Thinking puzzle game for high school students, middle school, college students: Play online platform game - Shift 3: Free strategy brain teaser games / problem solving activity for teens / children (girls & boys), adults, all the family.
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Shift 3 is no ordinary thinking puzzle game. It is an addicting brain-teasing platform game for all ages that will literally turn your world upside down, and help develop your critical thinking skills. The objective of this game is to gather various items, and reach the keys to unlock all the doors in order to proceed to the next level. Important – Falling on spikes will hinder your progress. Click on the ‘Adventure’ icon and begin your test in a platform puzzle adventure setting.

Those looking for some classic Shift game action should click on ‘Players Packs’. It will test your mettle and logic in exchange for medals. View which achievements you have reached, as well as unlocked secrets, by clicking on ‘Achievements’ icon. You can also build your own levels in the highly-praised ‘Shift-ed’ area, and share them with your friends.

How to Play: Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to turn right and left. To turn the music on/off, pause, quit or restart the game, press ‘P’. Press ‘Space’ to jump, and ‘Shift’ to invert the landscape. Stand in front of the door and press ‘up’ to enter. Avoid the spikes. Good luck Einstein!

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