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Rating: 8.4/10 - 183741 votes lists free role playing games for children, teens and Big Kids to play on the internet. We hope that you enjoy these adventure games with your family and school friends. 

Super Bobby World is a fun, old-school maze platform game for kids, similar in style to the classic Mario arcade games. Here, you play the role of Super Bobby, and have to navigate your way through a set of dangerous platform levels, avoiding enemies and collecting power-ups as you progress. Leap from ledge to ledge, avoid snapping creatures, and generally stay out of trouble as you try to amass as many points as possible.

This retro-style action adventure is also reminiscent of early arcade games such as Donkey Kong, as you have to slide up and down ladders at pace - and avoid falling objects. Fast reactions and nifty fingers are extremely important, as Bobby must evade the fast-moving bad guys at any cost. Are you ready to leap into the action? Fingers at the ready - Go, and good luck!

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High Society Girl is a fun dress-up and makeover simulation game for girls of all ages where you play the role of a fashion stylist for a chic, high-society girl. Show off your make-up mastery and fashion knowledge to give her a super-cool makeover and send her off looking fabulous. This is a really good RPG game for anyone with a budding interest in beauty, make-up and fashion industry careers. Create a unique look for your beautiful model and make her the most glamorous girl in town!

You can make as many new looks as you like from a wide range of make-up styles and a huge wardrobe! Compare all of your creations with a neat feature in the game that allows you to save each makeover onto your computer so you can show it your friends. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Master Makeover Fashionista? Good, show us what you’ve got!

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Live the life of a gangster in Goodgame Mafia, a MMORPG roleplaying game. Try to accomplish as many Godfather's assignments as possible. In order to complete an assignment, you need energy, which gets refilled once a day and you receive cash and experience points (XP). If you are lucky, you might be able to snatch a cool item or find a valuable gold bar. When you have used up all your energy and would like to complete further assignments, see the bar keeper for some energy drinks.

An aspiring young gangster like you should never be empty-handed. Collecting protection money is another way to earn money, beside the jobs for the Godfather. The alley known as Face-Off is where vicious face-offs between the mafiosi of this town take place. These face-offs are about honor and glory. The most dangerous criminals gather here. If you win a face-off against a wanted criminal, you get an epic item.

In the Gang Wars section, you will find an overview of the entire city. Within the different districts, you find the rivaling families who cause nothing but trouble. Once you have gained enough experience and friends, you can take them down one by one. Find new goods delivered every day in the Blackmarket. Buy and sell stuff here. Fresh goods are daily offered in the Cornershop as well. Rent a vehicle in order to get your missions done faster and waste less energy in the Booster section. This way you get more jobs done. Be it a bike or a private jet, it's your pick.

The most important information about your avatar can be found by clicking on the Character icon at the top of the game screen. Manage your equipment, extend your values and get an overview of the duration of your boosters here. Fight for having the strongest family at Goodgame Mafia in the Family section. Being part of a family has many advantages, such as additional experience points and cash for assignments and protection money. What are you waiting for? Become the biggest virtual gangster of all time. "La famiglia sopra ogni cosa" - family above all!

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Online MegaMan Polarity Game is known as Rockman in Japan and is a series of video games from Capcom with the Mega Man character starring in them. This is a different version of MegaMan. It is a combination of Megaman video game and Ikagura. Thus you may find some elements from both games. There are five stages for you to complete. You will be given a brief overview and an objective at the beginning of each stage.

MegaMan has various weapons and a shield. When your shield is blue, you fire blue energy. You absorb all blue energy fired at you, but you are vulnerable to red energy and physical weapons. Firing blue energy at an enemy that fires red energy exclusively will damage that enemy more than blue one. The opposite happens when your shield is red. Control the MegaMan and have a lot of fun!

