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This page lists some of the newest games for young children to be added to the Learn4Good Games Area, where both little and Big Kids can play games on the internet for free. We hope that you and your family and friends enjoy this mix of fun easy-to-play games & activities to more challenging ones. Happy playing!

Are you ready for one of the most hectic dog walking experiences that you could ever imagine? Ok then, grab hold of the leash, and prepare yourself to do some running, ducking and jumping after your growing group of enthusiastic doggies. A game for younger kids, The Morning Walk is a light-hearted and challenging, reaction-based, arrow-keys-only game where you have to survive for as long as possible in the midst of a high-octane dog walk featuring a steady stream of side-scrolling objects and obstacles, and an increasing number of speedy dogs in your care!

You play the role of the somewhat-windswept dog walker, and must avoid low-hanging trees, fire hydrants, butterflies, newspaper stands, and more! Good observation skills, sharp reactions and stamina are the key to your success here as your "walk" is made all the more difficult by the increasing speed of your pack of pooches. If you are searching for a relaxing stroll in the park, you’re barking up the wrong tree in the The Morning Walk. Just be ready to take the "ruff" with the smooth!

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A fun problem-solving game and brain-teasing exercise for young children: Brain Safari is an entertaining interactive puzzle that tests a child's concentration (cognitive analysis) & memory skills, math calculation skills, and visual reasoning using a clever combination of cartoon-style pictures of exotic animals with challenging tasks. Split into four distinct sections, players must figure out which animal weighs the most, test themselves against quick-fire math problems, engage with straight-forward memory quizzes, and try to pick out which piece has ‘disappeared’ from a jigsaw puzzle. This brain training exercise may seem rather simple early on, but the levels become progressively trickier! Players also play against a clock for added pressure. OK, let’s get those observation and brain skills flowing! Happy problem solving!

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A fun and easy-to-play game of two levels for younger kids, Kirby is a straight-forward, platform-based flying game where you must guide Kirby – an adorable pink ball with flying capability – through two rolling and continuous Mario-style levels. Based on the popular Nintendo computer game and anime character of the same name, Kirby is a small, ball-shaped creature with extraordinary abilities - such as the ability to inhale objects, and then expel them with great force. This cute little sphere can also suck in the air, self-inflate, and float around almost like a balloon in order to avoid oncoming obstacles. You must harness these attributes, and use them to carefully navigate Kirby through two levels filled with pesky baddies, challenging jumps, gold star collectibles, deep ravines, and more.

This relaxing arcade game could be used as a fun online activity for young children / elementary school age kids to help develop their motor skills and reaction speed. Good hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and savvy keyboard tapping are all important skills that you need to display if you want to become a ‘Kirby-controller’ expert. Happy floating!

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What’s up Doc? Well, it’s foot racing time, that’s what’s up! Bugs & Cecil: Mad Dash is a light-hearted athletic racing game for young kids where you have to guide Bugs Bunny over a set amount of hurdles – and win – each increasingly challenging race against Cecil Turtle. The cheeky rabbit is so confident of victory, he has set himself the tricky task of leaping over Olympic-style hurdles in each race, and you have to time each jump perfectly as well as carefully position Bugs on the track. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by Cecil’s wizened appearance; he’s a crafty runner, and is ready to capitalize on any mistakes by Bugs.

Based on characters from the beloved Looney Tunes cartoon series, this is a straight-forward keyboard tapping skill game suitable for kids of all ages. The simple premise and easy-to-learn controls means this could be perhaps used a fun activity for little children to help exercise and develop motor skills. Good hand-eye coordination, expert timing, and fast reflexes are all tested on the ‘mad dash’ for the finish line. It’s time to lace up those running shoes – on your marks… get set…GO!

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Little Farm is a straight-forward, mouse-clicking matching puzzle game for younger kids where you have to help the Norman family grow truck-loads of produce by quickly watering their vegetable fields. With a watering can (your mouse cursor) in-hand, you must click and drag to form a square or rectangle-shaped outline wherein all 4 corner tiles of your new shape are filled with matching veggies. Once you create a square or rectangle with four matching corner tiles – all of the vegetables (of any type) within this entire area are watered, harvested, and sent automatically to one of the waiting trucks. Once all trucks are full, you march on to the next level! This fast-paced, food harvesting activity is all about combining good observation skills with rapid point-and-click action. You need to keep a keen eye out for the largest possible square or rectangle with matching corners – the bigger the valid shape you draw, the more veggies that get harvested. Are you ready to do some good old-fashioned farm work? Let’s see what you’re made of Partner!

