Fun match game for kids/ matching pairs game free online to play on PC, Mac, iPad with no download: Games to help increase & improve concentration, exercises for young children (girls/ boys), fun matching creatures puzzle activity for preschoolers/ kindergarten, elementary/ middle school age kids.
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Connect Halloween is a fun online matching pairs game where your goal is to match together a bunch of funny Halloween characters. There are ghosts, ghouls, vampires, witches and more – and they all need matching up! In this cool new version of the popular Connect Creatures game series, there are extra bonus features where you have match up pairs of Pumpkins to gain extra points. It’s a race against the clock so get those matching fingers ready!

Be careful, because every time you make an incorrect match – 5 seconds is taken off the clock. Matching the characters isn’t easy either; There must be a clear path between the pair to match them. Once there is a clear path and you click on them – they disappear, leaving space for more complex matches.

This enjoyable puzzle helps to exercise your concentration and memory skills as you try to pair up the funky characters as quickly as you can. You’ll need a sharp eye to pick out those matches because some the characters are similar – but not an exact pair. Ok Match-Master, let’s see what you’ve got! Good luck.

How to Play: Using your computer mouse, left click on any two of the same characters to make a match. Remember, there must be a clear path between them. You can easily match characters that are touching, either horizontally or vertically. That will free up space for more difficult matches. The path between the two characters cannot bend at a 90 degree angle more than twice – otherwise it won’t be a correct match. If you make a correct match, 2 seconds is added to the clock in the top left corner of the game screen.

If you make an incorrect match, 5 seconds is taken off the clock. Be careful not to confuse yourself, because although some of the characters look alike, they might not be an exact match. Keep your eyes peeled! Try to clear paths between the Bonus matches – like the Pumpkins and Hourglasses. Happy matching!

Tips: If you are struggling, you can always try the Hint button at the top of the game screen. If you left click that button, a match is made for you. If you click the shuffle button, the characters are rearranged and you can look for fresh matches.

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