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This page lists some of the newest puzzle games to be added to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play fun thinking & learning games on the internet for free. We hope that you and your family and school friends enjoy these fun easy-to-play to more challenging puzzles. 

A cool stacking blocks game online: Towertris is an excellent 3D re-invention of Tetris – the classic block building puzzler. Just as in original Tetris, this fun game features continuously descending building blocks that must be carefully slotted into place to create full horizontal rows to be eliminated from the play area. In this more interactive version, you actually build a cool 3D tower that can be rotated 360 degrees, making the challenge of building and creating solid rows even more stimulating and enjoyable!

Reasons to play Towertris: Fans of retro arcade-style games and vintage 1980's puzzles should enjoy the quirky new take on a true gaming classic! Test and exercise your cognitive thinking skills and fast reactions under pressure as you constantly rotate your tower and attempt to seamlessly slot blocks into your structure. Stimulate your creative engineering skills as you continuously build your tower while expertly handling the continuous tide of falling blocks.

Best strategy to win: With differently-shaped blocks falling at regular intervals, you must be in a constant state of readiness, and exhibit smart reflexes as you try to spin your tower and slot in the blocks where you think they should go. Keeping a cool head at all times under pressure is very important.

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The Onomastica is a very interesting platform adventure running game with a cool, linguistics twist. Playing the role of an acrobatic running and jumping character, you must leap across platforms and ledges made up of different words and letters. These interchangeable block words and letter fragments can be pushed together and manipulated to form new words which alter the game environment in a really clever way. For example – you might have to push the letters E-R toward the end of L-A-D-D – and suddenly, the completed word transforms into a LADDER that you can climb to get to the next ledge!

Reasons to play this challenging thinking game: Fans of quirky, alternative, highly interactive and thought-provoking puzzle games and brain teasers are in for a treat! Exercise your logical and analytical thinking skills, problem solving stamina levels, and your vocabulary range as you attempt to create solutions with the available letters. Stimulate your observation and reaction skills too - Amid the fun word-play, you still have to run and jump tactfully and accurately.

Best strategy to win: You need to tap into your ability to ‘think outside of the box’, and rely on your puzzle-busting determination to go deep into this creative and difficult Flash-based game. Sharp keyboard skills are also important as you attempt to join separate words and letter groupings together! Enjoy the fun word-play action!

Educational note: The name of the game ‘Onomastica’, comes from the Greek term ‘onomastics’ which is a branch of linguistic study that focuses on names and people.

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XO Wars is a fun and fast online Tic-Tac-Toe game where you play against the computer in an ‘Easy’ or ‘Hard’ difficulty level. In this animated Flash puzzle game version of the classic ‘pen and paper’ doodling game also known as ‘Xs and Os’ or ‘Naughts and Crosses’, your aim is to place three blue ‘O’ marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on the 3X3 space grid. Naturally, you must also block your opponent from making a ‘three-in-a-row’ combination with his red X marks.

Skills required include accurate mouse clicking, simple logic, and the determination to outwit your computer opponent. Patience and perseverance also play a part, as there are plenty of "Tie games" in Tic-Tac-Toe, and you often need to wait for your PC opponent to make a mistake in order to pounce for victory. Enjoy the fun action!

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A good game for fans of multi-level visual puzzles! Ojello is a challenging, interactive brain exercise and titanic, multi-level puzzle game for older elementary school through high school age students (and grownups) where you must slice through irregularly-shaped pieces of red jello in order to create smaller pieces containing just one ‘Golden Orb’. These Golden Orbs are dotted in random positions around the original jello structure, and you must make accurate slicing moves that isolate each Orb in the process!

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this engaging, problem-solving game and addicting brain teaser offers a whopping 118 levels to keep you occupied! Sharp concentration and observation skills are required, as well as good analytical and creative thinking acumen; The ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ is essential. The willingness and determination to use lots of ‘trial and error’ attempts to find a successful solution is key (You won't complete each level in one attempt, and must learn from unsuccessful efforts.) Enjoy the puzzle slicing action!