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Every young warrior apprentice needs a master. Every student of battle needs a tutor...Set in the medieval kingdom of Arkadia, My Pet Protector 3 is an epic fantasy battle adventure game where you have to train an inexperienced young hero into a fearless warrior leader of his suppressed people. You play the role of the Protector, and have to mold this young squire (a knight's errand boy) into the brave battle champion that he once was and is destined to become again. Set in a Middle Earth-style land where evil has reigned for decades, you’re immortal apprentice must learn everything there is to know about warfare, weaponry. hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, battle tactics, and more. Armed with your valuable knowledge and training, you must guide this "would-be Conqueror" on his quest to return the Kingdom to its former happiness and glory.

Nothing is left to chance in this detail-packed journey of adventure set in the Middle Ages. You’re apprentice must slowly build up his strength and combat skills, work to earn virtual money in order to re-build his village, rest when he feels tired, and so much more. Think of your young hero as a kind of ‘pet project’; you get to aide his transformation from a timid teenager into an unstoppable icon of power. Strategic planning is your key to success in this challenging fantasy RPG game, as you need to choose suitable actions and training for your prodigy throughout. Are you ready to guide and watch your Apprentice become the Master? Good, let’s get to work!

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Gold Miner - Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth in this fun, challenging mining rpg game for kids. You must extract as much gold from the gold mine as possible. Advance to the next level by earning a set amount of money (or more) in 60 seconds. Aim and throw the claw, as it swings back and forth to grab a piece of rock or precious metals, by pressing "Down" arrow key on your keyboard.

Good timing is the key to your success! If you throw your claw just a moment too early or too late, you may either miss the object you were aiming at and this will be a wasted attempt at the cost of your precious time or you may grab a heavy piece of almost worthless rock or ore instead of a nice piece of gold.

When you hit an object with the claw, there is no way of releasing it and whether you like it or not – you must start reeling it up towards you. Heavy objects such as ore or huge chunks of gold are slower to reel in and use up a lot of time. Grab mystery bags that contain random amounts of money, sticks of dynamite or strength power-ups (it will increase your reeling speed).

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Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story is a classic-style RPG adventure platform game where you play the role of a cat-loving pirate who has to navigate through a series of enemy-filled levels to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. When the evil Captain Black Arrow snatches your pirate’s beloved princess and scarpers back to the Carribean, the young pirate sets off on an epic journey to free the princess and reunite her with the family cat – Whiskers. Armed with a sword and an impressive arsenal of magical abilities, your brave young pirate has to battle his way past ghosts, ghouls, mushrooms, trees that come-to-life, and some otherworldly bad guys on this noble quest.

Set in a world full of magical forests, expansive wooded landscapes and tricky jump-based platform levels, this awesome fun adventure should be a good fit for fans of Mario-style arcade games, and also for fans of fun sword wielding action games that feature all kinds of wacky bad guys. Fast reactions, quick reflexes and dexterity are all important here. The nicely-animated graphics and background music make for an authentic arcade experience. Arrrrrr you ready to commence battle, O Bravest of all Pirates?

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Online Indiana Jones & The Lost Treasure Of Pharaoh Game is a fun adventure game with the famous character of Indiana Jones trying to find the lost treasure. Your aim is to help him, but you have to watch out for various traps set to stop you. There are also various secret labyrinths where you have to find your way out. Be very careful in there! Find the treasures, fight the enemies and enjoy playing!

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The Illusionist's Dream Game is a fun platform-type puzzle game that whisks you away to a world of fantasy and magic. Once upon a time, there was a great magician who entertained crowds with his tricks and illusions. But when the love of his life unfortunately died, he stopped performing and lost the will to live...until one night he had a dream. Can you help the magician find the will to live again?

Transform yourself into different animals to find the key in each level, and reach the door to proceed to the next level. Each animal can do different things: the butterfly can fly, but if it encounters a frog, the frog will eat it, and you have to start all over again. There is also a fox that runs fast and leaps far, but it eats any rabbits that cross its path.

This means that, if you need to become a rabbit later on, you will need to take that into account. You never really get eliminated though, as falling into a pit or getting eaten by another animal will simply transport your human form back to an earlier point in the level. Enjoy this fun journey into one magician's dream and help him find the will to live again.

