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This page lists the newest educational games recently added to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play games online for free. Find fun, interactive learning activities & thinking puzzles in one place, from easy-to-play to more challenging games. We hope you enjoy playing.

Learn how to identify basic Mandarin Chinese number characters (from 1 to 10), their Pinyin phonetic transcriptions in the Latin alphabet, and their pronunciations. Chinese Numbers is an easy-to-play, interactive number-recognition game with audio for young children (as well as anyone looking for a basic introductory vocabulary-building activity for learning Mandarin Chinese number characters) where you have to select the correct number displayed (and pronounced) in a series of multiple-choice questions. This fun activity can also be used as a good interactive teaching aide and reinforcement exercise in the school classroom or preschool.

Test your visual recognition, listening and pronunciation skills, and learn some new words from a very cool language of the world! It's time to really impress your family and friends at the dinner table! Happy Chinese learning!

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Play an interactive online crossword puzzle game where you can help improve your U.S. geography, spelling, and crossword skills all in one! U.S. States Crossword is a straight-forward yet highly-educational geography-based game for younger children through high school students where you have to use your knowledge of U.S. state locations on a map to fill in a multiple-clue crossword puzzle! Elementary school educators especially may find this fun, easy-to-play online puzzle game a helpful teaching aid to supplement a class on the geography of the Unites States, the positioning of each state on the map, and the spelling of each individual state name. Introduce a competitive edge by seeing who can finish the puzzle first, or simply use it as a relaxing educational enhancement activity! Basic knowledge of state names isn’t enough here though as players also need to exhibit good spelling and quick keyboard skills! From Maine to California, Arizona to Alaska, let’s see what you know!

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WindFall is a challenging, educational and thought-provoking environmental science and renewable energy tycoon game where you have to build sufficient wind turbines to power a small town and make profit – without disturbing the local residents or sullying the landscape.

Energy consumption and fuel depletion are extremely hot topics in the world today. The general consensus is that we cannot keep harvesting oil and gas from the ground – and that the supply will eventually run out! Instead, we need to rely on more environmentally-friendly ways of generating energy going forward. And, this is where your expertize is needed immediately! As a respected green energy business lobbyist, you have been given a prestigious contract to build a wind farm on the lands of a small town. Within a 3 year time-frame (a month passes in about 30 seconds here), you have to reach a specific Wind Energy Output Goal. You can achieve this by carefully researching the land value, wind speed, and building costs, and making strategic decisions on the optimum areas to build your turbines. Despite what you may have read or heard, saving our planet and good business management can go hand-in-hand with proper regulation!

This highly interactive and stimulating sustainable energy management simulation activity for older kids and teens mainly centers around good business strategy & smart decision making. You also need to consider ethical choices; is it ok to build an enormous power line and wind turbine close to someone’s back yard? Are you ruining a beautiful rural landscape with large steel windmill towers? These are all questions very relevant today in real life, and that need to be weighed-up and acted upon here in a timely, decisive manner. Throughout the course of the game, you also get the opportunity to learn about real-life business management techniques, the value of good research, the importance of good public relations, quality construction administration, and other significant aspects of infrastructure and resource management. Have you got the blend of personality and solid business acumen to keep all parties happy? Or will the wind simply whisk away your dreams of energy business success?

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A cool game for those who enjoy a blend of skill and educational-based activities online. Axon is a highly scientific-themed, mouse-clicking arcade game where you have to continuously grow a nerve fiber (neuron) by collecting protein spheres that appear within your range, and create as long a neuron as possible. By clicking on (and effectively ‘gobbling up’) the precious protein, your own unique neuron grows higher and higher on the game screen (similar to a growing plant in fast forward motion).

Axons are real biological nerve fibre present throughout your body, and this interesting game tries to assist you in understanding more about the wonderful science behind nerves, nerve endings, and our amazing brain and nervous system. A neuron is any cell within the nervous system, and an axon is part of a neuron (kind of like that legs are part of the human body). Axons are responsible for transmitting messages to neighboring neurons, a process that is essential for physical movement and thought processes. For example, if your brain sends a message to your hand to click your mouse, that message is transmitted to your hand by axons!

But don’t worry if all of that sounds a little complicated or even boring. This highly stimulating and educational point-and-click skill game isn’t just for trainee brain surgeons! The simple and fast-paced gameplay is suitable for players from elementary school age to grownups, and could be used as a fun interactive activity for teaching neuroscience online in the classroom.

