MMO-RPG gangster game online / gangsta mafia game for teenagers (boys & girls) to play on PC for free: Virtual world role playing games, fun flash simulation computer games promoting creative thinking & problem solving for all the family.
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Live the life of a gangster in Goodgame Mafia, a MMORPG roleplaying game. Try to accomplish as many Godfather’s assignments as possible. In order to complete an assignment, you need energy, which gets refilled once a day and you receive cash and experience points (XP). If you are lucky, you might be able to snatch a cool item or find a valuable gold bar. When you have used up all your energy and would like to complete further assignments, see the bar keeper for some energy drinks.

An aspiring young gangster like you should never be empty-handed. Collecting protection money is another way to earn money, beside the jobs for the Godfather. The alley known as Face-Off is where vicious face-offs between the mafiosi of this town take place. These face-offs are about honor and glory. The most dangerous criminals gather here. If you win a face-off against a wanted criminal, you get an epic item.

In the Gang Wars section, you will find an overview of the entire city. Within the different districts, you find the rivaling families who cause nothing but trouble. Once you have gained enough experience and friends, you can take them down one by one. Find new goods delivered every day in the Blackmarket. Buy and sell stuff here. Fresh goods are daily offered in the Cornershop as well. Rent a vehicle in order to get your missions done faster and waste less energy in the Booster section. This way you get more jobs done. Be it a bike or a private jet, it’s your pick.

The most important information about your avatar can be found by clicking on the Character icon at the top of the game screen. Manage your equipment, extend your values and get an overview of the duration of your boosters here. Fight for having the strongest family at Goodgame Mafia in the Family section. Being part of a family has many advantages, such as additional experience points and cash for assignments and protection money. What are you waiting for? Become the biggest virtual gangster of all time. “La famiglia sopra ogni cosa” – family above all!

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    1. Hello tunley,

      Could you please describe the problem in detail?

  2. works for me

  3. the game doesn’t work

    1. Could you please tell us in detail what you click on and what happens on the game. It works for us and it is hard to see what is wrong with the game that way.

      1. nothing pops up when you enter the page, there is just an blank spot where the game should be.

    2. click “continue to gangster”

  4. not for me either

    does anyone know of a good food game on lern4good

  5. true it doesent work

  6. it won’t work



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