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Get ready for an awesome Halloween Dress-up Spooktacular! Exquisite Halloween Makeover is a fun dressing up game for kids where you give a super-scary makeover to a female model. Its trick or treating time – and you have to transform your model from a normal everyday teen into a creepy Halloween Queen! Choose from a vast array of cool Halloween costumes, make-up styles, and hairdos, and make your model the most stylish and scary trick-or-treater in town!

This unusual costume designing activity should be ideal for kids who love to try out spooky Halloween outfits, or anyone who fancies themselves as a creative make-up artist for the future. Have your friends and family screaming with delight and envy at your terrifying fashion creation, and create as many new looks as you like. Your costume design can be ghostly or ghoulish, freaky or grotesque – the choice is entirely yours! Happy dressing up!

How to Play: There are three separate stages to this point-and-click game – Skincare, Hair & Make-up, and Costume.

Skincare: Before getting down to the business of your designing model’s Halloween costume, you have to treat her skin. She has some imperfections that must be removed, and you have to apply various Halloween-themed skincare creams onto her face. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to select the creams, and apply them by Left Clicking all over her face. When using the Spot Remover and Tweezers, click exactly on the blemishes that you wish to remove. Each time you complete a skincare application, click on the Black Arrow that appears in the top right corner of the game screen. Once your model’s face is gleaming, you progress to the Hair and Make-up Stage.

Hair and Make-up: Here, you can apply make-up to your model and transform her into a spooky Halloween star! You can adjust her hairstyle by clicking on the wig on the left side of the game screen. Choose from a wide range of strange and stylish make-up styles by clicking on one of the items on the table. These include blusher, mascara, foundation, lipstick, and more! Once you have selected an item, click on your model’s face to apply it. You can also accessorize by adding skull earrings, creepy necklaces, and cool tiaras. You can also customize her nails with an array of fancy patterns. Once you’ve got her hair and make-up just the way you want it, click on the black shoe icon in the top left corner of the game screen to progress to the Costume stage.

Costume: This brings you to the costume area where you can try out combinations of all kinds of strange and colorful clothes on your model. Left Click on any one of the categories on the left hand side of the game screen to reveal the items in each category. Click on an item, and it automatically appears on your model’s body. There are Halloween-style dresses, shoes, handbags, gloves, bracelets, accessories, and more. Make your model as outrageous as possible!

Once you’ve got the wacky Halloween look that you love, click the ‘Done’ icon in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Now you can name your spooky model, and save her to your computer. Create as many creepy costumes as you like! Happy costume designing!

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  1. But i still like the game. It’s really fun. I like it a lot. Also @LittleGamer why did you write lol? It mean “Laugh out loud.”

  2. The mouth is wierd on her

  3. i guess it ok lol



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