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Coal Express 2 – Can you safely deliver freight safely and intact by train? If you think that you can, play this fun freight train driving game. Deliver a set amount of freight (cargo) from one place to another without losing it, in order to proceed to your next assignment. Using your computer mouse, pick up the freight by left clicking on separate items. A piece of freight can only be picked up when the crane pendulum is next to it and freight must be grabbed at the right moment.

Pick up all of the freight, and load it (drop it) onto your train carriages by releasing one item at a time. After the train is loaded, click the Up arrow key to move forward. The Left and Right Arrow Keys will help you to balance the train. Be very careful not to crash the train or lose freight on your journey. The space button (for acceleration) can only be used when the ‘Space’ bar fills up at the bottom of the game.

Click and hold ‘Spacebar’ on your computer keyboard to accelerate for a certain period of time. You do not need to use this feature all the time. Use it when you see that it is safe to accelerate and there is no risk of losing any of your freight. There is a time limit on each level, so you shouldn’t drive too slowly or you may run out of time. Can you really deliver the freight without losing it? Ok, Freight Master, let’s play. 

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  1. this is such a fun game


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