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This page lists the newest games to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play online games for free. Online since 2003, we list games under categories that include Action; Adventure; Arcade; Board; Bike; Car & Racing; Card; Dress Up & Coloring; Educational; Games for high school students; Hidden Object; Young Kids; Maze; Online; Pacman; Puzzle; Role Playing; Shockwave; Shooting; Simulation; Sports; Strategy and more. We hope that you enjoy these fun and challenging games with your family and friends.

Monsters' Wheels 2 is a high octane, multi-level, monster truck racing and driving game where you get behind the wheel of a truly powerful monster truck in a series of 32 epic side-scrolling levels featuring races, jumping tasks, destruction derby-style events, and more.

Reasons to play this action-packed monster truck game: These monster trucks are massive, engine-revving fuel-guzzling beasts! So step forward and test your fast reactions and stunt driving skills as you plot your way through the obstacle-filled tracks, tricky jumping levels, and destruction derbies.

Best strategy to win: Good keyboard control is the key to success. Patience, speed, skill, stamina, and the utter will to win are all important attributes required here if you want to take the Checkered Flag in 1st place, be the last truck standing, or jump the highest. The races are long and feature many tricky pitfalls – so don't give up even if you're a fair distance behind. Good decision making is essential; you can upgrade your monster truck in between races, so picking which part of the truck to improve is important. Don't worry about crashing into your competitors as they are on a different path, but you need to carefully vault over wooden beams and barrels at speed.

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First Day of March is a straight-forward, fun, interactive dressing up game. Playing the role of an ‘on-trend’ fashion guru, you must design a stunning outfit for your pretty model to wear on a fresh spring day. You enjoy full creative license, and must select clothes, hairstyles, shoes, bags and accessories for your model. But, can you create a chic, head-turning look?

Exercise your creative side as you choose from a wide range of different outfits and motifs. This enjoyable makeover activity should prove a good fit for any young creative types out there who enjoy discovering fun color combinations, or those already dedicated to the latest girl fashions and trends. Simply follow your fashion sense, and try to come up with the prettiest outfit that you can.

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A fun fix-it-up game for younger kids - kindergarten / junior elementary school age. Little Heroes is an interactive ‘point-and-click’ DIY fix it and rescue-style game where you must quickly and efficiently solve problems in a heroic way with your computer mouse! Tasks include putting out fires like a brave firefighter, repairing wires, replacing broken windows, repairing walls, and more!

Reasons to play this fun, virtual fix-up game: Exercise your smart reflexes and reaction skills as you aim to bring the environment back to normal in as fast a time as possible. Display your instruction following ability and discipline by fixing the problems in the order suggested by the pink indicator arrow.

Best strategy for success: Keeping a cool head and being determined are very important in real-life jobs, and this fix-it-up task is no different. Although there might be chaos all around, you must find the most efficient way to bring everything back to normal. Accurate mouse clicking is essential as you aim to methodically remove the problems from the game screen with fast, tactful clicks.

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Wonderful Wordsmiths Required! Test your vocabulary skills with this interactive and educational word creation game for older kids, teens and adults! Wordtris is a clever and challenging, word puzzle-based activity where you must create valid words from a list of randomly placed letter tiles. Kind of similar in concept to a classic block-stacking puzzle like Tetris, this language-based game requires you to complete your word-creation task before the stacks of letters reach the top of the play area. Each level features a new and challenging task to be completed against the clock!

Reasons to play this quirky, online word power game: This is an excellent brain teaser challenge for anyone who enjoys quick-fire word puzzles, or non-native English speaking players who like to exercise their English language skills. Stimulate your focus and concentration levels and quick thinking ability as you attempt to find words within the jumbled letters, and use your fast reactions to complete the tasks before the letters ascend all the way to the top of the screen.

Best strategy: Good knowledge of the English language and sharp spelling skills are required here. You must keep a cool head at all times under pressure. Carefully study the letters at your disposal, and wrack your brains to pick out a word from them. Play with a friend or family member for added fun and eyes!

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Swift Drive is a straight-forward, rip-roaring, circuit racing game where you get behind the wheel of a souped-up sports car and compete against computer opponents in high octane 3-lap races. This is a no-frills driving challenge where expert cornering and overtaking are the key to success. There are no fancy nitro boosters or special moves, just good old-fashioned virtual driving skills on 6 increasingly-difficult tracks.

Reasons to play this fun online racing game: Exercise your fast reactions, racing prowess and will to win as you attempt to become the master of all six tracks. Use good decision making as you select which areas to upgrade your car in between each race. Awaken your competitive spirit as you vie to become the first driver to raise that Checkered Flag in each race!

Best strategy to win: Choose your moments wisely – good virtual drivers know when to attack / overtake, and when to sit back. It's no use trying to make a wild, overtaking maneuver and then crashing into an opponent - losing all hard-earned momentum! Keep a close eye on the in-race mini-map to prepare for upcoming corners and straights. So race smartly, and enjoy the ride!