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Calling all Dora fans! It’s time to guide everyone’s favorite little outdoor explorer on a daring online adventure! Dora The Explorer: Treasure Hunt is an easy to play, light-hearted platform arcade game for young children where you must lead Dora on a brave expedition to find valuable treasure chests! You play the role of Dora, and have to leap over ravines, jump from ledge to ledge, defeat crab baddies, collect coins, and other fun-filled antics! This family-friendly platform game could be used as a good activity for little girls and boys who are developing their motor skills, and are perhaps playing online flash games for the first time. The cute cartoon graphics, non-threatening bad guys, and simple game play should make for a fun adventure. Quick reactions, hand-eye coordination, patience and timing are all tested and exercised on this enjoyable journey through the jungle. Go Dora - Happy treasure hunting!

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Are you searching for a challenging, interactive jigsaw puzzle game with levels suitable for both kids and teens? If so, it’s time to pull out your magic wands because we’ve got just the treat! Harry Potter Jigsaw is a fun, mouse-clicking online puzzle game with 4 distinct difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. In each level, you play against the clock to carefully piece together a jumbled jigsaw puzzle. Your goal is to re-assemble a striking image of legendary boy-wizard Harry on his beloved broomstick trying valiantly to catch the Golden Snitch (the most important ball in the game of Quidditch, as all Harry Potter aficionados know very well). As the game increases in difficulty, the puzzles feature more and more jigsaw pieces.

This highly-stimulating brain teaser presents a good test of your eyesight, concentration skills, memory, and determination. Your quick reactions and ability to perform under pressure (from a ticking timer!) are also important. Keeping a cool head is essential here as you attempt to sort through the randomly-jumbled pieces. Younger players should enjoy the fun and fast-paced action, while more experienced jigsaw enthusiasts can really get their minds into the more difficult problem-solving levels (192 pieces – whew!). Ok, it’s time you performed like Potter, and produced some real puzzle magic! Enjoy!

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Tadpole is an addicting and challenging mouse-clicking skill game for kids of all ages where you have to guide a cute little tadpole through a narrow and dangerous watery pathway. Based on the classic game ‘Helicopter’ where you must use your mouse to generate height and momentum, this game introduces a brave young frog spawn, with more challenging obstacles, and a trickier terrain. Your tadpole is facing a constant fight for survival, with snappy water-bugs, low-hanging algae, and dangerous rocks all trying to obstruct his safe passage through the water!

This stimulating and surprisingly tricky online flash game could perhaps be used as a good exercise for children trying to improve their quick reactions and motor skills. Concentration also plays a big part here as you have to be constantly clicking in a timely fashion in order to keep your tadpole afloat. There is an old saying (coined by Leonardo Da Vinci if we’re not mistaken) that goes; “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Good luck Mouse Master!

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Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon is a wacky, arcade game for little kids where you have to drop a determined and bouncy little cat into a pinball-style grid filled with pieces of delicious sushi! The hungry feline pings around the various ledges and obstacles, gobbling up as many pieces of delicious raw fish as possible before happily falling into a bin at the bottom of the grid. To add a little background detail to this eccentric game, Sushi Cat is on a honeymoon cruise with his beloved pink teddy when the ship runs aground. Our hero kitty instinctively knows that he urgently needs to bulk up in order to save the ship from sinking – and what better way to increase his mass than by feasting on his favorite food; sushi! However, he needs your help to carefully drop him into precise areas on the grid in order to maximize his chances of consuming enough fish to complete each level.

This further game in the Sushi Cat game series features cute animations, quirky characters, and simple mouse-clicking controls suitable for younger kids who enjoy fun, colorful online arcade activities. Luck plays a big part in that you cannot affect the movement of the kitty once he enters the grid, but your expert eye, initial positioning, and the timing of your drop can be crucial toward the success or failure of the fish-loving feline. OK, it’s time to drop kitty, and enjoy watching him grow to multiple times his original size! Happy cat feeding!