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Farm Mania is a fun time management Role-Playing-Game simulating country life on a farm. You play the role of Anna and your mission is to help your farmer Grandpa turn his farm into a bustling business success! It’s time to get your hands dirty! In this fun-filled farming world adventure, you get to: raise a huge variety of animals and crops, nurture little baby animals, bake breads and yummy pies, make cozy scarves and gloves – and at the same time, earn big profits and jump-start your Grandpa’s farm! 

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Herotopia is an award-winning, fun-filled, safe virtual world game for kids ages 6-12 where Superkids become Superheroes. This dynamic, multi-player online game offers kids a highly engaging world in which they get a chance to become their ultimate Superheroes. Travel to real-world locations such as New York, Paris and Beijing on your superhero quest. Herotopia players visit famous destinations from Rockefeller Plaza to the Eiffel Tower, completing quests, games and adventures along the journey. 

Herotopia is a fun, educational and rewarding RPG game with engaging characters and story that will be the basis for books, mobile apps, an animated television show, licensed products and more. Herotopia is accessible to play for free on any computer with internet. An All-Access Superhero membership option is also available for a small monthly fee, offering special features and privileges on top of the free game.

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Dangerous Descent is fun role-playing game online based on the famous cartoon character American Dragon. This is a fun and mysterious kids' game which takes place in the magical underground sanctuary, and will keep you busy for hours. Jake Long, a special kid who has the power to turn into a dragon, is trying to rescue magical creatures from the Huntsmaster's captivity.

Help the American Dragon to make his way down through the sewers to Huntsclan's underground sanctuary, where the kidnapped creatures are being held against their will. The Huntsmaster is down there with a bunch of guards dispersed throughout the entire underground sanction so you have to be very careful.

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Have you got a sweet tooth? Papa’s Freezeria is a dessert making and fast-food business simulation game where your goal is to run a successful ice-cream parlor, serving up delicious treats to your customers. Test how well you work under pressure in this fun role-playing game where you exercise your time-keeping skills as well as your multi-tasking abilities. Learn the essential skills of managing a business while having fun creating and styling a host of delicious ice-cream sundaes.

If you keep all of your customers happy, they will give you tips which can be used to buy new stuff for your store, turning it into the coolest ice-cream place in town! You are kept totally on your toes as you take orders, make sundaes and put toppings on them – all at the same time! Make sure you get every order correct, sprinkles and all – and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the Ice Cream Master!

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Rift is a wacky retro puzzle-platform game for kids and teens, where you gain points and pass levels by playing the role of a peculiar little robot to collect batteries and feed cake to his Big Greedy "starving" Master. In order to do this, you need to get through a series of demanding door opening and box building situations that require planning and patience.

The robot character (who talks to you) is similar to a Star Wars robot, and the master is like a pink version of the famous “Jabba the Hut” from the same movie. This unique and entertaining game offers endless hours of silly fun. Don’t let the game characters down! The robot is lonely and needs you and the master must have his cake! Get moving and have fun!

OK, you are the robot and you need to get cake to your master! He’s “starving!”. If you don’t hurry up, he shouts at you. The pressure is on. Don’t disappoint! He loves cake. To get there, you need to use boxes, strategically placing them to open doors, and collecting as many batteries as you can to earn points. Once you get the cake to your master, he’s happy and you pass the level. This retro simulation game is no piece of cake – be warned. Eh hello? Where are you? I must have cake! Hurry up!

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Super Adventure Pals is a light-hearted action RPG platform game for kids where you embark on an epic adventure to rescue your precious pet rock from the evil Mr. B! Set in a colorful and eccentric cartoon woodland world, you can travel between levels on a giraffe (really cool!), interact with wacky characters, and generally cause as much mayhem as possible by defeating enemies, and earning precious gem power-ups. With gameplay that is slightly reminiscent to Sonic (you have to leap around, defeat enemies, collect gold coins etc), you can increase your character’s attributes as you progress, and generally turn him into an absolute platform powerhouse! Once you lay your might on his merciless minions, the cowardly Mr. B will think again before messing with your beloved rock!