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Sumo Run is a wild and wacky ‘endless running’, survival-based platform game where you must guide a surprisingly-agile sumo wrestler through a tricky, side-scrolling obstacle course. With the ultimate goal of surviving for as long as possible, you must leap acrobatically from ledge to ledge while avoiding the obstructions that attempt to stop your superstar sumo in his tracks (Obstacles include rocks, puddles, and Buddha statues).

Reasons to play this action-packed running & jumping game: Escape reality for a little while, and enjoy the sheer spectacle of a sumo wrestler performing awesome double-flips over mountainous drops! Exercise your fast reactions and observation skills as you attempt to make your way through the deterrent-filled obstacle course.

Best strategy to win: Tactful timing of your jumps is the key to survival! So, your keyboard control skills have to be ‘on point’ here. The ability to predict what's likely to come next is also important. If you can anticipate when and where the obstacles and ledge-breaks are going to come, you already have an advantage!

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The Real Tale: 5 Differences is a very hard, multi-level, spot-the-difference puzzle game where you must find and eliminate 5 miniscule differences between two seemingly identical pictures in each level. Featuring fun and old-style artistic drawings and breathtaking landscape images, you must scrutinize each square inch of the picture images to spot where the small or almost hidden differences are in all 40 levels.

Reasons to play this tricky visual puzzle game: Test your eyesight and exercise your concentration and observation skills as you attempt to identify the differences in the shortest time possible. Awaken your detective / sleuthing skills as you become a problem-solving, hidden object-hunting specialist! Dazzle your best friends and family with your very sharp difference-spotting prowess.

Best strategy to win: Focus, patience and persistence are really important here as you studiously examine each pair of pictures for dissimilarity. Play smartly - You get deducted points for clicking wildly and hoping to get lucky! Don’t be too proud to ask for help either; there is a Hint function, and you can always ask a friend or family member to help out – two sets of eyes are better than one in this game!

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Play an addicting reflex game! Rektagon is a very hard, fast-paced, reaction skills and survival game for kids, teens and grownups where you must quickly and repeatedly move your character to a safe area, avoiding surrounding walls that close in at an increasingly-high speed. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, you must constantly adjust your position to avoid the enclosing walls in six similar-yet-awesome mini game modes.

Reasons to play this highly challenging reactions-based game: Test and exercise your observation skills, mouse control and hand-eye coordination skills, and sharp reflexes as you quickly zoom your character around the game zone in a crazy dash for survival every few seconds. Accept the difficult challenge of trying to unlock all six mini game modes (the 6th is really tough!). Also enjoy the cool retro soundtrack and classic 8-bit sound effects of this super arcade challenge.

Best strategy: Acceptance that trial and error is absolutely the key to progressing as far as you can, and setting new record scores. You must learn from your mistakes, and be flexible and persistent enough to change up your strategy and technique if needed!

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Bring math to life as you tackle a fast-paced, point-and-click, addition game with a cool matching puzzle theme! Savvy Math 2 is a tricky, online, math-based activity where you must quickly match and eliminate numbers from a grid against the clock. However, instead of matching the numbers of the same value, you must create a ‘matching group’ that adds up to a special target number that constantly changes! For example: If your target is 15 – you could click on an 8, 4, 2 and 1 before the clock runs out!

Reasons to play this educational math workout game: This could be played as a fun, reinforcement exercise for an elementary school math class or elementary age student, or as a fun homework assignment for young math enthusiasts to help brush up on their addition skills in an interactive setting.

Exercise your math problem solving skills as you quickly try to hit the target sum using numbers available on the grid. Stimulate your fast reactions and reflexes – The clock is ticking, and you must create your matching group before it elapses.

Best strategy to win: Good basic math addition skills are obviously very important here. Patience and determination are also essential – You must keep a cool head and pick out your numbers carefully and efficiently. Accurate mouse control is also vital – Clicking on the incorrect number could mess up your group, and cost you some valuable time!

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A cool stacking blocks game online: Towertris is an excellent 3D re-invention of Tetris – the classic block building puzzler. Just as in original Tetris, this fun game features continuously descending building blocks that must be carefully slotted into place to create full horizontal rows to be eliminated from the play area. In this more interactive version, you actually build a cool 3D tower that can be rotated 360 degrees, making the challenge of building and creating solid rows even more stimulating and enjoyable!

Reasons to play Towertris: Fans of retro arcade-style games and vintage 1980's puzzles should enjoy the quirky new take on a true gaming classic! Test and exercise your cognitive thinking skills and fast reactions under pressure as you constantly rotate your tower and attempt to seamlessly slot blocks into your structure. Stimulate your creative engineering skills as you continuously build your tower while expertly handling the continuous tide of falling blocks.

