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When you think about bubbles, you might imagine a relaxing bubble bath, some washing-up liquid, or maybe even some beautiful bubbles floating serenely in the air. However, we doubt that you’ve ever envisaged the words ‘bubble’ and ‘tanks’ in the same name or even sentence – but that’s all about to change! Bubble Tanks is an unusual and challenging, free-roaming shooting game for kids & teens where you control a missile-firing, fast-moving ‘bubble tank’ that moves and shoots in a similar style to a Space Invaders-type spacecraft. Here, you swoop in and out of endless rows of mini-battlefields, destroying other Bubble Tanks while collecting more Power-up bubbles to build up your Tank into an enormous, shield-protected, bubble-based behemoth!

This highly-entertaining and light-hearted online shooting activity is all about your deft keyboard tapping ability, your masterful mouse clicking skills, and quick-fire reflexes and reactions. Your Bubble Tank responds extremely sensitively to your control, so be prepared for some frantic and fast-paced shooting action! Each ‘Bubblefield’ has a different set of enemies concealed within; so you’d better be on your toes at all times! Have you got the ruthlessness and supreme accuracy to succeed, or will your bubble be well and truly burst? Enjoy!

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Sling Shot Santa: In this fun and addicting slingshot-shooting game, throw Santa over the gorge as far as you can, using the slingshot. Santa needs to reach his deer who are standing at the 335 meter mark. Santa's deer are waiting for him to deliver the Christmas presents. Release Santa from the slingshot before you get too close to the edge of the gorge, or else you will fail the task. Can you ensure that the children get their Christmas presents this year? Good luck!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to control and start the slingshot by clicking on the game screen. The slingshot will start to move. After you reach your desired speed, click your mouse and hold it. The longer you hold the mouse, the further you shoot Santa. Be careful as too much pressure is not good either, as it cause Santa to fall on the ground. To shoot Santa across the gorge, release your mouse button. Make sure to release the button before you get too close to the edge. To try again for a better score, click on the ‘THROW AGAIN’ button on the screen.

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Arnes De Mano is a clever & addicting online stick-fighting game where you play the role of a Filipino martial arts fighter who has to defeat as many enemies as possible, and survive for as long as he can. Perform cool ninja-style flips and fancy attacks with your Arnis hard wood sticks (also known as Kali or Eskrima sticks) to stun your opponents, and keep them on the back foot. Increase your physical prowess, and learn exciting new Martial Arts moves as you progress.

The unusual control system makes this cool fight-for-survival action game extremely unique and challenging. It requires really fast reactions, and your observation skills are also tested as there are sneaky attackers always popping up out of nowhere to keep you on your toes. Can you send enough of them packing to reach the top of the martial arts scoring chart? It’s time to see if you can become a true Arnis Warrior!

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Become a space hunter in this online space action shooting game, and defeat all alien enemies of all shapes and sizes that cross your path. Build gadgets to assist and protect you. Receive special points and various abilities for leveling up. If you complete a level, check your status by clicking on 'Upgrade'. Your score is shown in the right upper corner of the game screen. Buy new weapons, get skill points, and experience hours of fun while playing Galactic Hunter. Warning! Enemies detected!

How to play: A - move left;  S - move down;  D - move right;  W - move up (you can use the arrow keys to move as well);  P - pause.  Left click using your mouse to shoot.  Adjust your mouse cursor to set the shooting direction.  Build gadgets by pressing Spacebar on your keyboard.

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Armed With Wings Culmination is an all-action sword fighting platform game for teens where you play the role of “Armed with Wings” at the final stages of his destiny - that of slaying the evil tyrant king Vandheer Lorde - the one who destroyed his rebel army. This final part in the Armed with Wings series of games is a dark and shadowy adventure with some super-slick sword moves, awesome combat tactics and wildly chaotic action. It’s a rich and unforgettable gaming experience - hours upon hours of addicting fun and entertainment! Enjoy!

There are two Game Modes (Easy and Hard). The game is fairly straightforward - either attack or avoid the enemies and obstacles. Try and reach your shinning goal at the end of each level. There are less environmental puzzles than in the previous games, so in that respect, Armed With Wings Culmination is easier to play; There has been a distinct shift from puzzle-solving to combat. The moves can be a bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of them, you float seamlessly through this elegant and simple landscape - destroying evil enemy forces with the grace of a true master assassin. The game aesthetics are the same as the previous versions - the sleek monochrome backgrounds, silhouette characters and fluid combat animations.

