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Army Speeder is a SUPER-FAST driving game where you average speeds of over 190KM per hour! Your goal is to catch and take-out a group of radical terrorists who are trying to infiltrate your army networks. This is a classic car chase game – where YOU get to save the day. OK Soldier – Make Team Alpha proud! In order to terminate the enemy, you need to smash them off the busy motorway with your Army Jeep. Be careful! There are also innocent civilians on the road – don’t crash into them! You lose Health if you do (Once your health gets to zero, it’s Game Over). You only want to destroy the Bad Guys. You can see your target on the road. The terrorists’ cars have an orange circle spinning over them. When you are getting close to your target, you see a small arrow pointing out in front of your jeep.

How To Play: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to control the jeep: Forward (UP), Stop (DOWN), Steer Left (LEFT), Steer Right (RIGHT). You can also use Spacebar to slow your jeep down when needed. You see your Health Bar, Distance to Target and Number of Terrorists Remaining (Left) in the top right corner of the game screen. You can see your Speed on the left hand side of the game screen. Once you finish a Level, you can see how much life (health) you have left, your Average Speed and Distance Traveled. TIP: Try to stay off the side lanes (hard shoulders) as they slow you down.

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  1. v cool game

    1. no it isnt

  2. you just smash cars… AWESOME!

    1. tru dat

  3. the game should come out with a#2



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