Best strategy to win: With differently-shaped blocks falling at regular intervals, you must be in a constant state of readiness, and exhibit smart reflexes as you try to spin your tower and slot in the blocks where you think they should go. Keeping a cool head at all times under pressure is very important.

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The Onomastica is a very interesting platform adventure running game with a cool, linguistics twist. Playing the role of an acrobatic running and jumping character, you must leap across platforms and ledges made up of different words and letters. These interchangeable block words and letter fragments can be pushed together and manipulated to form new words which alter the game environment in a really clever way. For example – you might have to push the letters E-R toward the end of L-A-D-D – and suddenly, the completed word transforms into a LADDER that you can climb to get to the next ledge!

Reasons to play this challenging thinking game: Fans of quirky, alternative, highly interactive and thought-provoking puzzle games and brain teasers are in for a treat! Exercise your logical and analytical thinking skills, problem solving stamina levels, and your vocabulary range as you attempt to create solutions with the available letters. Stimulate your observation and reaction skills too - Amid the fun word-play, you still have to run and jump tactfully and accurately.

Best strategy to win: You need to tap into your ability to ‘think outside of the box’, and rely on your puzzle-busting determination to go deep into this creative and difficult Flash-based game. Sharp keyboard skills are also important as you attempt to join separate words and letter groupings together! Enjoy the fun word-play action!

Educational note: The name of the game ‘Onomastica’, comes from the Greek term ‘onomastics’ which is a branch of linguistic study that focuses on names and people.

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Canvasser is a game for environmentalism enthusiasts and older kids & high school students who love a volunteering challenge. Here, your job is to raise virtual money as part of a team to save ‘Evergreen Forest’ from being cut down in this cool and unique point-and-click game of persuasion!

A canvasser is a person who solicits or encourages contributions, donations or votes for what he or she thinks is a worthy cause. If you've ever done some fundraising or similar non-profit work or if you've been stopped on the street by someone canvassing for contributions, you'll know that it is quite a tough job!

Now, how do you think "you" would fare in convincing people to part with their hard-earned money, requesting donations in a high-pressure social setting? Would you have the verbal and personal skills and persuasiveness to successfully raise money for your great cause?

Reasons to play this entertaining RPG game: Feel good about making a difference in the world and to your worthy environmental cause! Canvasser is a highly stimulating and interactive fundraising game where your goal is to raise money by persuading people on the street to donate to your campaign to save Evergreen Forest!

You play the role of an environmentally-concerned canvasser, and must use common sense, friendliness, likeability, rapport building skills, and verbal persuasion techniques to motivate and encourage people to give as much money as they can to your very important cause. Test your decision making skills as you attempt to choose the correct reply to each person's response. Exercise your ‘people-reading’ skills, but try not to bore or annoy people by badgering them! The cool graphics are reminiscent of old school 8-bit games, and this adds to the likeability of the game.

Strategy to win: In addition to using general common sense and smart decision making skills, fast reactions, great determination and persistence are also really important attributes of a successful canvasser. You play against a clock, with only a certain amount of time to raise the target sum of money each day, so dawdling certainly is not an option here! You must also use accurate mouse clicking - as you don’t want to click on the wrong reply and offend your potential patron! Now, let's hit the streets and get canvassing!

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Save planet earth from an alien invasion: Galactic Commandos is a cool, teamwork-based platform adventure and alien shooting / defence strategy game where you must guide three ‘hero’ commandos through a series of action-packed levels on a mission to infiltrate an alien spaceship - with the overall goal of saving earth from being conquered. Switch intermittently between ‘Scout’, ‘Shield’, and ‘H.Weap’, and use each hero's unique attributes to eliminate your robot enemies, and to flip switches, solve puzzles, and more.

Fast reactions, smart character management, and good strategy and decision making skills are all vital here to your commando team's success. Use logical thinking to carefully figure out which specific hero should be used for which task. Trial and error is also important – You must learn from your mistakes if you want to progress far into the alien spaceship's depths to win the day!

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Play a fast-paced, old-style platformer game of survival where you simply run, run, run! Mr Runner is a very tricky platform and momentum-based action game played against the clock. Here, you must guide the lightning-fast Mr Runner through a series of volcanic platform levels, building up momentum with high speed running and accurate leaps between ledges. Collect coins along the journey, and try to win a gold medal for speed.

Reasons to play this arcade game: If you're looking for a good, hard, stimulating test of your reactions, observation and anticipation skills, and high-speed decision making ability, you've landed in the right place! The super quick nature of Mr Runner means that one tiny slip can prove disastrous; meaning that you must exercise a high concentration level throughout.

Best strategy to win: A really cool head with excellent coordination and reaction skills are required if you want to go deep into this high-octane game. Trial and error also plays a big part as you attempt to learn from your mistakes, and get a clean run through each obstacle-filled challenge. Persist until you succeed!

