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This page lists the newest games to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play online games for free. Online since 2003, we list games under categories that include Action; Adventure; Arcade; Board; Bike; Car & Racing; Card; Dress Up & Coloring; Educational; Games for high school students; Hidden Object; Young Kids; Maze; Online; Pacman; Puzzle; Role Playing; Shockwave; Shooting; Simulation; Sports; Strategy and more. We hope that you enjoy these fun and challenging games with your family and friends.

Send a monkey into the air and up into space to collect bananas all the way to the moon to ultimately find a new friend. Monty’s Moon is an eccentric, fun upgrade-based launch game where you must slowly build-up a monkey’s rocket launching apparatus until he's capable of reaching up to the moon! Sick of being lonely on Earth, Monty the Monkey sets his sights on finding a girlfriend on the moon (after reading a newspaper article about monkeys living in space!), and volunteers to test the latest "innovations in launch technology" in Monkeyland's Physics Research Center. Beginning with just a swinging branch and a few leaves as wings, you must carefully collect bananas to exchange them for new inventions, and transform Monty’s launching capabilities from nada to NASA-esque!

This light-hearted, online mouse-control skill game requires good strategy and innovation, patience and determination as you attempt to carefully and methodically build up your cool jungle rocket. Fast reactions are also important as you try to avoid various obstacles in the sky. Houston, we have lift off!

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Strap yourself in for a hectic, engine-revving, vehicle-flipping, 4x4 truck racing extravaganza where you utilize spiky weapons and sheer brute force as well as speed to defeat your opponents! Truck Wars is a high-octane monster truck racing game where you take on computer-controlled opponents in 24 intense side-scrolling racing challenges.

Unlike standard racing games which often highly rely on slick cornering and overtaking moves, here you actually have a spiked weapon on your front bumper that can be mischievously used to cause significant damage your opponents in the middle of the race! There’s no room for friendly rivalry in Truck Wars – where it’s claws out from the word go!

This light-hearted yet tricky monster truck driving game combines fun action, smart keyboard tapping requirements with good strategy. You can decide to race purely on skill and speed alone, or to use some of the naughty tricks available to put your opponents off their tracks! With a police pursuit element to some levels, this sure is racing on the edge!

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Show off your slick car handling skills in this tricky 3D parking challenge! City Car Parking 3D is a good driving simulation game for older kids & teens where you must carefully and safely park cars against the clock. Featuring small cars, convertibles, pickup trucks and more, you must methodically work your way around a busy city center parking area, completing as many parking tasks as possible before the timer runs out.

This high-intensity, Unity-based car and truck driving game requires a very steady hand, good keyboard control, patience, determination, and a calm head under pressure. The cool 3D graphics and handling controls also provide a pretty realistic experience. Although you are up against the clock, you must also remain in complete control of your vehicle; causing excessive damage is obviously a big problem! So, are you ready to prove your worth behind the wheel? Happy parking!

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The web's most eccentric, snooping private investigator is back with a new mystery case – and this time he needs your analytical thinking and mouse-clicking skills to unmask a wrestling impostor! Harry Quantum Episode 2: Unmasked is a fun and wacky, point and click, detective adventure game for older kids/ teens where you must use your eyes, logic, and sleuthing skills to carefully gather clues, and help Harry to solve a crime involving stolen artifacts from the local museum.

Background info: Legendary wrestler ‘Super Burro’ is being framed for a crime he didn’t commit – someone is stealing items from the museum dressed in his striking red costume. Super Burro has employed Harry and set him the task of figuring out who exactly the real thief is.

This quirky, brain-teaser puzzle requires good observation and concentration levels combined with smart creative thinking skills as you attempt to match similar objects and advance Harry through the numerous madcap scenarios, trying to spot and collect the various pieces of evidence needed to solve the crime. Let’s get right into some common sense sleuthing!

