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Online Huje-Tower Game is an addicting game for kids and teens and ensures hours of fun for the family (the music is catchy too!). The introduction is comical and sets a fun tone – “Somewhere deep underground in sewerage, there live little life-forms – bacteria. One day, they saw the sky and decided to reach the Sky!”

Your aim is to build and balance constructions based on physics, and help the little “Hujos” reach the sky. Start with the first bacteria (which is indicated by an arrow). Then build constructions by dragging/using the little bacteria in your tower construction in order to reach the target line. The sooner you reach the target line, the more points you get. You will see the speed, direction of the wind and the distance to the target line at the right top corner of the screen. Use the left click on your mouse to drag one Huje and join (stick) it to the others in your tower.

New Hujos and objects are introduced at each level. Touch sleeping Hujos with any part of your tower to wake them up. There are many objects to help you reach your goal. “Wheels” attached to Hujos can drive them up to the target if you connect them wisely. Some object are dangerous; Hujos that touch them “die and go to heaven”. Do not forget that the stability of the Hujos tower depends on the wind and is subject to gravitational force.

You can always click on the ‘Restart’ or ‘Back’ buttons if you see that you are not able to finish the level or got stuck with no moves left.

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  1. really fun

  2. bored game I ever played

    1. You could at least use proper grammar if your going to belittle a game.



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