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Photon Zone is a physics-based game where you must follow some of the basics of light. In this challenging online puzzle game, solve 15 brain-teaser levels by dropping colored photons into a labyrinth (like a maze). The different labyrinths simulate fiber optics where light (photons) travel from one end to the other. You have to drop a colored photon from above the labyrinth and it must travel freely to the very bottom. The whole path must be smooth as if it was light traveling through the fiber optics (sharp or angled surfaces will stop or bounce the light back).

There is a corresponding color light receptor at the end of each labyrinth and you have to drop the correct color photon in order for it to be accepted by the receptor. If a photon stops on its way or goes into the wrong receptor, you can take the photon back and try dropping it again. Are you ready to show us your photon-dropping skills? Let there be light!

How to Play:  The photons are to be taken from the right side. Click on one with the left button on your computer mouse, and drag the photon to the very top part where it says “Photon Zone”. Now drop the photon above one of the labyrinths where you think it will going to the corresponding color receptor installed at the very bottom of the labyrinth. Sometimes photons must be dropped in a certain order to trigger the matching color gate which in turn creates or opens a path for the next photon. Once a photon is captured by the receptor, it cannot be taken away, and you have to proceed to the next photon. Therefore, activating gates using the incorrect order may block the path for one or another photon. Review the whole field and see every move before you start.

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