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3 Slices is a straight-forward yet very challenging physics-based puzzle game where your goal is to eliminate as much or as many of the red block/s as possible in each level using your knowledge of gravity to strategically topple them off the game screen in three turns. You must plan and use each of your 3 slices wisely. Once you make a slice, gravity takes effect on the red blocks and they (hopefully) slide off the screen (this is good.) If your slices don’t result in enough of the red blocks being eliminated, you have to reset the level and start again.

In each level, you are instructed how much of the red-colored area must be eliminated – in some levels it is 100 per cent but in others, you only have to get rid of a lower percentage. This tricky brain-teaser gets you thinking logically, and helps to test & exercise your problem solving abilities. There is a lot of potential trial and error required in this game so you’ll need patience as well as an active understanding of the laws of gravity. Ok, Physics Whizz, show us what you’re made of!

How to Play: At the start of each level, there is a large red block or a number of red blocks positioned on the game screen. Eliminate as as much or as many of the red blocks as you can by slicing them, and using gravity to slide them off the game screen. To perform a slice, simply click and drag across and through the shape with your computer mouse. Before you release the click, you see a guideline which indicates the direction of your slice. The slice is made once you release your click. The shape or block that you have sliced reacts to the laws of gravity once it has been cut.

If you have cut in the correct way, the block slides off the game screen. At the bottom of the game screen, there is an indicator that tells you the percentage of the red-colored shapes have to be eliminated for you to progress. In earlier levels, it can be small amounts such as 50%, but in more difficult levels you have to eliminate 100% of the red blocks to succeed. Remember, you only have 3 slices to work with.

In some levels, there are white blocks that you can slice through to create pathways for the red blocks to slide off, or objects to fall and push against the red blocks. There are 20 levels, each more difficult than the last, so slice carefully. Ok Super Slicer, let’s see how sharp you are today!

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