Online virtual world games for kids/ tweens, teens with no download. Superhero game Herotopia, a free virtual world for girls/ boys ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,12, 13. Play super hero RPG action games, online worlds with fun activities for young children, elementary to middle school age students for PC, Mac, iPad.
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Kids Superhero Virtual World Game – Herotopia

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Herotopia is an award-winning, fun-filled, safe virtual world game for kids ages 6-12 where Superkids become Superheroes. This dynamic, multi-player online game offers kids a highly engaging world in which they get a chance to become their ultimate Superheroes. Travel to real-world locations such as New York, Paris and Beijing on your superhero quest. Herotopia players visit famous destinations from Rockefeller Plaza to the Eiffel Tower, completing quests, games and adventures along the journey. 

Herotopia is a fun, educational and rewarding RPG game with engaging characters and story that will be the basis for books, mobile apps, an animated television show, licensed products and more. Herotopia is accessible to play for free on any computer with internet. An All-Access Superhero membership option is also available for a small monthly fee, offering special features and privileges on top of the free game.

How to Play: Players can complete more than 100 Missions and level up to earn new Superpowers and Supervehicles. In addition to the action-packed mini-games while on their global travels, there are hundreds of Hidden Fun Facts for kids to discover throughout the world of Herotopia. There is so much to learn and encounter! For example, every new Superhero also has its own Secret Hideout, a fully-customizable hero base where heroes can meet with their in-game friends, and Brave Herotopians can rescue “Smighties” – the smallest, but mightiest heroes who have been trapped in the North Pole by an evil bunch of Supervillains. Go forth oh Superhero, and enjoy the amazing online environment that is Herotopia!

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