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This page lists the newest games to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play online games for free. Online since 2003, we list games under categories that include Action; Adventure; Arcade; Board; Bike; Car & Racing; Card; Dress Up & Coloring; Educational; Games for high school students; Hidden Object; Young Kids; Maze; Online; Pacman; Puzzle; Role Playing; Shockwave; Shooting; Simulation; Sports; Strategy and more. We hope that you enjoy these fun and challenging games with your family and friends.

The crowd cannot watch… Your heart pounds… Just 12 yards between you and glory… "PEEEEP", the referee’s whistle blows… up you step! Soccer football's ultimate pressure showdown; the penalty shootout – is the perfect way to sort the less-skilled ball strikers from the real pros. But have you ultimately got the steely nerve to succeed at penalty kicks?

Kick Off is a challenging, point-and-click, soccer penalty game where you take on the computer in a series of tournament-style penalty shootout competitions where the first team to score 5 goals is the winner. You play the roles of penalty taker and goalkeeper for your chosen international side, so there is no escape – the buck stops with you!

This fun, high-intensity, mouse control football game requires good decision making skills, and excellent reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You pick your spot when shooting at goal, and try to guess which way the computer opponent's shot will go.

Just like a real-life penalty shootout, an ability to function under immense pressure is also important. It is often said that penalties are like a lottery – but others know that those players with the strongest nerve have the best chance of scoring! Good luck Shootout Superstar!

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Experience volleyball like you've never done before! Madpet Volleybomb is a wacky, volleyball-based skill game where you must use smart reflexes and keyboard reaction speed to knock a ticking time bomb (instead of a ball) over the net in a high-intensity game of "volleybomb" - playing against the computer or a friend! With eccentric cartoon creatures as the stars of the show, you earn points by ensuring that the bouncy bomb explodes on your opponent's side of the court.

This fun and unusual ball sports simulation game (with rules much like a very eccentric version of badminton or tennis) requires good decision making, fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and smart prediction skills to best deal with the bomb each time it arrives on your side of the net. As in volleyball in real-life, this is an all-action game where you have no time to dawdle! Simply get that bomb over the net as fast as you can!

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Car Yard is a fun, reflex-based, car chase adventure game where you must quickly click on the correct icon or arrow in order to survive for as long as possible in the perilous car yard – and further your cute car's epic journey to escape. You play the role of a little red car that desperately wants to avoid ending up in the junk yard, and must use fast mouse-clicking and reaction skills to evade the many obstacles and enemies that try to hasten your transformation into scrap metal!

This impressive and unusual side-scrolling, "choose your own destiny"-style survival game requires fast brain, hand and eye coordination, and wrist reaction speed. You only have a very limited amount of time to choose which action to take in each scenario, and to then instantaneously point and click on the options in the correct sequence in order to survive. Ok Escape Artist, we're all rooting for you!

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Paper Floods is a very challenging and quirky physics-based puzzle game for elementary through high school age kids where you have to save a copybook-drawn "Dude" character from a rapidly surging flood in each level. To do this, you must place lifebuoys (life preservers), blocks or rocks in strategic positions so that when the flood comes in, these objects assist your buoyant character in reaching to safety above the new water level close to the top of the game screen.

This tricky, problem-solving brainteaser game causes you to also think outside of the box, and should prove a good exercise for fans of physics and gravity-based puzzles, or anyone who enjoys applying creative engineering and analytical thinking skills to a fun online activity. It could also be used as a fun physics or interactive buoyancy lesson reinforcement activity in the school classroom.

Your strategic decision-making skills really are "central to your success" here as you take potential energy and kinetic energy into account when placing your available objects. There is no time limit on your initial thinking and placement phase, so you have every opportunity to visually predict what is likely to happen, and to carefully plot your new "Dude" buddy's escape from each perilous situation. If your survival items aren’t sufficiently well-placed, it is unfortunately big trouble for Dude! We hope you're ready to use all of your logic skills and determination to save the day!