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Are you an expert on the geographical layout of the United States of America? If so, now is your opportunity to impress your school friends and family members with your knowledge. USA 50 States is a fun, interactive and highly educational US geography game and picture puzzle for elementary school and middle school age students where you have to click and drag each of the 50 individual states into its correct position on the map of the United States. Beginning with a totally empty map, you have to slowly fill in the vast area, state-by-state, until the map is complete!

This surprisingly-challenging and informative mouse-clicking game could be a good activity for little children learning about the state geography of the US, or anyone interested in the various state borders, shapes and sizes. It could also be used as an online activity to help to exercise / improve memory skills and cognitive ability (If a child places a state in an incorrect position on his/her first attempt, he/she can strive to remember its position in future plays)!

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If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned puzzle based on real-life concepts with an educational benefit, we’ve got just the treat! Electric Box 2 is a highly innovative and stimulating brain teaser game where you have to piece together a careful combination of appliances in order to get a current of electricity flowing from point A to point B. You play the role of the power circuit designer (or electricity ‘conductor’) in this very challenging test of your logical and creative thinking skills and decision making. Utilize solar power, wind turbines, water generators, and other inventive ways to create electricity, and distribute it along a complex, inter-connected set of conducting wires.

If you enjoy playing proper ‘figure-it-out’ brain teaser activities where you really have to knuckle down, and use your analytical thinking skills, this original puzzle is an absolutely electrifying test of your problem solving and engineering know-how. Will we see some sparks flying?

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Take a step back from the cars, bikes and firepower of frantic online action games, and immerse yourself in an absolutely electrifying puzzle! Electric Box is a highly imaginative and unique educational game that will get kids, teens and Big Kids thinking logically and creatively. Your goal is to connect an electric power supply to a set target in each level by using a vast array of instruments such as light bulbs, solar power panels, steam generators, fans, and more. You have to carefully and strategically combine these appliances in a creative way in order to make the electrical current flow from the original source to the intended target. There’s no doubt that you’ll need your thinking caps on for this one!

This hugely-innovative brain teaser puzzle could be an ideal activity for elementary / middle school students interested in learning about electricity, currents, and engineering types problems. Older teens and grownup gamers can also enjoy this very technical problem solving activity (This is definitely not a simple challenge). Trial and error is the order of the day as you carefully and methodically test out different combinations of instruments, techniques and strategies for getting the current flowing from point A to point B. If you exhibit good concentration and a knack for analytical thinking, then you might just have that ‘EUREAKA’ moment! It’s time to literally and figuratively switch on! Happy problem solving, and good luck in your new career as a conductor!

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ZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA! No, that’s not a word in some extra-terrestrial language – it’s the alphabet – typed backwards! Now, how fast do you think you could type out those letters? Alphabet 2 is an online typing game based on a very simple idea and interface; you must key in the alphabet (backwards) as fast as you can. Everybody rhymes off their ABC’s – but entering those 26 letters in reverse order is an altogether trickier task! You simply have to type in everything from Z to A under the added pressure of a ticking clock!

This easy-to-play yet interesting skill game could provide a good "friendly" contest opportunity between you and your friends or family members – see who can get the best score (quickest time)! Needless to say, your keyboard skills and fast reactions are vitally important. If you’re an experienced keyboard user who can type out words without looking downward, you should have a significant advantage here! You might even think of some other innovative learning applications for this game.

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Being able to type extremely fast on your computer keyboard is a very useful attribute in the modern world. However, the tasks usually assigned to talented typing experts are often administrative, office-based jobs that leave little room for action and suspense. What if, instead of using your typing skills to simply write letters, you could use them to take part in an explosive, high-octane aircraft battle? Air Typer is a fun and challenging typing skill game for kids of all ages where you utilize your fast keyboard tapping skills under pressure in order to eliminate oncoming enemy zeppelins (large, balloon-style aircraft) from a crowded airborne battlefield! Each zeppelin has a short word inscribed on it, and you must quickly and correctly type in this word in order to destroy the intimidating aircraft before it breaks through your defenses!

This unusual, suspense-filled keyboard typing game could be used as a good exercise for improving the speed and accuracy of your typing, but it isn’t just about keying in the correct strokes under pressure. Your concentration and observation skills are also tested to the max. as you attempt to stop the seemingly endless waves of enemy zeppelins from crossing the battlefield. The zeppelins only go down when their word is precisely typed in the correct order of letters. Take a moment to study your computer keyboard now; this is the only tool that can stop the enemy, so you’d better become exceptionally familiar with it, and fast! Ok Keyboard Commander, it’s time to ‘knuckle down’ to business! Happy typing!

