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Civiballs 2 is a challenging physics-based puzzle and skill game where you have to get each colored ball into its corresponding vase by predicting which way they are going to bounce and react. Some of the balls are on the end of removable chains, others are placed around the level. You can bounce them in, flick them in off each other, shoot them from cannons and more.

This fun online brain teaser will test your prediction skills, as you have to guess which way the balls will fall before you make your move. It will also exercise your strategic planning abilities, as you have to cut chains and make moves in a certain order, as otherwise the wrong ball might go into the wrong vase. There is certainly a lot of potential trial and error required, so you’ll need to be extremely patient. You’ll also need to make decisions under pressure, as the longer you take to find the solution, the fewer points you score. Happy problem solving!

How to Play: There are three different historical worlds with 10 increasingly difficult puzzles in each of them – Vikings, Incas and Romans. You can switch from world to world as often as you like. In each level, there are a number of cute colored balls with faces on them. Some have to be released from the end of chains, others are positioned around the level. Each of these balls has to end up in their corresponding colored vase for you to progress. The only move you can make is to remove chains.

Using your computer mouse, Left Click on a chain to remove it, sending the ball swinging or falling. You have to work out the right order / time to remove these chains to ensure all colored balls end up in their respective vases. Sometimes the balls will fall into cannons that are shot by removing the chain beside the cannon. It you put the wrong ball into a vase, you’ll have to start the level again. If you get stuck with no more chains to remove, click ‘Restart’ on the left hand side of the game screen.

The Points Timer ticks down as the level progresses. Complete the level as quickly as you can to score high. The timer is located to the left side of the game screen. If you want to change level or world at any time, just click ‘Levels’ in the top left corner. Tip: In later levels, you rarely get it right first time. Keep trying out solutions and restarting when you get stuck.

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