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SABC Sport Cricket Challenge is a tricky online cricket batting simulation game for kids, teens & grownups where you play against the computer, and must face 15 ‘overs’ (90 balls), and try to score as many runs as you can with expertly-timed cricket shots! Kind of like a strategic version of baseball, cricket is a sport where you score runs by hitting the ball as far away from you as possible. The better your shot, the more runs you score! However, beware of the opposing bowler trying to get you ‘out’ at every opportunity! This an intense tactical battle of wits, timing, and skill!

All top cricket batsmen will tell you that ‘timing is everything’. Tactfully attacking or defending each ball bowled is a sporting art in itself! You must choose when to ‘go after’ a bowler, and when to sit back and absorb the pressure!

This is really a visual and reflex challenge – you must be ready to strike the ball confidently when it reaches the optimum area. Good keyboard control and smooth hand-eye coordination skills are the key to a big score here. Any hesitation, and SPLAT, your stumps (wooden objects that the batsman must protect) will be knocked over, and your player will be trudging deflated back to the dressing rooms! So, good luck batting!

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Mini Golf is a challenging point-and-click adventure golf simulation game where you take on a course of 18 putt-putt / crazy golf holes. With Single and 2 Player modes available, you can play against a best friend or family member, or simply pit your wits against the tricky slopes and obstacles of the course. Your goal, as ever, is to putt the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible!

This fun, mouse-click golf game should be a good hit with those who simply enjoy playing adventure golf, or any competitive types who like to take on their friends or family members in a good-old virtual sports battle! It's time to get down to the first tee box!

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Would you like to be a firefighter truck driver when you grow up? 3D Firefighter Parking is a fun and challenging truck driving game where you must maneuver a large red fire truck into a designated parking spot in 15 progressively-difficult levels. Not only do you have to carefully guide this big beast of a vehicle neatly into the the parking spot but you also play against the clock! Driving errors are an absolute "no-go" - one slight crash, and you're chances of passing the level are truly dented.

This cool 3D firefighter driving simulation game requires sharp concentration (just as in real-life!) and good arrow key control. Avoiding obstacles, walls and buildings can be a tricky process, especially in later levels when you don't have much room to maneuver! Good decision making is important – do you take the more difficult shortcut, or embark on the more time-consuming "long way round"? Trial and error comes into play – but can you learn from your mistakes? Ok fire truck driver – please show us your cool-headed parking skills!

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Dexterity and coordination game: Dexterity games involve exercising your fine motor skills, and in this case, the synchronization of your hands and fingers with your eyes. Some players will find this task very difficult but the fun is in simply playing the game to help test, exercise and improve your fine motor skills.

1-2-3 Game is a challenging, highly interactive, "ball-in-a-maze" dexterity-based online puzzle (for kids and family members of all ages) where you must carefully maneuver a bouncy green ball through a large maze grid – avoiding the many black holes as you progress.

In this classic-style maze game (based on the iconic wooden puzzles invented in the 1800s), as well as dodging and weaving the ball around the treacherous field of potholes, you should try to complete the maze as quickly as possible (The clock is ticking!). However, a cool head, very steady finger work, tenacity and stamina are all really important attributes required here if you want to succeed.

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Unleash your creative painting skills with this fun online coloring game! Car Painting is an easy-to-play, interactive, mouse-clicking "color fill-in" game for little kids where you have the opportunity to design your own color scheme for a cool sports car! Featuring a palette of over 200 different colors, you can make your vehicle as wacky or as realistic looking as you want! There are even some cute cartoon animal buddies to color in also!

This creative point-and-click game could be used as a good fun activity for young children developing their color coordination skills, or who simply love coloring-in activities on computer. Happy car painting!

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Exercise and improve your mental reflexes, hand speed and reaction time with this quick-fire game of evasion and survival: Moustress is an awesomely-addicting, reactions skills-based, mouse control game where you must collect as many blue and white flashing orbs as possible while evading increasing numbers of screen-crossing missiles.