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Based on a simple concept, Hanna in a Choppa is a stimulating, accuracy and reactions-based, flying action game for kids & teens where you must guide a small helicopter through a series of narrow, closed-off, obstacle-filled levels (where the striking orange and black color scheme gives the game a cool retro look). Playing the role of Hanna, the bravest stick figure chopper pilot of them all, you must carefully dodge, weave, swoop and slide through each tricky flying task. Simple flight movement is not sufficient – you must also engage in interactive tasks such as knocking over boulders, transferring debris, flipping switches, performing complicated flip moves, and more!

Reasons to play this game: Exercise your observation, concentration and coordination skills as you attempt to carefully navigate through each of the 21 increasingly difficult yet entertaining levels. Test your fast reactions as you quickly change direction and try to avoid damaging Hanna's helicopter. Engage your competitive spirit as you endeavor to complete all of the levels to prove your expertise as a true virtual chopper flying wizard!

Best strategy to win: A cool head, great patience and careful planning are key traits required here. There is no time limit, and many levels offer a variety of options on how to get to the Finishing Flag. Use of trial and error is also important – It's highly unlikely that you'll complete each level on your first attempt, so you've got to learn from your mistakes!

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Riff Master II is a fun, reactions-based, electric guitar music simulation game and keyboard typing challenge. You play the role of an aspiring rock band guitarist with attitude, and must tactfully type in the correct notes as they scroll through the game screen in order to score points. You can also join forces with a friend, and form an awesome 2-piece band! Your goal is to score as many points as you can in each level / song in order to progress and earn special bonuses.

Stimulate your smart reactions and keyboard tapping skills as you try to hit the right notes in the correct places. Give your anticipation and observation skills a real workout as you check out when and where the on-coming notes must be ‘played’ on your keyboard. Of course, don't forget to enjoy the hard rock action!

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Tricky Rick 2 is a challenging, multi-level, platform-based adventure game where you must guide a friendly alien robot called Rick through a series of tricky obstacle and ledge-based levels. After becoming stranded on an unfamiliar planet, Rick must shuffle around collecting special energy balls in each of the 27 levels. Once all of the energy balls have been accumulated, Rick can call his buddies back home, and get them to send a replacement spaceship!

Rick can perform simple tasks such as walking and climbing, but needs to utilize special items, switches, and weapons to progress. Exercise your smart reaction skills, good keyboard control, and problem-solving know-how as you help Rick to navigate through each puzzle-like level. Depending on the level, Rick may have to use teleporting devices, elevator mechanisms, missile-firing cannons, and more. Enjoy the platform action!

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XO Wars is a fun and fast online Tic-Tac-Toe game where you play against the computer in an ‘Easy’ or ‘Hard’ difficulty level. In this animated Flash puzzle game version of the classic ‘pen and paper’ doodling game also known as ‘Xs and Os’ or ‘Naughts and Crosses’, your aim is to place three blue ‘O’ marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on the 3X3 space grid. Naturally, you must also block your opponent from making a ‘three-in-a-row’ combination with his red X marks.

Skills required include accurate mouse clicking, simple logic, and the determination to outwit your computer opponent. Patience and perseverance also play a part, as there are plenty of "Tie games" in Tic-Tac-Toe, and you often need to wait for your PC opponent to make a mistake in order to pounce for victory. Enjoy the fun action!

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Use fast reactions, accurate clicking / tapping, and expert mini-game playing skills to nurse sick little cats back to health! Cutie's Kitty Rescue is a fun animal care simulation game and interactive mini-game activity for young kids where you must restore a bunch of ill kittens to full health. Playing against the clock, and working as an assistant to ‘Cutie’ (the local vet), you must excel in a series of simple, cat care-related mini games such as putting band aids onto cats, playing with balls of yarn, helping a kitty eat and drink, and more.

Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this easy-to-play online pet care game requires accurate mouse clicking skills / finger tapping expertise depending on which device you are playing on. Ok Kitty Rescuer, let's hope your cat caring skills are close to purr-fect!

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Juicy Dash is an addicting, interactive ‘match 3 or more’ game and visual puzzle with really good graphics - playable on Android mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop, and desktop PC. Faced with a 7X7 grid of different fruits, you must swap their positions in order to create adjacent matching groups of three or more of the same fruits. Your goal is to reach a specific points target in each level, but beware that the clock is ticking!

This fun, easy-to-play matching puzzle for little kids through teens requires good concentration and observation skills as well as fast reactions. Color coordination and strategy skills are also essential as you figure out the fastest and most efficient way to reach your points target before the clock runs down. This is a great "time filler" game when you perhaps have to wait around somewhere. It's like eating popcorn at the movies - You cannot stop! So, happy fruit matching!

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