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Boite is a tricky skill-based, cannonball-shooting puzzle game for kids, teens and grownups where you must eliminate all of the colored blocks with a single shot in each level. This highly-challenging, problem solving arcade game requires good concentration levels, perception skills, strategy, memory skills, the ability and willingness to learn from your mistakes (through good-old trial and error), very accurate mouse control, and great determination to succeed. You must judge the power and angle of future shots from the failures of your previous attempts. Let's load up the cannon and get puzzle busting!

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Welcome to Vortex Point, a super-wacky and supernatural small town where hidden objects and spooky mysteries reign supreme! The game, Vortex Point 5, is a challenging hidden object-based, adventure puzzle for teens and grownups where you must help special detectives Kevin, Caroline, and Greg to figure out a head-scratching Halloween mystery. Using your computer mouse as a detective’s tool, you must click on anything unusual in each scene, and hopefully piece together the clues to solve an old crime from a black and white movie!

This fun, step-by-step, point and click-style puzzle activity requires very good observation, logic and decision making skills as you attempt to link various objects and clues together. Your memory skills are also tested as you try to figure out which areas of the town to visit at the correct moment.

Players with a curious, investigative side and those who love mystery solving games & brain teasers are definitely candidates for the hard sleuthing work required here! Ok Master Detective, it’s time to get problem solving!

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A cool, interactive, visual puzzle of 96 levels for kids, teens and grownups to test and exercise your concentration levels, strategy and analytical thinking skills, tenacity in problem solving, and overall mental stamina - at home online or in the school classroom as a physics-based reinforcement activity.

Melty is a stimulating, gravity-based, multi-level puzzle game where you must strategically flip and rotate the game screen as well as move wooden blocks so that a block of ice (highlighted with an encased yellow star) comes into contact with a red-hot (fireball) block. In each level, you must figure out a way to free up and release the prize yellow star from its ice block by reaching a fireball block, and this can only be achieved through interacting with the game grid, and maneuvering the ice-imprisoned star around the free space.

There are no time limits, or move restrictions, or fancy power-ups. This visual brain-teaser activity simply requires patience, smart logic and strategy, as well as the ability to learn from your mistakes through lots of trial and error. Let's jump right in and flip this tricky puzzle on its head!

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Old-school "join the dots" has been played for decades on paper and boards in classrooms and homes around the world – Now you have the fun opportunity to play online! Flash Dots is a cool mouse-clicking version of this classic notebook / copybook-based connect-the-dots game where you must score points by creating the fourth wall of a box.

Take turns with your tricky computer-controlled opponent to join the dots on a large grid by drawing horizontal and vertical lines. Whichever player draws the fourth line to complete a box is awarded that box, and the player with the higher number of boxes created at the end of the game is the winner!

This challenging, interactive puzzle & analytical thinking skills activity for kids, teens and grownups requires good observation and concentration levels, smart strategy and quick thinking skills when under pressure, and the vision to spot areas of the game grid to exploit. Courage and determination are key attributes of a winner. Always remember that your opponent has to place a line somewhere on the grid – so cornering your rival into making a THIRD line of a box is definitely a good play.

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Boom Boom Bloon is a challenging, physics-based, cannon-shooting puzzle game for elementary school kids through high school teens. Here, you must safely free up and allow all happy orange balloons to float up and away harm-free from a confined area, while also eliminating (bursting) all of the angry blue balloons. You must carefully and clinically do this through highly accurate cannonball shots that remove obstacles, create openings, unhook chains, propel objects, and more.

This fun, skill-based, mouse-clicking arcade game requires good observation and concentration levels, good strategy, timing, and smart cannon firing skills. If your timing is even a tiny bit off, you can easily burst the wrong balloon! Ok Cannon Commander, let’s see what you can achieve!

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Are you suited to becoming a Demolition Expert? Dynamite Blast 2 is a challenging destruction-based puzzle game where you must blow things up by carefully placing sticks of dynamite onto various structures (bridges, towers, buildings) in order to bring them crashing to the ground, below a specified height. Throughout the 35 increasingly-difficult levels, your job is to ensure that your explosives are positioned in such a way as to create MAXIMUM carnage to get you below the target "success" line.

