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Ready to test and improve your memory and concentration levels with Mario? In False Mario, you must use your sharp eyes to figure out which Mario is actually Princess Peach wearing a Mario mask! This concentration puzzle-style game is based on the popular street game where a ball is hidden under one of three cups. At the start of each level, there are three Mario masks. Princess Peach is behind one of them – she peeks her head out to show you. After that, the masks swap around quickly.

Use your eagle-eye to make sure you follow the right one. Once they have finished swapping around, you must choose one. If you choose the False Mario, you win a gift and progress to the next level. If you select the wrong one, you must replay the level. This brain teaser will really exercise both your memory and concentration skills as you try to follow the right mask. It gets harder and harder with each level as the mask swapping gets faster and more complicated. Think you’ve got the skills to outfox Princess Peach and unmask the False Mario? Only one way to find out! Good luck.

How to Play: This game is all about paying attention and staying focused. At the start of the level, Princess Peach peeks out from behind her mask. Keep your eye on that one as they spin and swap. After they have finished swapping, left click with your computer mouse on the Mario you think is false. If you have guessed correctly, you win a cool gift and you progress to the next level. If you are incorrect you must replay the level. As you go through the levels, it gets more difficult as the swapping and changing of the masks gets faster and faster.

Tip: Try following the false mask with your finger as it moves around. This will become more difficult as the levels get harder.

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