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Play Flappy Bird Flash online – a highly addicting game based on the hit indie arcade game app. The fun paradox with Flappy Bird Flash is that this is a very “simple” yet extremely difficult side-scrolling, skill-based 2D platform game that might just have you jumping around the room in great frustration, or in utter glee if you finally achieve a score that you really can be proud of. Your role here as Flappy Bird Pilot Extraordinaire is help a cute little bird to survive in flight for as long as possible, and to carefully guide it between dangerous oncoming sets of green pipes that hinder its path.

This is one of the most deceptively challenging games you are likely to play online, and requires complete concentration, elite reaction skills, expert timing, quick button-tapping, and most of all – bucket loads of “Patience”! Few players will become an instant master of the controls, but the most doggedly determined gamers should soon find a tactful rhythm of directing the little bird on its perilous journey. Challenge your friends and family members to see how far they can advance Flappy Bird!

How to Play: Your objective is to prolong the little bird’s flight for as long as possible. The bird flies from left to right on the side-scrolling screen, and ascends or soars upward each time you press the Spacebar on your keyboard or click your left mouse button to guide it in flight. However, if the bird collides with any of the oncoming obstacles (large green pipes) or descends sufficiently to make contact with the ground, it’s game over. There is a small gap between each set of oncoming pipes that your bird can flap through. The difficulty is that these gaps (like doorways) are set in random positions, so you have to constantly alter your bird’s height to fly through. You score one point for each set of green pipes that the little bird passes through.

Note: Once you click ‘Start’ on the Main Menu screen – you move onto the ‘Get Ready’ screen. Here, it says “Press Space to Fly”. Depending on your computer browser version, you may have to ignore this, and actually first Click on your left mouse button in order to begin the flight. Once your bird’s flight is underway, you flap / propel it upward either by clicking your mouse or by pressing Spacebar. Enjoy the challenge!

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17 comments on “Flappy Bird Flash”

  1. 6!!! >:)

  2. i got 23 my best

    1. You know they deleted this off thge apps store.

  3. i got 5 as my best. my friend got 1. my sister got 96.

  4. I <3 This game

  5. no I got 3

  6. i know it is

  7. played 15 time but high score is ONLY 5!!! I AM THE WORST AT THIS GAME

    1. dont worry i am the same

  8. i relate and every one post your score bet truthful lets see who can get the best score then post how long it took u to get that score!!! good luck

  9. OMG OMG great game!!!! So addicting though!! Any relates??

  10. best. game. ever! cannot stop!

  11. this game makes me so mad

  12. this game is alright

  13. this is my favorite game

  14. this is the best game ever i have it on my iphone 5c the best game ever :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. this game is awesome better then on my phone


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