Set on a classic 2D arcade background, the catch here is that missile numbers increase with each point you score, eventually making the game grid a treacherous obstacle-filled, moving maze! Can you deal with the "mouse-stress" of it all?

This very challenging, high speed, online skill game requires excellent reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills, sharp mouse control, a cool head under increasing pressure, endless tenacity, and more! Mentally, you must be on top of your game to be a success here – one bad move, and it’s curtains! For how long can you dodge, weave and evade the missiles?

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Neon Rider World is an awesome, skill-based, 2D retro-style bike driving game where you must guide a fast and futuristic motorbike through a series of challenging, hi-tech race tracks with tricky hills, bumps, and ravines galore! The twist is that certain sections of the track are colored differently, and you must quickly change your rider-less vehicle to a specific neon color in order to ride on that piece of upcoming track! You can choose to play on the original pre-programmed levels, or test yourself against super-fan-designed tracks from talented gamers around the globe!

This cool, side-scrolling arcade game takes elements from the cult 80's movie Tron, and mashes them into a cool and challenging biking adventure set in the distant future! Quick reflexes, smart keyboard control, and sharp observation skills are all vitally important as you attempt to remain on-course by promptly changing your bike's color to suit the track. Enjoy the high speed retro action!

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Mini Wheels Parking is a cute yet tricky RC car-style driving game where you use your bird's eye view to park a toy car into a specific parking spot against the clock in 10 challenging obstacle-filled levels. As Master Remote Controller, you must carefully inch your way around the game screen, avoiding any collisions with other toys. Your RC car has only a finite amount of battery life left – and the clock is ticking!

This fun, top-down arcade game requires good keyboard control with some strategy, as well as plenty of patience and determination, especially in later levels when you are faced with moving obstacles and hindrances. Are you ready to park your way into the Elite?

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Play a cute maze game, and enjoy helping a little mole to collect his delicious treats! A hungry mole needs to munch up all of the food available above ground but must be really careful not to retrace his steps! Mole: The First Hunting is a fun and challenging, interactive, maze-based puzzle game for kids & teens where you must guide a "cute" mole around a grid of tiles, collecting all of the vegetables on offer as you go, and then escape back underground to safety via an Exit hole. The catch here is that you can only use each square on the grid once – retracing your steps is not permitted!

This tricky, visual brain-teaser & fun problem-solving activity requires good concentration and analytical thinking skills, well-planned strategy, and the determination to succeed. There's no time limit, so patience is also important as you take your time to carefully figure out the ideal solution (There may be more than one solution to a level). Happy vegetable munching!

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Melvin's Run is a challenging, maze-based, programming-themed puzzle game for kids and teens where you must guide Melvin and his robot Blix to the exit in each level. Melvin can be maneuvered easily around the game area using your arrow keys, but Blix, the robot, must be carefully programmed with specific instructions regarding where exactly to go before each "run". You must give Blix basic commands (turn left, right, jump, etc), set him on his way, and hope that he makes it through the maze unscathed!

Background info: Melvin is a genius programmer that has been imprisoned on the 15th floor of the ToolCorp Headquarters. He needs your help in programming Blix so that the two of them can escape for once and for all!

This tricky, interactive problem-solving brain teaser and analytical thinking skills game should prove a good fun activity for budding computer whizzes, and for any gamers who simply enjoy the novelty of giving specific programming instructions to their characters (Rather than just moving them manually with the Arrow Keys). Your creative engineering and strategy skills, and sheer determination to succeed are truly tested here. Ok Tech Master, let's see if you can guide this dynamic duo to safety!

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Snail Bob 2 is a fun and wacky, interactive adventure puzzle for kids & teens where you must use your observation skills, logic, creative engineering and strategy skills along with good timing to safely guide a friendly snail through a dangerous forest environment to his grandpa's birthday party.