Ok, the time has finally come, brave Warrior. Every member of your rebel army is dead. You are the last one standing. The evil king is now finally within your grasp. This is your last journey towards fulfilling your destiny. This is the culmination of all your efforts - what you’ve longed for all these years! You have 15 fast-paced levels to storm your way through and countless elite enemy fighters to slay. Ok Armed With Wings, now’s your chance to take out Vandheer Lorde in style!

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Get ready for some fast-paced platformer action with Final Ninja Zero, an addicting online arcade game where you control Takeshi the Ninja on his futuristic mission to eliminate the villain – Doctor Victor Boshi (a highly mischievous scientist who runs a hamburger corporation in a giant metropolis controlled by large corporations that are fighting each other for the power to dominate the markets.)

This cool ninja warrior adventure game will have you hooked from the very first level, as you perform super-slick ninja stunts and awesome acrobatics. Avoid enemies by any means necessary – flying, jumping, bouncing, swinging and running. Swing through each challenging level on your Ninja-Rope. Use your Ninja Invisibility to bamboozle the bad guys and fire Ninja Stars at them to send them packing!

This fun retro-style action game will really test your dexterity and quick reflexes, as you maneuver the little guy over obstacles and onto ledges. Accuracy is also essential, as you must expertly aim and fire Ninja Stars at your enemies to eliminate them. Think you’ve got what it takes to become the Ultimate Ninja? Ok Sensei, grab your Ninja Fighting Belt and let’s go!

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Get ready to put the hammer down with Hammerball, an online physics-based skill arcade game where you protect your planet from a robot invasion, and go into battle controlling your own futuristic flying machine (a circular fighting robot has a hammer on the end of a chain, and this weapon can be wielded / swung to great effect). Take on enemy robots, and smash them to pieces, on your way to victory in 20 increasingly difficult battleground levels. Upgrade your oscillating hammer from a simple wooden mallet to an awesome metal crushing device - and beyond!

This fast-paced action adventure will really test your hand-eye coordination, as you have to carefully control the movement of your flying robot to ensure maximum damage on your opponent. Your quick reactions will also be tested, as there are sometimes more than one enemy robot attacking at a time. Are you ready to ‘hammer’ your authority into these inferior robot challengers? It’s time to kick-start your very own Robot Wars! Good luck out there!

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Online Space Chaos Game is a space shooting game for kids with a most important mission – to save the universe! Huge enemy space stations are attacking, and your task is to stay alive and protect the planet. Select a player and start the battle! Fly up into the crippled enemy station and destroy its core unit, as it brings the entire station down.

Try to pick up some golden credits, which you can later spend in the armor shop. You will be also paid a bounty for your efforts, depending on the remaining heath/wealth of the planet. You will see your score, credits, ship and planet health, as well as level and lives left on the right of your game screen. Space is very big, therefore red arrows will sometimes appear to indicate you the direction towards the enemy. Wider arrows mean the enemy is still far away.

On level 3, you will have your first real mission. Enemy stations will start shooting at you and at the planet below. Your mission is to BOTH save the planet AND get out alive. You can also build a level yourself. Simply click on ‘Level Builder’ on the main menu at the bottom of the game screen. Good luck in fighting for the survival of the universe in this epic space shooter game!

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Defend Tribe is a fun strategy game for kids where you have to use various weapons and characters to defend your tribe from being over run by approaching monsters. This fast and furious and colorful little action game requires high-speed mouse clicking abilities and super-sharp shooting skills! These nasty monsters are relentless in their pursuit – they stop at nothing! Only you can save your beloved tribe from this full-on invasion. It’s scary monster mayhem! Get clicking and destroy these fiendish beasts!

There are three characters you can chose from to get the job done – a Gladiator, an Archer and a Magician. Overall, there are 18 weapons you can use to attack or shoot at the monsters and defend your tribe from being overrun. If you can successfully eliminate enough of these nasty creatures, you get to upgrade your power, life and playing speed. These new weapons and upgrades only become available as game goes on. Each time a monster reaches the tribe, you lose a life. Once your lives reach zero, it’s game over and a victory to the monsters!

