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Online Roly-Poly Eliminator Game is a relaxing game for kids who like to use their logic skills for finding a solution and to plan a strategy at each level. Your aim is to eliminate the “Bad” Roly-Polys in order to complete a level. By using the tools and obstacles available, knock the Bad Roly-Polys down to the ground or into the water or fire (depending on the level). Try not to harm the friendly, “Good” Roly-Polys, and complete each level in the lowest possible time to get into the score tables. Make the Roly-Polys fall or disappear, and let no obstacles prevent you in this objective! Good luck and play with an open mind. Enjoy the fun, addicting background music.

How to play:
– Use your mouse and left click on the shiny golden blocks to remove them.
– If you get stuck or wish to replay a level, press ‘Reset’ at the bottom of the game screen or use the ‘spacebar’ key on your keyboard.
– You can also see a hint by clicking on ‘Solution’.

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