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Flush is a challenging, multi-level, visual brain teaser puzzle and color coordination game (for elementary school students through high school teens and adults) where you must carefully interact with a specially-marked 4X4 or 5X5 grid so that each individual square is colored identically to the colored ‘X’ mark within the square. You must strategically color rows and columns using the different colors (orange, yellow, green & blue) until you achieve the exact color scheme (required pattern) highlighted by the X markings on each level.

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this very tricky, online problem-solving puzzle requires a high concentration level, sharp analytical thinking skills, good strategy, color matching, patience and determination. Trial and error is important here as you continuously play with the color scheme of the grid in your efforts to mark each square with the designated color.

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Vigorously munch your way to success in this online analytical thinking puzzle! Cookie Chomp is a fun yet tricky maze-based puzzle game of 20 levels (for elementary school through high school age students) where you must guide a cookie-guzzling green monster through a stepping stone-style grid to gobble up all of the sweet little cake treats in each level. The catch however is that you cannot re-trace your steps on a square of the grid that no longer contains a cookie.

This challenging, visual brain teaser requires good concentration and visualization skills, problem-solving zeal, patience, strategy and plenty of determination. Your decision making and actions are crucial to your success – If you make one wrong move, your cookie chomping experience comes to an abrupt end! So plan and enjoy the excursion!

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Play a gravity-based visual puzzle and highly interactive, brain teaser game for kids & teens where you must use the momentum of inflating and deflating wealthy aristocrat cartoon characters to maneuver them around the game screen to collect the "winnings".

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, The Cheapskates is a physics puzzle game where you guide the characters toward a large pink bag of gold coins in each level. This fun problem-solving exercise requires good observation and analytical thinking skills, smart strategy, timing, fast reactions, patience, and plenty of ‘trial and error’. Tactful mouse clicking / screen tapping are the key to success here. Enjoy the challenge!

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Play a multi-level, jumping platform-based brainteaser game where every move you make is vitally important! Jelly Jumper is a challenging and interactive visual puzzle activity for kids from elementary students through high school teens to enjoy - where you must logically and methodically jump from one jelly platform (block) to another – ensuring that you finish up on the last available jelly!

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, there is only one logical solution to each puzzle. Utilizing your sharpest analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, you must carefully figure out each solution. You can only progress by ending up on the last available vanishing jelly – so choose your moves wisely!

There's no counting clock to bother you here – so you have plenty of time to think deeply and logically, before you make your decision on which direction you should jump. Enjoy the tough problem-solving challenge!

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Play Tic-tac-toe against the clock and a sharp computer opponent on your android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop! Neon Challenge is a tricky, fast-paced version of the simple ‘Noughts and Crosses’ (Xs and Os) game where you must line up three Os or Xs in a row on a 3X3 grid before your computer opponent does.

This version uses exactly the same Tic-tac-toe rules – but here, you only have a few seconds to make each move! This means that you must be thinking and moving ahead at all times, trying to out-maneuver your computer opponent without making glaring mistakes of your own!

This fun and easy-to-play, interactive visual puzzle requires good concentration, really fast reactions and quick-fire analytical thinking skills. Your virtual opponent is not the most advanced player – but is certainly quick to capitalize on any errors that you make. Can you come out on top?

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Are you ready for a difficult physics-based, animal rescue problem solving puzzler for Android mobile phone, tablet and PC players? Rollzies is a gravity-based visual puzzle where you must use sharp analytical thinking and timing skills to find a solution that free poor little captive cartoon animals (trapped by hunters) from their cages in each level. As Chief Animal Roller, you interact with the game environment by carefully adding special "rolling animal balls" to the action, and hope that these rollzies come into contact with the target cages.

Featuring 24 progressively-challenging levels, this tough online brain teaser game requires the key problem solving abilities to carefully study the environment, visualize scenarios (to predict which way the ball/s will roll), and to think outside of the box when necessary. Good strategy and reaction speed are essential here. So, are you ready to roll and rescue the little critters?

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Play an interactive, reactions-based puzzle game against the clock with a fun pizza-based twist! Pizza Whiz combines analytical thinking, fractions, angles, as well as fast and creative swiping action and general reaction speed - and can be played on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. You play the role of a pizza slicing expert, and must correctly divide up as many delicious-looking pizzas as you can in a 1 minute count-down period!

