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Online Driller Game: Mr. Driller clone is a Flash version of the original game created by Namco. How deep can you drill down not running out of air and not getting crushed by the blox? The objective of this fun and addicting game is to drill your way down to the bottom level as far as you can. First, choose the game difficulty level from ‘easy’, ‘normal’, ‘hard’ and ‘freaky’. The level of difficulty determines how many rows of blocks you have to drill down through. Then drill your way down while clearing as many the same color blox as you can.

The same color blox bind together and disappear – you get more points for clearing large groups of blox. Brown blox can be destroyed only by combining four of them in a row vertically or horizontally. However, it takes more oxygen from you! There are some air capsules spaced throughout the way for your air supply. You can see the left lives, level you are at and the left oxygen at the right side of the game screen. Good luck and don’t forget that you need to breathe!

How to play: Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move left, right or one block up (left or right from you) and press Spacebar to drill down.

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