For the Archer character, you need to blast the monsters as many times as you can. The same with the Gladiator – hit them as many times as possible, before they reach your tribe. You can see the numbers below them decrease with every hit. Once this number reaches zero – they finally die! With the Magician, however, you can click once on the monster, hold down the left mouse button and follow the monster with your mouse until his health gets to zero. OK, time for action! Watch out - the monsters are coming!

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Cannon Blast: Can you help the old, one-legged pirate sink the invading ships as they approach? Fire at them using your cannons in this fun and addicting target-shooting pirate game. You have 3 cannons to shoot from. You have to manage running from one to another and decide which one to use, depending on which is closer to the ships. Blast all of the enemy ships out of the water before they shoot you. As you progress through the challenging levels, the approaching enemy ships sail faster. Be ready for attack. Good luck Pirate! Ar-rrr!

How to Play: Use the arrow keys on the computer keyboard to move the pirate left or right. The selected shooting cannon is marked with a white circle once the pirate approaches it. The circle means that the pirate came close enough to use the cannon, so you can now shoot from the cannon. Use the 'Up' and 'Down' arrow keys to set the angle of your cannon before firing, and press the 'Spacebar' key to shoot at the target ship.

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Bloons Tower Defense 1: Don’t let any "bloons" attack the tower - protect the path to the tower from the balloons!  In this fun, action strategy game for children aged 8 to 88, the rules are simple yet the tactics are complex. In this game, you are the general officer and must create a strategy to use your defense as efficiently as possible.

You earn virtual money (credits) by shooting the balloons as they move along the path. You can then buy defensive weapons (defenders) such as monkeys, a Hypersonic monkey (super monkey), piercing darts and extended range darts to help you in this battle against the fierce and fast balloons. A Hypersonic monkey is a monkey that can shoot 10-20 times faster than a regular monkey and at 3-4 times greater distance.

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3D Shooter: Test your aim and reaction speed, and achieve the highest score your can against the clock while shooting targets in this fun, simple and addicting 3D Shooter game. Choose the difficulty level (beginner, advanced, expert) of the one-player game, and start shooting the targets as they move closer to you. Try to be as accurate as possible, since you get more points when you hit straight into the center (bulls-eye) of the target.

You should also watch the clock as the game has a 60 seconds time limit!  Note, that you have to reload your rifle every six shots. Your remaining time and score are shown at the top of the game screen. Can you shoot them all down in time and remain eagle-eyed?

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Alien Discipline - Teach the naughty aliens discipline in this fun, reactions-developing game. The Galactic Alien Government has hired you to work as a professional Space Nanny for their little rebellious alien children. Your job is to discipline those madcaps. Aliens understand disciplining a little different than we Earthlings do. However, since you are a professional nanny, you don't want to let your employer down.

How to Play: The Left and Right arrow keys allow you to run or face towards the required direction. Press Spacebar on your computer keyboard to Whack! those aliens as they are approaching you. Don't stand on any bombs yourself, as you may get injured. You may jump over the aliens by pressing the Up arrow key. Duck down (the Down' arrow key) when the UFO comes and tries to shoot you down.

Tip: Try to get a group of aliens follow you, then jump over the bomb and wait until the aliens come closer to the bomb to blast them all at the same time. To recover your health, collect the medical kits. However, you should note, that every medical kit costs you 500 points, so try not be bitten by aliens, to spare your health if you don't want to lose your precious points by buying it back again. You have to finish 5 levels to win the game and to be recognized as the best nanny in the universe. Can you achieve this Space Nanny?

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Tribal Hop - How high can you hop or jump? Demonstrate your hopping and timing skills in this fun online game for kids. It is an ancient tradition among the members of the “Yusosmeli” tribe to compete in a hopping contest. You must hop as high as you can on to the sacred temple steps. The steps are suspended high in the air and some of them are moving very fast, even in opposite direction from the one you are one below it. You have to get your timing just right, hop and be careful not to miss the step and fall down.

If you do fall, you lose one life out of 5 and you have to start step hopping from the beginning again. The quicker and higher you jump, the more points you receive. If you are good enough, you will be earn a proud tribal “Ufilgud” title.