In this stimulating, point-and-click problem solving activity (to play online at home or in the school classroom as a creative thinking reinforcement exercise), you must remove obstacles, create pathways, block enemies, build bridges, and more in order to see Bob safely through each level. Great patience, determination and plenty of old-school trial and error are all key to your and Bob's success. Bob may normally move along at a snail's pace but the challenges come thick and fast so be alert!

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Earn a vast fortune running your own gasoline filling station while providing top class customer service to your patrons: Gazzoline Deluxe is a fun and intense, multi-tasking, point and click tycoon game for kids & high school students where you take over the everyday management of a very busy gasoline station! Here, you must exhibit strong all-round business strategy and customer service skills while promptly completing tasks such as filling up gas tanks, serving drinks & snacks, working the cash register, and more in a hectic day's work to make your station a real success!

This fast-paced, customer service and business-building simulation game requires typical entrepreneurial and hard-working traits such as alertness, a sense of purpose and urgency, fast reactions, good decision making skills, and the ability and determination to multi-task all day long without deviation or complaint. You might have a few cars waiting to be served at any one time, so there's definitely no time to dawdle!

Boredom is just not on the menu in this business world. There's really good money to be earned out there, and continuous repeat actions are certainly not a problem when you are backing a winner and making a healthy profit. Now then, are you ready to transform your virtual business from a one-pump stand into a global franchise that has everyone stopping by for a great service?

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3D car racing extravaganza with multiple levels to enjoy: X Speed Race is an intense, rip-roaring, tire-screeching spectacle where you choose from 13 awesome sports cars, three different game modes, and 12 hot race tracks. Burn rubber in some of the fastest cars online as you take on savvy computer opponents in classic races or special elimination challenges.

Best of all, you have great control over the game environment you play in! All cars and tracks are unlocked from the beginning, and you can choose how many laps, how many opponents, and the difficulty level, and all before you hit the starting grid!

This high-octane driving simulation game is certainly no tootle around the track. Handling these powerful cars is very difficult, and requires good decision making and fast reactions. The cool 3D driving gameplay also makes for an authentic, immersive gaming experience. So, are you ready to show your worth behind the wheel? See you at the finish line Maestro!

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Steep Dive Airmail is a fun and challenging "point, drag and click"-based puzzle game for kids & teens where you must carefully plan out the flight path of a small aircraft so that it collects all of the loose mail along its route. Using your analytical thinking skills with good strategy and timing, you must ensure that your plane flies safely across the game screen while coming into contact with any awkwardly-positioned mail. Before take-off, you manually set the dotted flight trajectory of your aircraft so that it enables you to reach each piece of mail in that level while avoiding other flying aircraft, hot air balloons and rockets.

This stimulating brain teaser challenge should prove a good fun test for fans of interactive problem-solving activities, logic and creative engineering games online. The air traffic control tower may just have found itself a new star!

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Inversed is a clever and challenging, interactive maze-based puzzle game for kids and teens where you control a little red ball that moves in the mirror opposite way (inversely) to your computer mouse cursor. Using this fact as your starting point, you must navigate your way through a series of tricky mazes where you literally have to think outside of the box!

This fun and quirky brain teaser and skill-based game provides a very different problem solving challenge because you always have to be fully ‘switched on’ and moving in the opposite direction to your natural instincts. Good hand-eye coordination, sharp mouse control and smart strategy are important skills required here as you try to figure out the often complex solution to a level. So let's get your creative thinking cap on, and make some inverse plays!

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Ultimate Arena Extreme is an all-action beat-em-up arcade game where you can blow off some steam and take on cartoon characters in a series of wacky arena-based fighting challenges where your objective at all times is to try to knock your opponent(s) out of the arena with well-placed punches! There are no fancy combat weapons or bonuses, this is simple hand-to-hand virtual scuffling at its finest!

This light-hearted, skill-based, punch em up game proves a stern test of your savvy keyboard control and fighting strategy as you attempt to dodge and weave around opponents, sneak up behind them, and land big blows that send them flying out of the arena! Dogged determination is also very important as you might need more than one attempt to make it past a certain round. Can you make it all the way to the Ultimate Arena finals?

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