Good observation skills, a very steady hand, and a sense of urgency but with a calm head under pressure are extremely important here in your problem solving challenge to make the correct number of accurate slices. You must also carefully follow directions - customers are very fussy about wanting their pizzas cut to the desired amount of slices. Mistakes are punished by a loss of points! Ok Pizza Whiz, let's get slicing!

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Piu Piu is a challenging, visual awareness-based online puzzle game for kids, teens and adults where you must combine perceptual skills with careful mouse movement to maneuver a ‘blue thing’ through a series of quirky, disorienting maze levels. The concept is very simple – Collect green shapes and avoid red shapes. However, levels increase in difficulty as you progress, with the game screen becoming partially blocked, inverted, flipped upside-down, and more.

This easy-to-play yet difficult, interactive brain-teaser game requires you to focus and interpret what you see, and exercise your visual perceptual skills and analytical thinking ability to solve the problem in each level. Peculiar level arrangements take you out of your ‘comfort zone’, and force you to concentrate hard – or risk failure!

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Are you ready for a really cool and creative thinking puzzler? Open your mind, and prepare to think outside the box in Pyjaman!

By day, he's a normal boy… But by night, he's Pyjaman – the problem-solving superhero that protects people from ghastly nightmares!

Pyjaman is a very challenging, creative thinking-based adventure game for upper elementary students through high school teens where you must utilize clever problem-solving skills to make your way through each cene. Set in a quirky, animated, night-time environment, Pyjaman's pursues the noble cause of ridding the world of nightmares, and replacing them with peaceful, happy dreams! With your help, Pyjaman progresses through each scenario when you make a special combination of point and click actions in a specific order to solve that level.

This fun, cute and interactive brain-teaser puzzle provides a good, stern exercise of your imagination, and your ability to think outside of the box. Each scenario poses a tricky problem-solving test; you must analyze the objects and characters, and then try to figure out the best way to use them to your advantage. As well as requiring sound cognitive abilities, visual skills, deep concentration, smart strategic planning and more, you must also use fast and tactful mouse clicking. This is problem-solving at its creative best – Can you rise to the challenge?

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Calling math, engineering and physics game fans who enjoy thinking outside the box - both children and adults! Libra is a multi-level, equilibrium-based physics game and online creative thinking exercise where you must strike a balance on a classic, two-sided scale by adding an equal (or close to equal) weight of Tetris-style blocks on each side.

Featuring a whopping 48 levels, your analytical and lateral thinking skills are sternly tested as you attempt to balance the scales amid some quirky rules and stipulations (for example, complete horizontal rows of blocks on a scale get eliminated from the equation).

This demanding, interactive mathematical and creative thinking challenge requires logic, the ability to think creatively and use your imagination to solve the problems, prediction skills, and the key ability to learn from your mistakes (adding, removing, and re-positioning weights is commonplace).

Engineering enthusiasts and science game buffs should be in their element here, while this game could also be used by teachers as a helpful cognitive development activity and creative thinking reinforcement exercise for elementary school students, middle and high school aged children. Now, are you the one who will finally bring balance to proceedings?

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Re-arrange blocks on a grid to reveal the hidden treasure! Dig It is a tricky, visual brainteaser puzzle where you must reveal a hidden treasure chest by re-sorting Tetris-style blocks within a tight grid. The treasure begins each level fully or partially covered by one or more of the blocks. You must figure out a way to flip, rotate, and re-position the blocks so that the chest becomes fully visible. The catch is that there is limited spare space for the blocks to be moved to!

This challenging, interactive problem-solving activity for older kids, teens, and grownups provides a good test and exercise of your analytical thinking skills, focus, concentration, prediction & strategy skills combined with good-old problem-busting determination and patience. Trial and error is important here as you try to find out the correct block arrangement in each level. Happy block shifting!

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The Fog Fall is a very challenging, eerie and mysterious, point-and-click adventure puzzle game for teens and grownups where you must try to gather clues and information as you attempt to escape from a Cold War-style underground bunker designed as an atomic bomb shelter. Set in a gloomy post-apocalyptic period where a sea of fog has enveloped your country and home, you must use step-by-step sleuthing techniques to collect items, carefully solve how to switch on the electricity, don your protective hazmat suit, and generally figure out how to escape the bunker.

