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Petz Fashion is a fun dress-up simulation game where you prepare cute household pets (two cats and two dogs) for a fashion show by washing and dressing them, and guiding them down the catwalk at the pet fashion show! Get ready for hours of entertainment as you turn these adorable little animals into Fashion Stars. Style is the key in this online role-playing game where your goal is to make sure that the cat or dog you care for gets a high score at the show.

You work at Marta’s Pet Salon and have a whole bunch of famous customers who want their pets looking at their fashionable best. You must make sure the little fur-balls are nice and clean before picking out a cool and stylish outfit for them to wear. Then you must lead your pets (one at a time) down the catwalk and make sure they get noticed by the judges!

Strike super-cute poses with the pets to make sure they attract good attention and score high. If the pets do well in the show, the owner is happy and you get to continue working with these friendly little guys. Think you’ve got the pet fashion knowledge to succeed? Well then, grab your comb and let’s go!

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Every dog owner and pet lover wants their beloved pooch to have the comfiest, coolest dog-house around. Well, now’s your chance to design a dog house for three demanding yet adorable dogs! Dog House Club is a cute pet care game and fun building activity where you have to follow the instructions of three dogs who want you to build them a perfect home! These fussy little animals won’t accept any old dog house – they have a specific design in mind, and won’t be happy until you complete your work properly!

This easy-to-play dog house construction game is a good online exercise for young kids who have a flare for building or architecture design, and for anyone who likes dogs. Your memory skills are tested – as you have to remember the specific preferences that each little doggie gives. There are no tricky measurements here, just good, old-fashioned designing fun to match each dogs taste! Ready to play the role of Master Dog-House Designer? Happy dog house building!

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Do you love horses? Ever dreamed of having your very own pony to play with and take care of?  Well now’s your chance! Horsey Farm is a fun horse-caring simulation game for young girls and boys where you work on a farm taking care of Princess the Pony.  Princess is a super-cute pink pony and it’s your task to keep her happy, healthy and playful by giving her everything she needs. 

This animal welfare role-playing game will really keep you on your toes because Princess is a very demanding little pony!  She has to be fed, given water, played with, brought to the bathroom (in her stable!!), cleaned, put to bed and taken to the vet.  Once she gets all of that, she's a very happy horsey!

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Owning and caring for a cute little puppy dog isn’t just about cuddles and play-time; there are many serious and responsible tasks that must be undertaken to ensure that your adorable pooch is well looked after and content! Cute Puppy Daycare is a fun and interactive pet care simulation game for girls and boys where you have to perform a wide range of mouse-clicking tasks in order to keep a lovable little doggie happy and healthy throughout an activity-filled day. Set in a well-stocked, tailor-made dog care home, you must make sure your playful rescue dog gets everything it needs; food, milk, cuddles (lots of love!), play-time, toilet-time, training, baths, vaccinations, and more!

This challenging point-and-click animal welfare activity should prove a hit with virtual pet lovers, and could provide some good practice for children who want to learn the roles and responsibilities of dog ownership for the first time. Your ability to multi-task, and your organizational skills are sternly tested as you try to keep track of your dog’s various needs. Fast reactions and quick decision making skills are also important as you prioritize your pup’s many different everyday requirements. Now, have you got the caring nature and diligence to perform a huge act of kindness, and give a sweet little dog a loving home? Happy pet care!

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An awesome, 3D skill-based game that should please animal care game enthusiasts, and horse riding and equestrian fans where you must dress up your horse and compete in show jumping, dressage and herding events to become the equestrian champion! In Horse Eventing 3, an interactive equestrian training RPG simulation game, you prepare your own virtual pet horse to take part in three challenging horse riding competitions. As well as executing tricky riding actions, you must also ensure that your new equestrian friend is well looked-after, accessorized, and neatly groomed!

This fun, in-depth animal care and horse dress up activity provides a real test of your keyboard tapping skills as keeping control of your horse can be extremely difficult in the middle of an important event. Good decision making and strategic planning skills are also important as you attempt to keep your horse happy and content (the happier it is, the fitter he or she becomes). Happy horse training!

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Make a reservation at the most pet-friendly accommodation on the web! Dog Hotel is a fun and hectic pet care simulation game for animal lovers of all ages where you must take complete care of an increasing number of boisterous little dogs! Prepare for a non-stop, mouse-clicking adventure as you frantically ensure that these pets have everything they need for a pleasant stay. Their owners have dropped in their beloved pooches for the day – and you have to make the most of the various facilities in order to keep each adorable doggie happy and healthy. As dog owners know all too well, their darlings can be a handful – and it certainly is no different in the virtual world of Dog Hotel.

This interactive game could be used as a good fun educational activity for young children learning about the importance of nurture and animal care, while general pet game enthusiasts can simply indulge in an absolute avalanche of puppy love! Don’t forget – it’s not all play-time! There's lots of hard work to be done, and you have to react quickly to ensure that each dog gets what it wants within an appropriate length of time. The doors to Dog Hotel are open – and these beauties need to be fed, watered, washed, played with, let out to the bathroom, vaccinated, and more! It’s definitely going to be a barking mad day!