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Click Fest 3 is one of the most delightfully simple and addicting online flash games you are ever likely to play! The name of the game basically says it all – this is an absolute festival of mouse clicking! You simply have to click to remove all of the circles on the game screen in a series of quick-fire, fast-paced levels against the clock. You can choose a short (15 level) game, or a long (30 level) game, and your goal is to basically complete all of the challenges in as fast a time as possible!

This refreshingly easy-to-play skill game is all about sharp reactions, good hand-eye coordination, and super-fast mouse-clicking action. Each lightning speed level features a different formation of awkwardly-positioned circles, and you must mouse-dash around the game screen clicking like you’ve never clicked before to get rid of them! Remember, all of this is timed against the clock, so ‘speed of mouse’ is definitely a vital factor toward your success. Ok Mouse Master, it’s time to let your swift-clicking fingers do the talking! Happy days!

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Mini race cars are an absolute staple of many a young child’s treasure chest of toys. However, car games for kids are often dominated by humongous monster trucks and motor vehicles. Instead of a racing game filled with Formula 1-stylehorsepower and ear-popping engines, wouldn’t it be great to control one of these little toy cars on an improvised domestic household track? Racing Toys is an awesome, addicting toy car racing game for kids of all ages where you have to quickly maneuver your very own toy automobile across office desks, breakfast tables, and bathroom floors in a series of wacky, obstacle-filled races.

Featuring three distinct racing modes, this fun online driving activity requires the fast keyboard tapping skills and quick reactions of a true mini-car Champion! Reveal your ruthless streak as you blast opponents out of your way on an unstoppable quest to unlock all 6 tracks and conquer the various challenges put in front of you. These miniature toy cars may be small in stature, but a racing driver with a big heart can certainly make them perform amazing feats of speedy brilliance! Have you got big ambitions to show us a tiny driving masterclass? Go for it, and enjoy the action!

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Magnifying glasses to hand! It’s time for a detective-style ‘seek and find’ adventure with one of TV’s most beloved cartoon characters among toddlers and preschoolers! Dora: Spot the Numbers is a fun and easy-to-play hidden object game where you have to carefully find the numbers 1 through 10 on five incredibly-detailed images of Dora and her explorer pals! Equipped with a magical golden magnifying glass, you have to strategically scour each picture for the elusive digits against the clock – the faster you find all 10, the higher your score!

This light-hearted and enjoyable online mouse-clicking game should be a good fit for Dora The Explorer devotees as well as avid fans of Sherlock Holmes-style hidden item activities. Each number is cleverly concealed within the landscape and characters of each image, making this a real test of your concentration levels, shrewd eyesight and observation skills. You also need to exhibit good all-round investigative instinct as the mysterious digits can be concealed away in the most innocuous places! Ok fellow Explorers, please put on your sleuthing backpacks. It’s time to show us how sharp your Eagle Eye really is today! Happy number finding!

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The internet is full to the brim with wacky pictures, videos, and songs about cats, so it’s only right that we have an addicting online flash game dedicated to an eccentric and lovable kitty! Sushi Cat 2 is a fun and unusual arcade game sequel where you have to drop a hungry little blue cat into a pinball-style grid filled with pieces of sushi that he has to gobble up. After the greedy Bacon Dog stole our hero’s favorite pink teddy, he vowed to become larger and stronger by feasting on Sushi (a delicious Japanese dish that usually consists of raw fish and rice). You have to strategically drop Sushi Cat into an obstacle-filled grid based on the iconic “Plinko” game show activity. The feisty little animal bounces around the obstacle-filled area, collecting enough sushi to fill his belly, and progress to the next level.

You don’t have to be an eccentric lover of cats to enjoy this light-hearted skill & puzzle-based game. The funny animations, quirky characters, and simple mouse-clicking controls make this an enjoyable activity for anyone looking for something a little different from the norm! You have to rely a lot on luck (and the effects of gravity), as you cannot control the cat once he is released into the grid. However, it sure is fun to watch a ravenous cartoon cat gobble up sushi with such gusto! Help this cute kitty become a sushi-filled giant multiple times his original size! Happy feeding!

