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Zombies and Donuts – In this fun pacman-like game, the bad guy Zombie Ghost is trying to catch you and your friends in the maze. But you can save the day and help your friends escape through the exit doors! Fueled by the Donuts you eat, you must lead your friends to safety. You have to gobble up Donuts in the maze while avoiding the strange green zombie creature following you everywhere you go. Each exit door can be passed only by one person and then it disappears. A new door appears in another location where you have to lead your friends (and finally escape yourself) to advance to the next level.

How to Play – Control your moves using your computer arrow keys, and make sure you don’t get trapped in a corner with no way out. Your friends are safe but stuck on a wall which you can climb using the ladder. You are also safe up on the wall from the but if “Zombie” follows you too closely and stays near the ladders – you will not be able to escape and get safely to the exit door. Some walls can be moved in order to create a bridge between the walls (to go from the ladder to where your friend is waiting for you.) Good luck Maze Hero.

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