Quick reactions and good decision making skills are vitally important traits for any race car driver, especially in the powerful vehicles that you must handle here! See you at the starting grid!

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If it's demolition-type mayhem you're after, then blow off some steam and have a blast in Traffic Slam Arena, a crazy and challenging 3D destruction derby car game for teens where you get to use your souped-up vehicle as an almighty battering ram! Faced with an aggressive gang of enemy cars, you must chaotically chase around a large parking lot arena, smashing, bashing and crashing into your opponents until there’s only one car left standing! Enter metal twisting, carnage-inducing tournaments where you earn virtual income to upgrade and repair your car after each event (and you’d better believe that your car is going to need plenty of repairing!).

This all-action, power-charged online driving simulation game isn’t just about a wild ‘gung-ho’ approach to driving. Players who just screech around the arena without any thought are likely to be picked off by the enemy. You need to be more subtle, waiting patiently for your chance to strike… and then BAM – some poor virtual car gets sent head over wheels! Good strategy, quick reactions and slick keyboard controls are vitally important as you attempt to dodge and weave around cars, and set up your own attacks. Earn a reputation as the ultimate destruction derby specialist!

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Alternator is an intense, futuristic 3D buggy racing adventure game where your ultimate goal is to topple an enormous, environment-polluting conglomerate by defeating their high-powered vehicles in a series of challenging 4-car ATV races.

The year is 2060, and the evil ‘Slickrod’ company has been destroying the natural resources of the planet, polluting the air, and brainwashing people into buying their products. You are the ‘Alternator’ company’s racing driver, and have the amazing opportunity to shut Slickrod down by defeating them in the annual Wild Roads Rally! Your Alternator buggy racer runs on pure clean energy by generating electricity through cool stunts and jumps. If you win the Championship in a car like that, the world will wake up to renewable energy! Earth’s environmental future might well come down to your driving skills!

While the game features an important message about utilizing our natural resources for the good of the environment, it’s also a really fun racing challenge at heart! Test your keyboard tapping reaction skills as you try to outsmart your oil-chugging opponents with bursts of energy from good race maneuvers and audacious stunts. Compete your way through the high-speed Championship races, improving your buggy as you progress. Let's start this snowball effect to rid the world of Slickrod once and for all! No pressure of course!

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Monster Buggy 3D is an awesome time trial-based monster truck racing game where you must complete a dangerous obstacle course in as fast a time as possible. You play the role of a wild monster buggy driver, and have to smash through heaps of flaming tires, large wooden crates, and more on a mad dash to the finish line. Depending on your speed, vehicle balance, and driving skill, you can earn a gold, silver, or bronze trophy for your efforts in each level. Only the very best monster truckers get the gold!

This barnstorming 4x4 driving challenge requires you to keep your buggy as balanced as possible during each hectic time trial. Throughout each level, you have to rally over large ramps and bumps, so keeping the buggy’s wheels parallel to the ground is a really tricky task. Your keyboard tapping skills are key to a smooth journey, while good race management should ensure that you avoid the nastiest of the obstacles. Good luck, and enjoy the fun action!

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