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Have you ever played an online BMX / FMX stunts game or roller coaster game and thought – ‘I could design a better track than that’? Well, if so, the time has come to back up that great opinion of your track editor talents by testing your creativity and engineering skills in one of the most popular track designing games online! Line Rider 2 is based on a simple idea yet is a very challenging and interactive physics-based game where you have the opportunity to design awesome "do it yourself" stunt & racing courses for a super-cool, daredevil sled rider known as Dude. Use a virtual drawing tool to create the kind of track that others could only dream of, and that you believe would provide an absolutely thrilling ride for your new scarf-wearing, sled-riding buddy. If Dude likes your creations, he'll keep returning to your theme park landscape for more and more..

As well as being a great game for artistic kids and for encouraging all young drawing enthusiasts to practice and improve drawing & design skills, and logical thinking, this fun and addicting DIY game is based on the laws of physics and gravity, and also could be used as a good, interactive classroom exercise for older kids and teens to help learn and get enthused about terms such as motion, dynamics, and spatial awareness. Ok Top Track Designers out there, are you ready? Let's see your amazing artistic skills in full flow!

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Want to impress your family and friends with some amazing knowledge about Mongolian history and culture? Well, by playing this game - you're on your way to becoming an expert on the subject! Race Across the Steppe of Mongolia is an interactive educational quiz game where you have to answer questions about facts (history and customs) of Mongolia - a land-locked country in Asia between China and Russia. Mongolians love everything equestrian, especially horse-racing - and the questions in the game reflect this. You aren’t just answering questions for the sake of it – you are actually helping someone!

Each time you correctly answer a question, your friend Togi advances a spot in an authentic Mongolian horse race. Answer enough questions correctly to ensure Togi wins the race – bringing pride to his family, and his community of nomadic herders. The answers to the questions are 50-50, so even if you don’t know the answer - you can just guess! Keep playing to gain some cool general knowledge that will dazzle your friends. Are you ready to expand your mind, and learn some awesome facts about Mongolia? Good, it’s time to saddle up Quiz Master.

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Do you know your strawberries from your blueberries? Your mangoes from your pineapples? It’s time to test your food knowledge! Know Your Fruit is a mouth-watering educational quiz game for younger kids where you have to answer multiple-choice questions based on a picture of a delicious piece of juicy fruit! The concept is pretty simple – you are shown a picture of some fruit – and you have to identify it, then choose the correct answer. This would be easy if it were just apples and oranges – but here, you have to identify all kinds of exotic fruits that you might never have seen before – such as Dragon Fruit, Papaya, Miracle Fruit, Soursop and more!

Earn points for every question you answer correctly on the first attempt – but you get deducted points for incorrect answers. You’ll need to be quick, as there is a timer counting down – and you only have a certain amount of time to answer the 8 questions. This fun quiz game is perfect for all the family, especially young kids who are looking to expand their vocabulary while learning about cool nutritious foods! Put your thinking cap on, it’s time to find out if you are a real Fruit Fanatic!

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Are you ready to put your musical talents and fast typing skills to the test? Amusix Flute is a fun and clever, interactive music-based typing game where you have to type along to the tune of classical flute music as fast as you can. You play the role of the flute player. Every key that you hit corresponds to a musical note in the tune that is being played as you practice your typing skills. You start off with slow, easy-to-play typing tasks – but as you progress, the tunes and your typing speed get faster and faster.

This unusual but challenging educational game will really test your quick reactions, as you have to quickly move from note-to-note on your computer keyboard. It’s perfect for anyone with an ear for music, as the game revolves around flute playing. Are you ready to bring the house down as the next Beethoven? Fingers at the ready – it’s typing time!

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Want to improve your typing skills while learning some classical violin tunes? If so, then this is definitely the game for you! Amusix Violin is a fun, interactive online typing game where you have to type to play the notes of various musical pieces. You don’t have to be an expert violinist, or even an expert typist – you can just have fun as you go along. Your violin tutor – ‘Viola’ – has prepared a number of good, old-fashioned tunes for you to learn – and all you have to do is type along with each note.

The pieces increase in tempo and speed as you progress, so you’ll need quick fingers to succeed. This cool musical instrument-based game is perfect for anyone looking to improve their typing skills in an interesting way, or anyone who is a fan of classical music. Think you’ve got the typing talent to be the next Vivaldi? Grab your bow – flex your fingers, and let’s type!