This original and unusual role-playing game requires nifty keyboard tapping skills and the wiry determination to succeed as you navigate your way through the many enemy-filled levels. Take on mini-gorillas, jumping worms, manic mushrooms, and more on what can only be described as a truly madcap quest! Some players will enjoy the colorful, free-roaming action, while others will appreciate a rather difficult platform test that definitely forces you to broaden your sense of what’s possible! Ok Great Platform Adventurer, let’s hit the road!

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Play this Free Online RPG Game - Nanny Mania: Is it easy to be a good Nanny / Housekeeper? Think you can manage a household? Think being a stay-at-home mom is a piece of cake? Try it for yourself! Nanny Mania lets you single-handedly run and maintain a whole household.

You have to do the cleaning, cooking, laundry and keep watch on the baby, while keeping everyone out of trouble. Nanny Mania will challenge you to keep on top of your duties and to manage your workload and time in order to become the perfect Nanny!

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Here’s your chance to become a modern-day Mary Poppins by taking care of a whole bunch of boisterous little kids! Kids Play Park is a fun child care management simulation game where you have to take over the running of a busy playground. You play the role of Lucy – a friendly child minder who has to assist kids by helping them enjoy their favorite playground activities such as swings, slides, and see-saws. Make sure to keep each young child happy, and score points for making sure each little youngster has a great day out!

This colorful RPG game combines fast reaction skills with business management as you have to reach a target number of points in each level by enhancing each child’s enjoyment. This certainly isn’t a walk in the park – you have an extremely responsible job taking care of these cute kids, and they don’t like to be kept waiting! If you don’t give theses kids what they want fast, there could very well be tears galore! As the game progresses, your important job becomes increasingly tricky as more and more kids arrive to play in this popular playground in the local park. You need quick reactions in later levels, as there is a whole bunch of energetic little guys that all want your attention! Have you got the cool head and management skills it takes to make your play area the most popular in town? It’s time to open the gates, and find out!

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Goodgame Café is a fun, brand-new addicting simulation game for kids, teens and students where the business of food is of the utmost importance. Open a café and experience what it feels like to be a chef and boss in the gastronomy industry at the same time. Learn how to run your own business. Enhance your culinary skills!  Buy ingredients, cook and serve various dishes to customers.

Hire staff, customize your café by reconstructing or decorating it, visit other people's cafés, and immerse yourself into hundreds of other interesting things in Goodgame Café. Play the game with your friends in order to change roles while working at each other's cafés. Goodgame Café is so addicting that, no doubt, it will soon become the most popular meeting place for you and your friends! Have fun, and do forget to enjoy your cuisine!

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Prince Of Persia is a role-playing maze game for older teens where you get to save the world from the most feared magic ever known - the deadly “Sands of Time”! It is packed with sword swinging action and adventure! You only have 8 minutes to navigate the dungeon to the Vizier’s throne room and stop him from unleashing this magic. If you can’t get through the maze of menacing corridors and reach Vizier’s throne in 8 intense minutes, it’s game over!

Background: The treacherous Vizier has overthrown the Sultan and seized control of this powerful magic. It is said that no army can withstand its corruptive powers. In eight short minutes, the Vizier’s bid for limitless power will be complete. Only one brave Prince has the power to stop him… and that Prince is You!

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Buying, breeding, selling and caring for chickens has never been so much fun! Chicken Coop is a multi-tasking, farm management simulation game where you take over the running of a high-maintenance hen farm! Keep your new feathered friends happy, healthy and productive by ensuring they are well-fed, watered and taken care of. Sell their eggs and chicks for profit to maintain your lucrative farm business!

This point-and-click animal welfare and farmer role-playing game is a true test of your multi-tasking skills and quick reactions as your hens need constant attention. Keep yourself busy by going to the market, replenishing stocks, hatching eggs and building up your expanding farm. Good money management skills will also be required as you have to keep an eye on the finances of the farm at the end of each working day. Happy chicken farming!

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