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Space Hunter 2 is a fun maze game for Kids of all ages, where you play the role of a little Lego character that has to make its way through each new Lego space world within a certain amount of time, while collecting various items/magic powers and scoring points along the way. You’re a hunter. Your job is to discover and explore the far reaches of outer space. You need to be super-fast on your feet and jump your way up, over and under various obstacles – without falling off into endless space.

This cool Lego space adventure requires expert hand-eye coordination for tricky landings and jumps. Set in a zero gravity Lego space world (made of interlocking plastic building blocks) this original maze action game is fun for all the family and offers hours of otherworldly amusement! Have a go Space Hunter! See if you can find your true place in this cosmos!

OK, there are 6 magnificent space worlds to discover. You start at level one and have three lives (chances) to get through it. You need to get to the end of the level before time runs out – otherwise, it’s game over. It’s a lonely mission but the rewards are endless – like infinite space itself! Good luck!

How To Play: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move: (UP) Jump, (LEFT) move left, (RIGHT) move right, (DOWN) kneel down. You can see your remaining Lives, the Game Time, Collected Items, Score and the World level at the top of the game screen. Happy space travel!

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