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BMX Park is a CRAZY BMX bike game where you get to take your riding skills to the extreme! It’s an awesome two-wheel adventure where you can show off your super-slick moves and stunts! Go for broke! Try your hand at Back-flips and Tailwhips. See if you can perform the “Nothing” trick without bombing! Are you brave enough to try the “Superman” stunt?

How To Play: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard: Forward (UP), Steer Left (LEFT), Steer Right (RIGHT) and Brakes (DOWN), to control the bike. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Use the ASDF keys on your keyboard for tricks – When you’re in the air, press the “F” key to perform the “Nothing” trick or press the “S” key to perform the “Superman” trick. For Back-flips, press “A”, and for Tailwhips, press “D”. You can see your score and remaining time on the left hand side of the game screen. Once your time is up, it’s game over!

Hint: Spin the bike around in the air (SPACEBAR+LEFT/RIGHT) for dramatic effects and more points! Land straight – or it’s going to hurt!

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