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Set in a very busy yet warm and friendly animal care facility, Animal Shelter is a fun, interactive pet care simulation game for girls and boys where you have to keep a whole host of cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, hamsters and turtles happy and healthy. If you do a good job taking care of these cute and cuddly little creatures, hopefully they will get adopted by new, loving owners. There’s nothing more rewarding for true animal lovers than seeing an adorable little pet find a new home – and now’s your chance to become part of that magical experience!

But let's not get all starry eyed just yet! You first must get to work keeping track of 4 different rooms full of yappy and excitable little pets that all require a lot of attention. They need food, water and medicine to ensure that they remain healthy and playful enough to attract prospective new owners. Your multi-tasking skills and quick reactions will be greatly tested in this animal welfare role playing extravaganza! You also have to exhibit shrewd business skills, and learn about good money management as you have to manage advertising budgets, and keep an important eye on the finances of the shelter. Perhaps one day, you would like to run your own animal shelter, veterinary facility or hospital. Ok Pet-Carer Extraordinaire, get ready to meet and care for your delightful new little friends!

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Tiny little dogs in gorgeous tuxedos and wonderful wedding gowns… Our ‘cute meter’ is about to fly off the charts! Cute Pet Wedding is a fun and easy-to-play dressing up game for preschoolers and young kids. Two beautiful little doggies are about to hold a play-wedding – and you assume the role of the excited wedding planner! You have to choose fabulous outfits for the cuddly canine couple, and also select the venue for the hilarious ceremony. This might well be one of the most lovable exhibitions of adorability that you are ever likely to see!

This light-hearted, mouse-clicking dress-up activity should be a good fit for little children who love dogs and pets in general. Help them to develop their color-coordination abilities and improve their observation skills as they choose from a wide range of fun matching outfits for the perfect pups. Pet fashion magazine editors and photographers - Get ready for the wackiest wedding photo op of a lifetime! Happy organizing of the Big Day!

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Do you really love adorable and playful little pets? Have you ever wanted to have your very own pet-care facility? Well, here's your opportunity! My Cute Pets 2 is a fun and challenging animal care simulation game for kids where you have to simultaneously care for a dog, cat, bunny rabbit, and hamster! Choose from a series of specific tasks, or a continuous adventure where you have to keep your pets happy and healthy for as long as possible. Feed them, clean them, put them to bed, give them their favorite toys, and much more!
While this is a cute, animal welfare role-playing activity, your quick reaction skills and nifty fingers definitely come into play. Your sweet little pets are extremely fussy and demanding - they always want something done for them. With so many to care for at once, this can become very tricky! Make sure you stay on your toes, and give them everything they need as quickly as you can to keep them happy and healthy. This delightful little game should be ideal for animal lovers of all ages, or any budding young veterinarians out there who dream of a career in the animal care industry. Ok Great Pet Carer, it’s time to meet your new best friends!

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Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a creative designer with a good memory? How would you feel about following strict orders from a demanding dog who wants a very specific dog house built for him? Dog Dream House is a fun and interactive online memory game where you have to build a custom-made house for a very fussy little doggie. The pampered pup has a very specific idea in mind, and you’d better match his blueprint down to the very last detail! Take it from us; you definitely don’t want an angry, home improvement-obsessed dog on your hands!

This challenging point-and-click construction activity could be a good fit for fans of interior design and architecture, or anyone who enjoys a good memory-based brain teaser, and test of your concentration and observation skills. You only get 5 chances to study your dog’s desired house, so your masterful memory skills had better be tuned in. There are no finicky measurements or tricky building tools to use – just a simple design that you have to follow to a tee (This four-legged friend sure has high standards!). Happy memorizing!

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Countless little girls and boys around the world dream at one stage or another about owning their very own pony to cuddle, ride, feed, and spoil. The day has come to turn those dreams into a virtual online reality! Cute Pony Daycare is a fun and challenging, mouse-clicking animal care simulation game where you have to keep an adorable little pony happy and healthy. Set on a perfect little pony farm, you must fulfill the various needs of your new equine best friend. This includes keeping her well-fed and watered, making sure she receives necessary medicine, allowing her plenty of exercise, and generally being a good and responsible pet owner!

This interactive animal welfare activity helps to exercise your multi-tasking abilities and fast mouse clicking skills, and you can also learn important real-life skills centered on the responsibility of owning and caring for a pet. You’re also about to discover that pony ownership isn’t a trot in the park, so you’d better be on your toes!

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Play a fun salon simulation game for pet and animal care enthusiasts, or pet care workers or veterinarians of the future who are up for a day of scrubbing turtles, pampering puppies, combing cats, and more! Lego Friends Pet Salon is an interactive, role-playing 3D Unity-based game where you have the opportunity to wash, cut, pamper, accessorize, and feed lots of very cute and exotic pets! As Managing Director of your very own ‘Pet Salon’, you must make sure all of your (often fussy) animal customers are receive the very best of service.

This stimulating RPG game for girls and boys alike challenges your strategic planning and decision making attributes, and requires adequate mouse-clicking and keyboard skills. As well as quickly executing cleaning and feeding tasks, you must also be mindful of your time-keeping, business strategy, and the overall reputation of your salon. You should soon learn that running a pet salon isn’t all fluffiness and cuteness – There are tough business decisions to be made also from time to time! So, are you ready to take over the reins as new Salon Manager?

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