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Magic Eggs: Help the little Pokemon Pikachu to save the chicken from falling down in this fun and addicting Pokemon game. When Pikachu hits the ball with his head, it cracks the egg and a chicken drops out. Your task is to keep the ball in the air. Try to catch every chicken as they are each worth 10 points. Hit all the eggs to continue on to the next level. As the difficulty level increases in this fast-paced game, the eggs multiply in number, so you have to be quick. Don't forget to keep the ball in the air! Good luck Pokemon!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to move the little Pokemon Pikachu right and left. Keep the ball (red and white ball) in the air in order to hit the eggs. When it hits an egg, a chicken drops out. Try to catch the chicken and earn 10 points. To keep the ball in the air or to catch a chicken, you simply need to touch it with your Pokemon head.

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Slammings is a funny yet challenging tower defense-style game for kids that combines strategy, action and some physics. Slammings are pesky little creatures that want to march into your home and destroy everything – and it’s up to you to stop them! The marching Slammings are intent on destruction, and you have an array of tools that can stop them in their tracks. You can slam, bomb, deflect and zap them – just make sure they don’t make it all the way across the playing area to your house! If they do, the little pests burn it down and it’s game over!

Score elimination combos to earn bigger and better tools for getting rid of the creatures. There are cool different ways to eliminate the Slammings – you have to combine strategy, physics and skill. You have to strategically plan out how you are going to stop them. You have to use an active understanding of physics to build and create pathways to ensure their doom. You’ll also need nifty fingers and mouse work;

This tricky defensive game really helps to exercise your quick reaction skills as there are so many Slammings to defeat. Think you’ve got the strategic know-how to stop these angry little bullies? Ok then, let’s find out!

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Asterblast - Free Asteroid Game Online: Asterblast is an old space blasting game. Make sure to collect the dollar signs ($) before they disappear, because it's all about the score. The key to victory is keeping up with your upgrades. Make sure your weapon power and fire rate increase steadily as you play, since the best defense is a good offense.

Boss Rock - Watch out for the bosses - they don't just come out at the end of the level! Defeat them to get much-needed shield powerups and tons of loot.

Left & Right Arrow keys: Rotate left/right
Up & Down Arrow keys: Move forward/backward
Spacebar / Ctrl Key: Primary Fire
Shift Key: Activates Spinfire Attack

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Bloons Tower Defense 2 Online Game is a well known tower defense strategy game for the whole family. This fun game develops your reaction and logic skills. The aim of the Bloons Tower Defense is to protect the path to the tower by not letting the balloons pass by and attack it. You must create a strategy of defense by buying and placing various weapons on and by the path. You earn virtual money by shooting the balloons. Buy dart monkies, Super monkeys, cannons, road spikes, boomerangs, ice balls and various other defenders to protect the tower. A Super monkey is a monkey that can shoot 10-20 times faster than a regular monkey and at 3-4 times greater distance.

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Beaver Blast: Shoot your brother beaver from the cannon into the water tub with as few shots as possible in this fun and addicting shooting game. First, you will be shown how far away the tub is, and then you will have to position your cannon correctly. If you position the cannon incorrectly, your brother will fall on the ground and get hurt. Try to be as accurate as possible in order for him to land directly into the tub and reach his target safely. Can you help little beaver land softly? Be precise and have fun!

How to Play: Adjust and set the angle of your cannon and the shooting power strength, using your computer mouse. Then, press the “Fire” button on the game screen by clicking on it with your mouse to shoot your brother beaver out.

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Online Mad SpaceShip Game is a fun shooting game for kids and teens with an important mission of shooting all of your enemies.  Your aim is to beat your enemy in a fight by shooting to the finish. Shoot your enemy as many times as possible and receive more money for the completion of each level. Equip your spaceship with ammunition and other upgrades for the money that you receive as bonuses. Choose your weapons by clicking the 'buy ammo' button. To repair your spaceship, click the 'repair' button after completion of each level. You will see icons for upgrades appearing from time to time. Try to get these to increase your ammo and armor. Remember that the higher level you reach, the more and tougher your enemy spaceships will be. Try not to give up and win the battle!


A: Shoot your light gun
S: Shoot your heavy gun
D: Change your heavy gun type
P: Pause the game

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