This fun and stimulating skill-based game requires more subtlety than simply pressing the detonator button and hoping for the best. Here, you must utilize smart strategy to decide on weak points in each structure. A basic understanding of physics and the effects of gravity is helpful as you try to ensure that the falling structures are kept as low as possible. Trial and error also comes into play as you attempt to learn from your mistakes! Let’s get to the detonating action!

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Cool stunt-making action! Hop on board a hoverboard for an elevated, fast-paced, skateboarding / snowboarding-style challenge with a futuristic twist! Cavern 0048 is a tricky 3D hoverboard skill game where you ride through a narrow, dangerous cave on an awesome, gliding hoverboard, trying to score as many points as possible by performing spectacular mid-air hoverboard stunts!

This fun, ‘non-stop’ action game requires sharp keyboard reactions, good observation skills, and a flair for the outrageous (the more cool stunts you land, the more points you score). Have you got the skills required to weave and dodge your way past the many pesky cave columns that block your immediate path to become the underground world hoverboarding champ? Let’s find out!

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Air Strike Unity 3D is an awesome, immersive military plane flying simulation and shooting game for teens and grownups where you play the role of an attack pilot with a mission to destroy all enemy aircraft and warships. You’ve got no back-up, and you are effectively the last pilot standing. Fortunately, your fighter military plane is stocked with an unlimited number of rockets and bombs, and pulling the trigger is as easy as pressing a button (Spacebar). However, hitting your intended target is a very difficult challenge!

The cool 3D graphics in this intense dogfight action game make for an authentic sky battle experience, and should appeal to fans of high-octane fighter jet / air and sea battle games. Air Strike Unity 3D requires a really cool head for combat, good keyboard control (flying skills), and accurate shooting. Smart decision making skills is also very important – do you go straight for the enemy Master Ship, or first pick off some of the smaller vessels? Go Lieutenant!

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Catch the Candy Mech is a challenging, fun, interactive physics-based, visual puzzle game where you must skillfully use a Spiderman-style extendable rope tool to unite a small purple character with a tasty piece of candy in each level of a mechanical environment. Your determined purple hero cannot move of his own accord, but can move around the game screen by smartly using the retractable rope mechanism combined with some helpful objects in each level.

As Chief Puzzle Buster, you must choose when, where, and how to launch the rope-swinging, cuddly character into action, and how to maintain his momentum in the desired direction.

This very quirky, logic and skill-based arcade game should prove an interesting activity for fans of highly interactive problem-solving games with a twist, or anyone with a straight-forward fondness for good online puzzles and brain teasers. Good observation, analytical thinking skills, strategy, fast reactions, accurate mouse-clicking skills, and great determination are all required and exercised here. The timing of your swinging movements (mouse control) is really important, and the difference between success and failure. So, are you ready to swing into action? It's time to catch some candy!

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Candy Crusher is a tricky, classic-style, jumping platform arcade game for kids & teens where you must guide an acrobatic little purple monster through a series of dangerous ledge-based levels, gobbling a minimum of 3 pieces of candy in order to progress. Similar in style to Sonic and Mario games, you must avoid contact with enemies, steep ravines, hot lava pools, and other tricky deterrents on your high-octane jumping journey.

Fast reactions, good observation skills, and the ability to make tactful jumping maneuvers are all key attributes required here if you really want to be a Candy Crushing success! There is no time limit, so sometimes, giving very careful consideration to where next to jump is the best course of action (rather than a wild, ‘gung-ho’ approach). You simply need a cool head, great determination, skill, time and patience. Easy? Ok then, enjoy the challenge!

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The Princess On The Pea is a fun online spot-a-difference / hidden object puzzle game for younger kids that takes the form of a step-by-step fairytale book. In each ‘Chapter’, you must find and eliminate a set number of differences between two seemingly-identical images placed side by side. You are also tasked with finding special golden peas that are carefully hidden in each scene. Additionally, you can follow the cute storyline of a medieval princess and her beloved prince by reading along in between each level.

This interesting visual puzzle could prove a good activity for young children who enjoy fairytale stories, or kids looking to test and exercise their eyesight, focus, concentration, stamina, patience and determination. Players can take advantage the absence of a clock timer to meticulously comb each image for those tough-to-spot differences and peas. Now, let’s join the adventure, and get sleuthing!

