Frog game online - Stalk The Frog, a free fun frog puzzle game for kids (girls & boys) to play on PC/ Mac. Funny action games, brain teaser puzzles, interactive problem solving activities for elementary school to middle school age kids & high school teens on the internet at home/ in the classroom.
Rating: 6.3/10 - 536 votes

Stalk The Frog is a fun, simple yet addicting and challenging puzzle game with a quirky little character that will drive you nuts! Look at his indifferent expression – those uncaring eyes – that air of superiority. He’s just laughing at you. Ask yourself; can mankind outwit a frog?

Boing boing! He likes to hop around but make sure he doesn’t hop off into the water because then you lose the game. The object of this puzzle game is to stop the frog from entering the water – so try and block him (if you can).

How To Play: Choose your game level (Easy, Medium or Hard). Try and trap the frog. Click on the water lilies surrounding him with your computer mouse. When you click on these, they sink and he can’t land on them. Once he’s stuck and can’t reach the water you win!

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