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Tilt Maze is a fun and challenging maze-puzzle game for children and Grown Ups with a very simple rule. In fact there is only one rule, “The Tilt Rule”. Imagine that the red ball (circle) on your game screen is a marble resting horizontally on a maze board or tray. The 4 Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard allow you to tilt (and balance) the maze board – Up, Down, Left and Right. By leaning the maze board in one direction, the red ball moves with gravity in that direction – simple physics!

The red ball can only move one way at a time, so you’ve got to use your powers of deduction to work out the best sequence of moves to get the imaginary red marble to the target Blue Square. The fascinating thing about this game is that it seems really easy… but still, sometimes, you just can’t see the solution. At least, not straight away.

How to Play: Your goal is to get the Red Ball to the Target Blue Square (or Squares) if you want to pass each level. There are 11 challenging levels, and each requires concentration and great patience. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move the Red Ball – Up, Down, Left and Right (by tilting the maze board). Once you press an Arrow Key, the red ball will go as far as possible in that direction, and you cannot stop it.

The blue target squares are located in different areas of your game screen on each level and you have to overcome some tricky obstacles to get to them. From Level 7 onward, there are multiple blue Squares, and they all must be removed (one by one by moving the red ball into them individually). OK Tilt Titan, ready to roll?

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