Free balance games online/ physics games for kids to play PC, Mac, Ipad with no download: Balance Zone, a learning gravity game for young children (girls/ boys) on the internet. Play online games that teach physics, balancing, science problem solving thinking puzzles, activities for the classroom/school.
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Balance Zone is a simple, physics-based game and online problem solving activity for kids & teens where you have to test and use your knowledge of balance and gravity to succeed.  Your mission is to make two Scales balance in the special ‘Balance Zone’ by strategically placing differently shaped blocks on them.  Each of the ten levels can only be completed by keeping the Scales balanced in the Zone (the darker grey background) for 8 seconds. 

This game is designed to test any budding Physics Whizz, and requires a basic understanding of science – gravity, mass, geometry and how balance-beams work.  This brain-teaser is based on the laws of gravity – meaning that the blocks can easily fall off the Scales if you’re not careful.  Have a go – see if you can handle the delicate demands of gravity and show off your engineering talents!
How to Play: Using your computer mouse, click and drag the colorful blocks from the right hand side of the game screen to the two Scales in the center.  You can stack blocks either on top of each other, or side by side.  Carefully position the blocks so that the Scales are balanced in the Balance Zone (when this happens, the clock starts ticking).  If the Scales stay in the Zone until the clock runs out, you progress to the next level. You don’t have to keep the scales perfectly balanced – just as long as they remain in the Zone Area for the time it takes the clock to go around. Happy balancing!

Tips: You don’t have to put every block on the platforms to make them balanced.   You can leave some of them off to the side. Try different combinations of blocks on each of the scales until you get it right. Also, add up the number of squares on each block to compare the weight of each, and then try to get an equal amount of squares on each scale for better balance.

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