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Want to play a fun "Hit the Target" game with an unusual choice of projectile? Sheep Toss is a wacky mouse-clicking, skill-based game for kids of all ages, and is designed to put a smile on your face, and maybe an odd frown when you repeatedly miss a target. Scrappy the Sheepdog is a laid-back but innovative & eccentric character who doesn’t fancy running all over a vast 3D farm all day to round up and direct the wandering sheep from one area to another. Instead, Scrappy the Sheepdog fancies himself as a bit of an inventor and pioneer, and has invented a custom-made, sling-shot contraption from a simple elasticated hammock in order to catapult the sheep through the air into highlighted "penned" areas and farm buildings. If this works, Scrappy can launch the sheep into their pen (a fenced grazing area or farmyard barn) without breaking sweat. However, he needs your unique sheep-slinging expertise to make sure the sheep fly through the air with the correct direction and distance!

Now, we don’t want to pull the wool over your eyes and give the impression that this game is simply a breeze; Sheep tossing in fact can be a really challenging test of your accuracy and mouse-clicking skills. This highly enjoyable online target-hitting activity (that shares some parallels with golf) requires a very deft hand, good judgement, gentle patience, dogged determination, and a lot of initial trial and error as it takes a while to get your swing (or should we say "sling") just right. You also have to take any wind speed and sheep "bounciness" on landing into consideration as you try to carefully gauge the correct power, direction, and trajectory of each sheep toss.  Good luck, and enjoy a good laugh with your friends and family!

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Prepare yourself for a series of challenging point-and-click online puzzle exercises that test your observation & concentration skills, visual problem solving ability, adaptability, quick reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, mouse-clicking speed, and more. Monkey Go Happy 2 is a continuation of the Monkey Go Happy compilation of funny mini-games where you have to solve a series of intricate mouse-clicking brain teaser puzzles in order to cheer up sad little monkeys (this time two). Being in charge of entertaining and amusing two cute little cartoon primates may sound like an absolutely amazing job, but when those monkeys are easily upset, and likely to start crying at any second – the task becomes all the more difficult and urgent to solve! Maurice the Monkey and his tiny little son Moe are very cranky at the best of times, and only through your own awesome skill in solving 15 random point-and-click brain teasers can their frowns be turned into broad, teeth-filled grins!

This unusual and original puzzle game for kids of all ages requires a very inquisitive mind, and the ability to ‘think outside the box’ in order to find the solution. Some of the mini-puzzles require you to click on a set of objects in sequence, while others test your mouse-clicking speed and accuracy. There are even classic-style arcade games for you to play as you strive to impress the adorable yet moody little monkeys! Have you the determination and skills to wipe away their tears for good? Happy problem solving! (Also, can you find the original Monkey Go Happy game, Monkey Go Happy 3, and a few others in the series of funny monkey mini-games on this site? They are certainly worth playing!)

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You may not know this but keeping a monkey happy is pretty hard work, and often head-scratchingly difficult! Monkey Go Happy is a fun, interactive online puzzle game for both young & older kids where you have to keep an unhappy little monkey entertained and amused by performing a series of tricky mouse-clicking tasks. Your pet primate Maurice is having a very bad day, and is becoming upset and teary-eyed about almost everything he encounters. The only way to turn his awful frown into a broad, teeth-filled cheeky grin is to complete a variety of challenging problem-solving levels designed to test your brain, observation & concentration skills, adaptability, reflexes, accuracy, mouse-clicking speed, and more!

This highly unusual and enjoyable point-and-click brainteaser requires an inquisitive mind as it is initially unclear how to make Maurice happy in each level. Try to find the solution to a range of random challenges that include mazes, cannon shooting tasks, object finding tasks, picture puzzles, balloon popping exercises, and more. Making someone happy is one of the greatest natural gifts you can give, but making a cute monkey happy is really neat too! Are you ready to transform Maurice’s mood, and really make his day? Happy problem solving and Good Luck!

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Are you ready to help other children enjoy a Happy Holiday Season? Would you like to become Santa’s Little Helper for the day, and help him gather up a bunch of gifts that were dropped from his sleigh in the last minute dash away from the North Pole on Christmas Eve? Jump Santa Jump is a straight-forward, fun, skill-based game for young kids where you have to help poor Santa to collect a load of festive gifts (important presents) by jumping from ledge to ledge as they descend toward the ground. Santa needs to gather up as many of the loose gifts as he can before he embarks on his journey to visit the good boys and girls that are eagerly awaiting their big surprises! The only problem is - the gifts are all located on fast-descending icy platforms, and Santa has to carefully leap from one to the other to collect them!