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Dubboy is a challenging platform and jumping arcade game of survival based on a simple idea where you must guide a special, tiny, gliding data robot safely through a treacherous, side-scrolling, data crunching chamber. Avoiding red-colored ‘virus’ obstacles, you must ensure that Dubboy survives the lengthy journey by making sure he leaps, glides, and lands in safe positions.

The fun skill and reaction-based action is reminiscent of classic side-scrolling games like Helicopter. There are no special moves or fancy bonuses here. This game of survival is a simply a difficult test of your reaction speed and mouse-control prowess. Have you got the patience, concentration levels and focus to see Dubboy through to the end?

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Problem: Polar bears trapped in ice cubes. Solution: Interact with the game environment, use falling objects and the effects of gravity to find a way to push the cute bears into the water, freeing them from their icy constraint!

Ice Cube Bear XP is a very challenging physics-based puzzle game for older kids, teens, and grown ups where you must figure out a solution that pushes, nudges, or prods a trapped polar bear into the water. Use smart logic and creative problem-solving skills to interact with the game screen, remove obstacles, create bridges, initiate momentum and more on your noble quest to free all polar bears in 20 progressively-difficult levels.

This fun and stimulating brain teaser activity combines good strategic planning, fast reactions, tactful mouse-clicking, expert timing, and great patience and determination. You have to take many factors into account in each level – when to click, which objects to remove, and in what order to remove them! Ok Puzzle Master, we can’t ‘bare’ the suspense anymore! Let’s get problem solving!

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Pit your considerable wits against a challenging visual and strategy-based puzzle with a massive 300 LEVELS! Stream Master Unlimited is a fun yet tough brain teaser game for kids, teens and adults where you must carefully connect pairs of colored bubbles together on a large grid. The tricky part is that you must use EVERY square on the grid, and the colored lines between your bubbles cannot cross paths.

This cool online ‘connect the dots’-type activity can be played on desktop, laptop, notebook, and provides a stern test and exercise of your visual and problem solving (analytical) skills. Good observation skills and concentration are really essential here, as well as bucket-loads of determination! Have you got what it takes to make it all the way to Level 300?

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Help a cute little grub to feed! Om Nom Nom Munch is a fun, addicting and challenging reactions-based game for kids & teens that requires really fast and accurate mouse movement! In this quirky mouse skill-based arcade game, you must help a hungry grub insect to munch on a set percentage of his favorite leafy meals in each level. This greedy grub loves to take big bites out of his dinner, but needs you to quickly position your mouse so that he gets the most out of each leaf and chomping action. The more he eats, the faster the successive bites – so you’d better be on your toes and ready to move!

This tricky online action game requires smart, accurate mouse positioning skills. Your grub’s bite size and shape change rapidly (almost every second), and your hand-eye coordination skills are really tested as you try to maneuver your mouse around the game screen at speed. You must keep a keen eye on the percentage scores on the right side of the game screen while also concentrating on the careful chomping in the center! Have you got the silky moves required? Don't worry about indigestion here!

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Battle Recruits is a fun, medieval-style, tower attack-based strategy arcade game where your hero character must race around a confined battlefield, gather up randomly-spawning soldiers, and then unleash your new army upon enemy strongholds when you decide the time is right to commence battle. As Chief Hero Commander (loyal to the King), you command all ranks of soldiers to follow your lead. Then, when you feel like you have sufficient firepower at your disposal, you can send your minions into action.

Background info: The once-peaceful kingdom of Targath has been overrun by the forces of the evil witch Mordella. A small band of hero fighters, loyal to the peace-loving wizard King (and controlled by you), have vowed to re-take this magical land for the good of all its people!

Battle Recruits requires smart strategy, quick reactions and good keyboard tapping skills. You need to choose a tactful moment to strike against the enemy, and you be quick to change direction and the point of attack at a moment’s thought. The fate of an entire realm is in your hands Commander. Can you lead us to glory?

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