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FFX Runner 2 is a first-class car driving game (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) suitable for both young and old street action enthusiasts – where you have to use your superb driving skills and cunning to try and escape from a number of screwball drivers in dark unmarked vans who are trying to drive (ram) you off the road. Your goal is to make your way around the city without getting smashed! In this fast-paced, action-packed environment, you need to have your wits about you, if you want to survive. They’re on your tail, get moving Speedy!

If you liked the Grand Theft Auto game, then you are going to love this game! Right from the start, you find yourself immersed in a very unfriendly neighborhood. You quickly learn that getting a “welcoming” bump to your car wasn’t an accident and that the other driver is not going to come out to apologize for what he did. Instead, he is after you (for some reason) and is intent on doing more damage!

Your only option is to put your foot to the floor and get the heck out of there! If you don’t, these lunatics will show you no mercy; they are not going to leave you alone. You need to outwit your attackers by using your masterful driving skills; getting your car through tight corners and fooling them by making quick maneuvers. Your only chance of survival from this brutal onslaught is to find the correct escape route. You have no weapons and a very limited fuel reserve.

How to Play: Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to drive the car: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Left & Right Arrows = Steer. When the game starts – wait for a green traffic light and press the Up Arrow key to start driving. Straight away, there is a black van chasing you – try to get rid of it. There will be more to follow, making your driving through the city even more challenging. There are fuel and car repair bonuses scattered everywhere on the track (even in the green grass field). Try not to miss them; collect as many as you can to keep going. Keep an eye on the fuel level and car health status. You can see these at the top of the game screen. Note: If the game does not load for you on opening this page, try installing the newest Adobe Shockwave Player and any required add-ons.

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18 comments on “FFX Runner 2”


  2. hey guys and gals in need some friends nd a new bea who is up

  3. what a mean game!

  4. I installed the latest shockwave player and it didn’t work.

    1. Hello,

      Have you tried clearing browser cache to make it reload the game files correctly? Have you tested and checked that your Shockwave plugin is working for sure?

      1. hi what’s up

    2. I know right

  5. yes it dose

  6. this dumb game doesn’t work!!!

    1. The games don’t have intelligence. Do you have latest Shockwave player installed and working?

  7. i like this game

  8. I agree its not hard at all!!!

    1. i know

  9. Its not hard

  10. i love this game it fun and cool

  11. Make sure you have latest Shockwave plugin installed. When the game loads – press UP arrow on your keyboard to start moving.

  12. ya how do u make it work

  13. it doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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