Traffic control game online, road traffic management game for kids (girls, boys), teens and youth to play for free. Educational car traffic control game, online learning activities on PC with no download for middle & high school students to play online at home or in school. Also play racing car & bike games.
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Color Traffic 2: Could you be a good and trustworthy traffic control manager when you grow up? In Color Traffic 2, direct the various colored traffic in this fun and challenging traffic management game. You need quick reaction skills to ensure all traffic is directed safely. Make sure to send the different colored cars in the right directions for that color (Look out for the colored markers along the road). The faster you direct the cars along the correct route, the more points you earn. Prevent collisions and traffic jams on the roads. There are lots of routes (levels) to complete. Levels increase in difficulty as you progress, so be ready! Have fun directing traffic. Beep Beep!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to control the traffic flow by clicking on the markers and arrows to change the driving direction of the cars, and prevent accidents and traffic jams. Some of the arrows allow you to adjust the speed of the traffic by clicking on them and dragging forward to increase the speed and dragging backward to decrease the speed. You will earn more points by directing the cars through quickly. The colored cars have different routes to follow depending on the color of the car. There is a timer located in the top right corner of the game screen. To pause, reset or quit the game, click on the icons on the bottom of the screen. Once the level is complete – you may quit it and play another one. The next level is unclocked only when the previous one is complete.

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