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Mountain Rescue Driver 2 – Experience new dangers and adrenaline rush of mountain rescue operations. You, the driver, have been promoted and transferred to a new location with less snow and more of a mountain view to admire. However, your new rescue vehicle does not have tracks but wheels instead, which makes it more difficult to drive. Although you are driving an 8×8 wheel drive, your missions are going to push you and your vehicle to the limits. You have to drive the new rescue truck and save the injured skier (your passenger) by taking him to the nearest rescue clinic as fast as you can without getting stuck or crashing.

There are 5 levels to beat – each gets more difficult as you move forward. Planning your moves and speed control is the key to your success. The good news is that your equipment has been upgraded too and now you have a navigation map at the top of the screen where GPS-like tracking of your vehicle is shown. You can see the obstacles before you reach them and plan your actions accordingly. Rough terrain and nasty slopes ahead of you can now be seen well in advance.

Run over the barrels, crates and stones or push them around to fill up pockets and gaps in the mountains to overcome high cliffs. Always use the truck hydraulics – the best tool in keeping vehicle traction constant as well as overcoming various obstacles. Make sure you read the road signs along your trip, and when it says that the “Cave is reserved” – it means – “do not go there”.

Various obstacles with puzzle elements appear along the way. For example, huge terrain gaps with a “Motorless” elevator or “Big Wheel” bridge. You will have to position the truck correctly and choose the right acceleration in order to activate any mentioned “gadgets” and overcome the obstacle. Drive carefully on this hazardous mountain terrain!

How to Play: Use the Up / Down Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to drive forward and backwards. Left / Right Arrows to control the hydraulics of the vehicle. Press “R” key to restart the level if you crash or get stuck. Happy Mountain Rescue truck driving!

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