This light-hearted yet very tricky jumping activity requires quick reactions and nifty finger-work as you have to ensure that Santa doesn’t fall off any of the slippery ledges. Ho-ho-hopefully Santa can collect and delivery all the gifts before all the little children wake up! Good luck!

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Get ready for a brain-teasing yuletide drawing adventure where you have to skillfully sketch lines of snow to help Santa Claus recover a bunch of lost gifts (nicely wrapped presents) in each level. Snow Line is a challenging physics-based skill game for kids where you have to carefully guide Santa’s sleigh across obstacles and ravines up to the summit of the mountain using a special Snow Crayon. In each tricky level, you have to carefully direct Santa toward the finish line by creating pathways and bridges of snow, ensuring he picks up all of the gift-wrapped boxes along the way. This is no time to be singing along to “Jingle Bells”, Santa needs your help!

This fun, Christmas-themed puzzle should be ideal for kids who like to exercise their creative engineering abilities, as you have to methodically create channels, paths and bridges to guide Santa to his goal. There’s plenty of potential trial and error required before you find a suitable solution in each level, so keep drawing those lines of snow. Your creative abilities are thoroughly tested as you attempt to engineer a smooth journey for Santa through the treacherous mountainous terrain. There's still plenty of time to be good and to practice helping others, so let's reach our "peak" for the Holiday Season. Good luck, and happy path building!

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Hello! How fast can you type the alphabet on your computer keyboard or touchscreen? How about typing it backwards? Let’s put your keyboard skills to the test with Krazy Keys, a fun and fast-paced typing game for kids where you get the chance to exercise and improve your reaction speed as well as your quick typing abilities. Take on a series of tricky typing challenges, and work your nifty fingers into a tap-tap-tapping frenzy! There are lots of quirky and unusual typing tasks to get your brain racing, including a challenge where you have to quickly type out some of the longest words in the English language. Let’s get typing!

How to Play: In each of the 5 game modes, you must type out a certain set of letters as fast as you possibly can. You start off on the default game mode where you have to type out the letters of the alphabet in order, from A to Z. The clock starts automatically when you hit the first letter in each game mode. The next letter in the sequence is always displayed in the center of the game screen. Keep trying to beat your fastest score (displayed when you finish a typing sequence).

There are 5 different game modes to choose from. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the ‘Game Mode’ option on the main menu screen to choose one of the Game Modes:

- ABC Mode: Here, you simply have to type out each letter of the standard alphabet from A to Z as fast as possible.

- ZYX Mode: You have to type out the standard alphabet backwards, from Z to A.

- QRT Mode: Here, you have to quickly type out the letters as they appear on a classic computer keyboard – QWERTY….. and so on. Type all 26 letters in all three rows on the keyboard to succeed.

- DTN Mode: You have to type out one of the longest known words in the Engish language – ‘Disestablishmentarianism’ (phew, what a tongue-twister!)

- RDM Mode: Here, a random letter appears in the center of the game screen. All 26 letters of the alphabet appear, one-by-one, in a jumbled order.

Try out each of the Game Modes, and then see how many times you can beat your own records. Happy typing!

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Alphabet Stacker is a fun, physics-based building and stacking game for kids where you have to stack letters of the alphabet next to or on top of each other, and keep them together and balanced within certain areas. To succeed in each level, all of the letters must be dragged onto the grid - and they must remain sturdy and together as a group for approximately 7 seconds. This is much trickier than it sounds, as the contours of each letter can be extremely difficult to manage. For example, it’s pretty tough to keep a big letter S balanced on top of the letter R!

This unusual construction-type game follows the law of gravity, so one little mistake could mean your tower of letters comes tumbling down. You’ll need a steady hand to succeed, as the letters are quite tricky to control, and are sensitive to even the slightest touch. Your engineering skills will also be tested, as this is the likely the first time you’ll have used letters of the alphabet as building blocks! Are you ready to lay down the ‘Letter of the Law’? Happy stacking and balancing, and Good luck!

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