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Here comes the flood!  Underwater: Curse of the Golden City is a challenging physics-based puzzle game where in every level, your mission is to save all of the characters from drowning. In this rescue game, you must become the hero of the day and strategically place stones, lifebuoys (life preservers) and other objects to help push aside obstacles and free up pathways so that each character can float to safety and escape the oncoming flood. Once you have placed all of your objects in each level, the water rises rapidly.  If you have not put the objects in the correct place, the characters are trapped underwater and you must try again (replay the level). 

This survival-based game should help to exercise your creative engineering skills and your spatial awareness. There is a lot of potential trial and error required in this game. However, this educational activity also teaches you the importance of finding the solution to a problem first time around and acting under pressure. Now, load up those lifebuoys and let’s save these guys!

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Ever wanted to learn how to improve your typing ability while having fun too? Well now you can! Word Mountain is a fast-paced and innovative typing game for kids and teens where you compete against an opponent to reach the top of a mountain by typing words as quickly as possible!  Practice your super-fast typing skills, and literally type your way to the top! At the beginning of each level, you start at the bottom of a mountain as a cute bird character, climbing up and up every time you correctly type in a word.  But be careful, because your opponent is trying to beat you to the top.  Use special power-ups to slow him down and speed yourself up. 

As you progress through the levels, the words that you have to type become longer and more complicated.  This game will definitely help to improve your typing skills as well as to develop good hand-eye coordination.  It should also help improve your spelling as you can only jump up the mountain if you spell the word on the screen correctly. And, it's also a lot of fun, so get those fingers working Type Master!

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Molecularia is an addicting and educational chemistry-based puzzle game for kids and teens, where you have to connect up all of the available atoms in a maze in order to create stable molecules (making the least amount of moves possible). It’s a tricky and highly enjoyable brain-teaser that takes a bit of practice to get used to. Your goal is to create a molecule by moving and bonding the atoms (tiny, dense, positively-charged nuclei made of protons and neutrons, surrounded (orbited) by clouds of negatively-charged electrons). What? OK, don’t worry about that! You can see the solution in the game screen.

However, you are not shown how to arrive at this solution! Remember, you need to look at where the connecting anchors are on each atom, as connections between two parts are only available one way. There are 14 positively-charged levels to get through! Happy chemistry problem solving!

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Are you good at guessing games? Fancy testing your English vocabulary skills under pressure? If so, then you’re in for a treat! Space Words Recharged is an entertaining and challenging word game and vocabulary quiz to test your lexicon on; You have to guess the hidden words and enter them in full into the word slots before time runs out (and try not to make any mistakes).

If you run out of time or make too many mistakes, it’s game over! It starts off relatively easy but then can quickly escalate into a frenzied search for the correct letters - as the Timer gets closer to zero. This fast-paced mind and language-based game requires the ability to predict and spell - at lightning speeds, and a desire to learn new words! OK Word Wizard, have fun!

Once you guess a correct letter, it appears (as part of the word) on the dotted line in the game screen - making it easier for you to predict what the other letters might be. You have to guess the full word or words before time runs out. Every time you make a mistake, the red mistake bar fills up. You can only make seven mistakes per round. Once you get to seven, you lose. This is a demanding task but endlessly satisfying once you get the correct word! Ready for some vocabulary building action? Time’s ticking!

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Math Scramble is an interactive math game for everyone from elementary school age kids to high school teens to grownups. It requires quick-thinking under pressure, where you have to solve scrambled math puzzles by rearranging the numbers with your computer mouse so that they create the correct equation before time runs out (and you lose). The equations involve addition, subtraction and multiplication. Math Scramble appears easy to begin with but can become very testing indeed!

This stimulating, problem solving & learning game is perfect for anyone who wants to practice his or her math skills, boost their mental agility or just spend some fun time mastering numbers! Don’t let the simple arcade style graphics fool you! These crafty equations have more to them than meets the eye! OK, time to put your thinking cap on! Have fun Mastermind!

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A national flag is the flag that symbolizes a particular country. How many national flags from countries around the world and the flags of international organizations can you identify? Flags of the World is a fun, educational geography quiz for middle school and high school teens, as well as college students and grown-ups, that tests and expands your knowledge and memory of global emblems.

A good prior understanding of foreign nations is helpful in this fast-paced game, as you race against the clock to recognize flags associated with distant Countries, global Alliances and world-wide Organizations. Save your High Scores and show other players from around the world just how good you are. So, “Geography Genius”, are you ready to take on and complete all 20 levels?

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