This cryptic hidden object game really challenges your imagination and analytical thinking skills, and requires a cool head in a dark, underground environment, really good concentration, observation and problem-solving skills, combined with smart strategic planning and great determination. The creative vision to ‘put two and two together’ is important as you attempt to engineer your escape. As with all quirky brain teasers and detective-style games, being curious and inquisitive is essential here. You must explore all areas, collect as many items as you can, and exhaust all possibilities. Your survival depends on it!

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This Is The Only Level 3 is a highly entertaining and quirky, platform-based action game for older kids and teens where you repeatedly play the same terrain over and over - with a new hidden twist and problem-solving task added each time you attempt the level. You play the role of an acrobatic elephant character with the goal of escaping through the Exit Pipe each time.

While you may be replaying the ‘only level’ again and again (the ledges and platforms remain the same as you progress), this does not mean that it gets repetitive or boring! Each re-play of this clever puzzle and skill-based game provides a fun new test of your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, visual awareness, reaction speed, coordination and keyboard control, and more. Good-old trial and error is important here too – Learning from your mistakes is the best way to figure out the correct solution in each new situation. Do you have the ability and drive to think outside the box to complete all levels?

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Lever Physics is a challenging, math, physics and equilibrium-based game for upper elementary school / middle school students, high school teens and grownups where you must place and balance weights (fun items and characters) on a ‘seesaw-style’ beam connected to the ground by a pivot (fulcrum). Playing against the clock, you must place any available weights onto the lever (beam), and try to keep it perfectly balanced in the middle.

Some quick physics revision: A lever is a simple mechanical device which consists of a beam or stick or rod, and helps to lift weights with less effort. To be effective (as a lever), it must have a support to pivot on. This pivot is called a fulcrum. Levers can then be used to exert a large force over a small distance at one end of a structure by exerting only a small force over a greater distance at the other end of the same structure (beam). (Physics teachers - Brief correction welcome here if needed..!)

The Law of Equilibrium: A lever is in equilibrium when "the load" and "the effort" balance each other. The effort (weight) multiplied by its distance from the fulcrum = the load (weight) multiplied by its distance from the fulcrum. This law of equilibrium is true for all classes of levers.

For example, 2 pounds of effort exerted 4 feet from the fulcrum will balance 8 pounds located 1 foot on the other side of fulcrum. This effort times (multiplied by) distance about the fulcrum is the "Torque" (rotational force).

Back to Lever Physics Flash game!: Don't be fooled by the fun and playful imagery in this load balancing brain-teaser! It is a tricky, analytical thinking puzzle and logic problem solving challenge that requires good observation skills and hard thinking combined with mathematical and engineering solutions.

This interactive, point-and-click activity allows some trial and error (by quickly placing, removing and re-positioning weights) but you definitely cannot delay your decisions for long as the clock is ticking fast! Ok Balancing Master, can you ‘lever’ yourself to the top of the class?

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Test your cognitive abilities with Brain Builder, a fun, fast-paced, point-and-click brain training game for kids, teens, and grownups where you take on 16 different, 1-minute, mini-puzzle activities. With 16 different brain building exercises - from math addition and subtraction problems to analytical and recognition-based puzzles, this game provides is a good exercise of your cognitive skills (for example - visual awareness, attention, analysis, evaluation and reasoning, processing speed, flexibility skills), your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed, and general problem-solving ability under pressure. Can you make it all the way to the end?

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To find success, learn to think outside the box, and try and try again with endless enthusiasm! Play Down Is Up, a cool and artistic, platform-based, brain teaser puzzle game where you must guide a small acrobatic character to a rotating, black ‘Exit Block’ in each level. Unfortunately for your character, the Exit Block is often in hard-to-reach locations, and the natural effect of gravity must often be ignored in order for you to progress in many of the really challenging levels.

This fun and interesting, gravity-control game requires very good analytical thinking, strategy skills and patience as you review the problem and environment, and then attempt to plot your route through each maze-like level. Enjoy the classic, problem-solving platform action!

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